3 Critical Questions To Ask A Learning Technology Vendor


Ensure your vendor regularly undergoes independent verification of security, privacy, and compliance controls and has achieved certifications against global standards. Win over IT leadership when building your business case for learning technology.

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Future of Talent

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Transparency, analytics, and privacy. Rather than wring our hands about invasions of privacy, we must rewrite the rules for IP, openness, differentiating our personal and professional lives, and contextual ideation.

danah boyd on teens and 21st century work

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They gain privacy by controlling the social situation. Privacy is attained by hiding in plain sight. For example, Steve Denning’s Radical Management concept mashes up the zeitgeist of Scrum, Agile, and Kanban with business management: Delight customers.

Custom Tech Trends in 2018


In 2018, with an agile and technology-driven learning approach, training courses will be delivered in various easy-to-learn formats such as links and URLs, review documents, short videos and audios, infographics, etc.

xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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You can be more agile and ad-hoc with your learning approach and your content strategy. My next questions are related to privacy and security. Today’s post is quite unique since it takes a different path than previous posts.

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What you can expect in 2019

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Anyone who has experienced the SCORM claims of interoperability of course, new that wasn’t going to be smooth sailing and my biggest concern from day one was tied directly to security and privacy. Agile in their approach. Expectations. We all have them. We have them when we go out to eat. When we are on a blind date or using a dating app. We are about to see a movie that we have been waiting for to come out.

From EDUPUNK to ds106. 10Q: Jim Groom

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Right now I am really interested in the idea that IT infrastructure has never been more agile and affordable. Recently on this blog I featured an interview with Martin Weller , one of the keynote speakers for EDEN 2015.

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How does the digital tsunami is revolutionalizing the retail industry

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That guidance requires a multi-level expertise, going from representing a brand to understanding the person in front of them, from selling to respecting their customer’s privacy. Since the beginning of the century, retail has been the subject of a global revolution.

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

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New levels of business agility and faster cycle times. Student and faculty privacy are sacrosanct. We’re amazed when we find elegant software written by faculty that misses something so fundamental as privacy protection. What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks.

Working Smarter, March 2012

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Working smarter embraces the spirit of agile software, action learning, social networks, and parallel developments in many disciplines. Clothing is a privacy system - Doc Searls , March 15, 2012. March 1, 2012 to March 30, 2012.

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Free L&D webinars for May 2018

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The various technical options and privacy controls necessary for a best-in-class integration of ID verification and proctoring technology. What’s Agile got to do with it? " Queen Victoria's Oak Tree, Sandringham " by Andrew Hugget is LICENSED under CC BY-SA 2.0.