Top 10 enterprise Learning Management Systems

Ed App

If you’d rather create content from scratch, EdApp’s powerful authoring tool makes it quick and easy to develop beautiful and effective training. Content consumption is simplified through content integration with existing software. Skillport. .

LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers

Tony Karrer

I was one of several authors who collaborated on the survey questions and wrote different sections of the report. An LMS is a big, expensive tool that takes quite a bit of work and is generally harder than you think it's going to be when you start out. SkillPort scores very high as well on satisfaction. Tools for On-Demand Information - An LMS? SkilISoft SkillPort Skillsoft 12 8.03 IntraLearn Software Corporati. Update, Nov.

#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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Anyway, social exists in the platform, along with a built in authoring tool and the system is SCORM course standard. . The same course provider whose own LMS, Skillport is either a toss in (usually the case) or is sold to customers (I saw a contract where – Skillsoft charged the customer for it). Plus why are you AICC course standard? SCORM yes – AICC? Welcome, welcome all! To those from HR who are new to this blog, I give a high five.