Is it important to know instructional design to create SCORM compliant courses?

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SCORM is based on the Learning Object (LO) model--not to be confused with learning objectives that stem from Bloom. Tags: Standards technology AICC-SCORM LMS SCORM The set of questions below were raised by a friend that triggered of the post that follows: If SCORM is a technical specification, does it interest, content providers, Instruction Designers, Project Managers ? Content providers will quickly see how SCORM helps implement reusable learning objects.


Learning and Development Glossary

Petra Mayer

Bloom’s Taxonomy. Several eLearning standards, including SCORM, xAPI (Tin Can) and AICC, help enhance the interoperability of online learning content and technologies. From Cloud to Scorm, to Authoring tool to Microlearning – eLearning has become a full-fledged industry.


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In Memory – Corporate Instructional Designers

eLearning 24-7 was in full bloom. Output was AICC (boo) and SCORM. Let us take a trip back to the late 90s and 2000. After all, making one stop won’t be enough.

Walking down the Interactive Learning Path with Raptivity


Raptivity interactions are mapped to various well-known instructional design theories like Bloom’s taxonomy, Kellar’s ARCS model, Gagne’s Nine Events and Experiential Learning. Raptivity supports SCORM, AICC and Tin Can tracking. One of the major challenges that educators face is holding learners’ attention and helping them retain information.

Product Review Raptivity

eLearning 24-7

Interaction views and selections include “Bloom Taxonomy, Gagne Nine Events, Kellers ARCS model, Experimental Learning. AICC, 508 and SWF. Bloom’s Taxonomy – which shows the sub categories – knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation – it should be noted that under each sub category thumbnail it shows all the interactions, not the one you just purchased. 2004, AICC. Product: Raptivity.