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The ongoing work of learning standards


At the dawn of the video recording age, a battle raged about the best standard to use: VHS or Betamax. In it, Sony came out with a better standard, but kept it to themselves. Meanwhile, JVC’s VHS standard wasn’t quite as good, but they openly licensed it. As Stephen Johnson tells us, in his book Where Good Ideas Come From , the openness of standards fosters innovation. . Standards provide several benefits. Learning Standards.

LTDX Q&As: Fitting standards in a learning ecosystem

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In a flexible learning ecosystem, what is the relationship between xAPI and SSO? xAPI is the standard used to track and capture activity from the systems users are accessing. xAPI includes the concept of Agent Profiles to help solve for this.


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eLearning: xAPI is Geek Free and Ready to Go

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by Megan Torrance      In my  previous xAPI article  I pointed to the emergence of "geek-free tools and platforms" as the hallmark that xAPI is beginning to achieve main-stream status.   In the 1960s, Dr. Bruce Tuckman proposed a team development model that lends some structure to the conversation about xAPI.   In the early Forming and Storming days of xAPI, there were no off-the-shelf tools that supported it.

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The Role of xAPI in Creating Powerful Learning Experiences for the Modern Workforce

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From early adopters who used archaic systems to set up a lesson that could be shared on one computer with an instructor to guide employees, to modern workplace learning that’s focused on xAPI -enabled mobile learning; eLearning at the workplace has traveled a long way. Have you wondered how all eLearning programs follow a specific structure and adhere to standards despite being unique learning elements? AICC and SCORM – The Core Standards of eLearning.

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Courseware LMSs – Good or bad for the industry?

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The Courseware LMS Approach – Early days and today. When courseware LMSs first started showing up back in the day, it was just about the courses. . First off, there are vendors out there who pitch they are an LMS when in reality they are a courseware provider that has some type of learning platform. Secondly, there are courseware providers who are all about the courses. In other words, a courseware LMS with micro courses as the primary.

Janhavi Padture – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Janhavi has spoken at various industry conferences (including AICC, ASTD, eLearning Guild) and local groups on topics pertaining to online learning. How will the tools evolve further to capitalize the real power of this standard? I am happy to inform you that Raptivity , our RIB tool, is among the early adopters of this standard. It is not a limitation of the RIB tools but rather a function of the stringent standards required for accessibility.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


The rise of mLearning has also driven adoption of the Tin Can xAPI eLearning content standard which can track far more learning activities than older standards like SCORM. Responsive design is essential for software and courseware intended for use on mobile devices. SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model): A set of standards developed by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) and applied when developing LMS content.

Learning Management System – LMS

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A top-level LMS comes with a free library of reputable, thoughtful, expertly-designed courseware. The Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) standard is an eLearning protocol. Currently, the AICC format is over 30 years old. xAPI / TinCan.

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Extending your learning network: What you need to know

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How will users access your courseware? Your courses should support the eLearning standards like SCORM, AICC or xAPI. Options here would include using an authoring tool to create and publish courses in multiple standard formats.

eLearning Content Distribution Made Easier

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Questions Regarding eLearning Content Distribution Is it SCORM/AICC? Yes, one would think all these things would be known by now, that eLearning content distribution was standardized and the kinks were ironed out long ago.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


From Agile to xAPI and everything in between, there are a lot of eLearning terms to get your head around. Notable contributions include SCORM and xAPI. The first official eLearning content standard, AICC was developed by the Aviation Industry CBT Committee in 1993 as a CD-ROM based standard. A predecessor to SCORM, AICC was difficult to work with and many steps were required to get content in the format running in a learning management system (LMS).

Migrating from Flash to HTML5 – Part 1

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Kris Castiaux, a Senior Instructional Designer on ePath Learning’s Pro Services team , has over 20 years of experience building engaging and effective custom courseware solutions. The Flash Player was once the Gold Standard for delivering multimedia and interactive elements online.

5 Advantages of using Adobe Captivate 9

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With every version, Adobe makes improvements and also has some neat additions to the tool which make it easier to develop e-learning courseware. HTML5, SWF (Flash), iOS and Android devices, also the leading Tin Can-(xAPI), SCORM- and AICC-compliant LMSs are the formats supported by Captivate. The rapid authoring tool helps you ensure the content you’re developing is accessible through a standard keyboard.

An Overview of What’s New in Lectora Inspire – PART 1

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The tool can be used by folks with intermediate computer skills (even non-programmers) to create engaging and interactive e-learning courseware. Support for SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can API. Publishing SCORM- and AICC-compliant courses is now easy with Lectora. Select the AICC/SCORM/xAPI for LMS/LRS option in the design tab, enable it, and you’re good to go.

The Enterprise Learning Ecosystem Demystified: Part II

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Reporting standards like SCORM and AICC hold information about a specific learning session in the browser. At Riptide, we employ a three-tier caching strategy for our BYOD courseware. In fact, Riptide is working with a growing list of proprietary LMSs on backward-compatible (SCORM/AICC) integrations. Also, in legacy LMS standards, the learning interaction data that is being held in the browser session is often lost.