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Creating Value in e-Learning Part 5: The Symptom |


Web-based Collaborative e-Learning Authoring. Custom Development Services. Custom Content Creation. Customer Support. Creating Value in e-Learning Part 5: The Symptom. In my previous four blog posts, I have discussed various aspects of what e-Learning lacks by comparing online computer-based training to the classroom experience. Web technologies today can suggest sites to visit, or music to consider, based on our past selections. Forum. Logins.

Adding LTI support and updating user roles in Content Controller v2.1

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The latest release of Content Controller lets you share content as LTI, includes updated user roles and allows for custom player styles, features that help you deliver your courses to other eLearning platforms in whichever standard you desire and better manage employees’ roles within the application.

Managing your courses just got a lot easier with Content Controller v2.0

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For example, create a “Gold” bundle that includes every course in your catalog. Or create a “Golf” bundle that includes golf-related courses. Then, associate bundles with licenses to quickly apply license terms and easily deliver the bundle to customers in a single file.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 1 (A-L)


Accessibility: If you create online learning content, making it accessible to all learners is crucial. A predecessor to SCORM, AICC was difficult to work with and many steps were required to get content in the format running in an LMS.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


Terminology can feel like buzzwords and jargon to the amateur but many are essential knowledge for the eLearning professional. The first official eLearning content standard, AICC was developed by the Aviation Industry CBT Committee in 1993 as a CD-ROM based standard.

The 10 Best MindTickle Alternatives


Each of these competitors bring engaging learning experiences, several integrations, and high-level customer support. Continu offers a versatile cloud-based interface and is one of the only LMS companies offering a blended learning tool for both online and classroom training.



It is not used to create content. A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a tool for actually creating learning content and publishing that content in a variety of formats. Create content. Informal Learning (Performance Support, Video, Knowledge Base). •. ?.




An LMS does not create content, but rather helps learners access it, and it also tracks course access, completion, and test scores. The table below shows how the combination of the LMS and Xyleme create a winning solution for learners, administrators and business-line managers. .


‘Best of Elearning! ’ Awards Honor 100 Top Solutions


There is no better honor than to be nominated by users and customers of these best-in-class solutions.”. >> Easily import of SCORM and AICC content. >> >> Filtering based on groups, date range, courses, activity and more. CUSTOMERS. It seamlessly handles off-the-shelf and custom courseware, instructor-led, “blended,” and virtual classes, videos, and a wide range of informal learning content. CUSTOMERS. CUSTOMERS. CUSTOMERS.

Product Review – Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

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Create a learning plan in somewhat auto function with rules, whereas a person can add a new user based on a set of parameters, automatically into a course and thus learning plan, without having to do it manually each time. Can upload your own logo, create a sub-domain.