How to set up your AICC courses in Paradiso LMS?


Do you already have your AICC courses ready to be implemented? Are you thinking of the best way to deliver your AICC content to your students/trainers? Normally they already have their courses created, commonly in AICC, TinCan or SCORM format.


How To Use Interactive Video-Based Learning To Enhance Your Training’s Impact

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The adoption of video-based training is on a roll. In this article, I outline how you can use its NextGen avatar, interactive video-based learning, and enhance your training’s impact. Using Interactive Video-Based Learning To Enhance Your Training’s Impact.

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#eLearning #LIVESTREAM Publishing Your Project – 10/16/2017, 16:00 EDT

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In this video tutorial, I show you how you can publish your Adobe Captivate project. however, we will touch on the other eLearning formats. Video AICC LMS no lms publish SCORM scorm 1.2 We will spend most of the time on SCORM 1.2, As per usual, I will also be taking questions if time permits so get your Captivate Questions ready for the Live Chat. Follow the link right now to set up a reminder to get notified when this event becomes live on October 10th, 10 AM EDT.

5 Killer Examples Of Interactive Videos For Corporate Training

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Interactive videos can be used to create high-impact corporate training (for both formal training as well as for performance support). In this article, I showcase 5 killer examples of interactive videos for corporate training. This is exactly where interactive videos fit in.

Agile Microlearning Explained

online training through AICC and SCORM standards improved. video game, gamification of learning is the process of using game. is guessing at an answer › Allowing for self-assessment through confidence selection › Providing learners with formative feedback to guide.

Pooja Jaisingh – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


We found that most of the discussion forums are not tightly linked with the e-learning courses and videos, so we came up with the new collaboration workflow in Adobe Presenter 9. This workflow allows the author to add a collaboration pod along with the course or a video and help students ask questions and initiate discussions with their peers and teacher. Most of the authoring tools allow you to publish your courses to HTML5 format along with the Flash format.

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Turn Passivity To Interactivity: How To Use Interactive Videos For Learner Engagement

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The popularity of videos and increased use of mobile learning or mLearning have led to extensive usage of videos in online training. Even though videos appeal to the learners, they are passive. Using Interactive Videos For Learner Engagement. Supports AICC, SCORM 1.2,

LMS Basics: Can You Import eLearning Courses from One Provider Into an LMS by Another Provider

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eLearning Course Standards–AICC, SCORM, and xAPI. The three most common types are AICC, SCORM, and xAPI. So you might have an eLearning course that was created to match the AICC standard, or the SCORM standard, or the xAPI standard.

Course Authoring Tools: Tips on SCORM Settings


As an open marketplace for buying and selling elearning courses, OpenSesame supports a variety of different elearning course formats: SCORM (both 2004 and 1.2), AICC and video files.

E-Learning Screen recording and video solutions – Should b simple, so why isn’t it?

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Video. In their rush to jump on the video bandwagon, many screen recording software companies are adding this capability. Frankly, I am a fan of it, but if you are going this route than offer the following: Multiple tracks of video – rather than a track or two. Ability to convert various types of video formats to other video formats. That it is not a good idea to have multiple programs open while you are saving and publishing your video.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools: Market, Mayhem and Reality

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Screen recorder or desktop recorder converted into Flash or.AVI or.WMV or MP4 format or other formats, with audio/video editing and recording (not all mind you offer audio/video editing). PPT or Word to Flash and the end user can add a TOC, some assessments, audio, video, even additional flash learning objects and attachments. assessment tools may or may not exist, attachments, preview windows, limited outputs, maybe audio/video or maybe not.

Adobe Captivate 6 Tutorials

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Below are links to videos that will guide you through the extraordinary features of Adobe Captivate. Learn how to easily create high-quality product demos with the new capture-as-a-video workflow. Edit video, and add transitions, smart shapes, audio, and captions.

What is a Learning Management System? (2019 Update)


Learning management systems are used to deploy a variety of learning strategies across different formats, including formal, experiential and social learning to manage functions such as compliance training, certification management and sales enablement.

ELearning course development: How to choose the right authoring tool

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If the answer is no, the best authoring tools will automatically adapt template content for optimal delivery on whatever device the trainee is using, for example, tabbed interactions would adapt to a vertical format for portrait display devices. Video Integration. SCORM/AICC.

Buying an LMS? Acronyms You Must Know (Part 1)


AICC- Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee: A standard that facilitates proper communication between the course content and the learning management system.

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What Types of Training Can You Import Into an LMS?

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It’s probably obvious that you can import elearning courses, although even that answer isn’t quite that simple, as elearning courses come in different standards (or formats)–more on that below. article and/or watch our short video explanation of learning management systems.

LMS Review: Litmos

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Litmos is designed for delivery of online learning content in all formats. For example, you can import digital files such as SCORM, xAPI (they still call it by the old “Tin Can” name), videos, Microsoft Word, PDFs and Adobe documents. See the Video LMS Review.

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"Adobe Captivate 9: Beyond The Essentials" Workbook Now Shipping

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You'll learn how to create and produce video projects that will enable you to record screen actions in real-time. Then, after learning how to import questions into Captivate using the GIFT format, you'll learn how to create a random quiz using question pools and random question slides. You'll learn about SCORM, SCORM Cloud, AICC, TinCan, SCOs, Manifests, and how to upload a published lesson into a Learning Management System.

Why are we still talking xAPI?


Whether from a 10-minute Youtube video, to full laid out courses, coaching, blogs, etc. This API captures data in a consistent format about a person or group’s activities from many technologies. xAPI vs AICC vs SCORM.

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PowerPoint Add-ins – Develop E-learning Courses Rapidly

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Video recording. With the video recording feature, you can record videos using a webcam or capture the screen as a video. Courses can be published to formats such as Flash, HTML, PDF, or CD-ROM. SCORM 2004, AICC, and Tin Can.

The Role of xAPI in Creating Powerful Learning Experiences for the Modern Workforce

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AICC and SCORM – The Core Standards of eLearning. AICC stands for Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-Based Training) Committee. AICC and SCORM each came with their own set of limitations. We saw the limitations of SCORM and AICC.

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Get your eLearning activities available without internet connection thanks to an Offline training platform


The Offline version of our LMS is a downloadable Application that can be used for students to read content, watch videos or take quizzes. SCORM 2004 and AICC Compatible. Provides content security since course content and user progress data is stored in an encrypted format.

“Should I build or buy components for my learning platform?”

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SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions), xAPI, cmi5 and AICC. Video, PDF files and URLs can also be imported and store results alongside other data in Rustici Engine’s included LRS, making it easier to support microlearning and other learning formats. If you’re trying to ensure your platform is compliant with SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 and AICC, you could build it yourself or you could work with us.


Expectations From eLearning Authoring Tools

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Should be able to import external Flash SWF as well as audio and video in variety of popular formats. 2004, AICC). Should be able to publish course in various formats.

Dev Team Highlights from 2014


For our customers using LRS (Learning Record Store), OpenSesame can easily convert SCORM and AICC results to Tin Can format for forwarding into any third-party LRS. We also added an LTI course launcher for LMS customers that do not support SCORM or AICC.

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Some Things to Look for in Online Safety Training Courses

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Learning Management System & eLearning Standards: If you intend to purchase online safety training courses to deliver to employees through a learning management system, you’ll have to make sure the courses you want to buy are in a format that’s compatible with your LMS.

ANSI/ASSE Z490.2 Update: A Key Definition

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And we’ve discussed the amazing variety of types of training this includes–streaming online videos; HTML web pages; elearning courses in SCORM, AICC, and/or xAPI formats; augmented reality viewed through smart glasses; virtual reality; and more. A little-known poet once asked “what’s in a name?”

Make eLearning Effective with these Top Mobile Learning Platforms 

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Since m-Learning content makes use of interactive media such as images, videos, animations, and even podcasts, it offers greater engagement, which translates into better completion rates. Embedded content creation tools that support various formats. Allows video conferencing.

Developing An eLearning Player?

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flv [Flash video format] is not supported in some servers by default and it needs to be configured. Though SCORM and AICC are standards but different LMS interpret some of the commands/APIs in a different manner so it’s advisable to check this in advance.

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What is eLearning? How Can I Use It?

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While eLearning courses can have videos embedded in them, eLearning is much more interactive than simply watching a video. eLearning presents material in a multimedia format, so you are more likely to remember it. AICC stands for Aviation Industry CBT Committee, an international non-profit association of technology professionals. Courses that are AICC-compliant follow the regulations of at least one of the nine AICC guidelines.


Make eLearning Effective with these Top Mobile Learning Platforms 

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Since m-Learning content makes use of interactive media such as images, videos, animations, and even podcasts, it offers greater engagement, which translates into better completion rates. Embedded content creation tools that support various formats. SCORM/AICC compliant.

E-Learning 101: Straightforward Answers to Fundamental Questions—Part 2

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What else is there beside Captivate to create short videos? Two other commonly used tools for video creation are Camtasia and Adobe Premiere. Is there a preference or reason for choosing xAPI, AICC, SCORM over the other?

8 Best LMS Options to Enable Online Course Creation for your Employees

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With WYSIWYG editing, SCORM and TinCan support for interoperability, SAP Litmos is one of the most preferred LMS for online course builders that supports multiple file formats to create interactive and engaging courses.

DevLearn Thoughts: Is Game Based Learning Misunderstood?

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And with ADL and AICC announcing their collaboration on Tin Can API as the NEW eLearning standard, Tin Can (also called Experience API) will only become more of a standard. But as the quiz progressed, the same questions were asked again in a different format.

A Deep Dive into the Lectora Project File

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For example, you can search and replace text to change the video sizes in your project. For example, I have a Lectora project template for video-based content. I created an automated process that takes a list of videos and turns it into a new Lectora project based on the template saving me hours of work. AICC) and a title ID. Videos - video. Let me give you a couple of examples with videos. by Jonathan Shoaf.