Package & track elearning: why companies need both AICC & xAPI


AICC and xAPI (Experience API, or formerly Tin Can) are among the most important standards: whilst AICC has been around for a while, the xAPI is relatively recent. AICC is a well known industry standard: it was born in 1989 and it has had broad acceptance in the last year.

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Track and trace Learners results. What do SCORM compliance, AICC, XAPI and CMI5 mean?

Challenge to Learn

Or are you just confused by all the abbreviations like: SCORM, AICC, XAPI, and CMI5? One of the big trends in e-Learning is that e-Learning is becoming more informal and is moving to the workplace and to mobile devices. An API is a technique that allows software to exchange information.

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AICC – Communicating with your LMS

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When I first got into eLearning is was all about AICC. Everyone was trying to figure out how to easily make their courses AICC compliant so that they could communicate with the Learning Management System (LMS). Then SCORM came along and AICC seemed “old school&#.


What are SCORM and AICC, By the Way?

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If you have ever been involved in online course design and development, you might have come across e-learning professionals talking about AICC and SCORM. What are SCORM and AICC? Likewise, online courses that comply with AICC can be hosted on any AICC-compliant LMS.


Day 2 @LSCON, Nice keynote and I finally understand TinCan, Experience API, Scorm, ADL, IACC and CMI-5…….

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When you present someone with all complete crystal clear information, they will not learn. When the information is not complete you are challenged to process this info, which enhances retainment. Great coaches don’t give long inspiring talks, but they will give short burst of inspirational information. No speeches, sent short vivid information to individuals. The AICC developed in the early 1990 the AICC standard. Day 2 of the conference.

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Rapid Content Authoring Tools Directory

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Please read notes below, which provides information and details for the directory headers (Column names). If no information is listed except pricing, then that product does not list or offer multiple editions or flavors or separate pricing for sectors. If trial has limited functionality, it will be included in the trial information. SCORM or AICC. Some vendors may state “SCORM/AICC or AICC/SCORM&# – means the same thing.

Are eLearning Standards Necessary?

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By standard I mean a common template and/or a compliance specification such as SCORM or AICC. You can gleam information that will prove useful as you develop your program. Tags: eLearning Standards eLearning AICC SCORM DADDIE By Jay Lambert. This question pops up now and again, particularly with those just starting to offer eLearning courses to their associates. As with most anything, arguments can potentially be made either way.

Pooja Jaisingh – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


You can see an evident shift from formal curriculum-based learning to informal just-in-time learning, and this is just the beginning! Learnnovators: In this age where most learning happens ‘informally’ (through on-the-job-learning and peer-learning), how well do you think current tools support informal learning?

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eLearning Trivia

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d)informational conflict. Which of the following is the correct relationship between “motivation” and “information”? a)Motivation is less important than Information. b)Motivation is more important than Information. c)Motivation is equally important as Information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Adobe Captivate

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Pricing and purchasing information. Support information. Subscription information and pricing. The 2017 release of Adobe Captivate integrates with LMSs that are Tin Can-, SCORM 2004–, SCORM 1.2–, and AICC-compliant. Pricing and purchasing information. Support information. Subscription information and pricing. Visit or the online Adobe Store in your respective country for pricing information. On this page. Basics.

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eLearning Standards—What They Are and Why They Matter


Just like humans need a common language to communicate with each other, eLearning courses and learning management systems (LMS) need a common language so that courses can send information back to the LMS from students taking those courses.

Day 5: xAPI and more – what next for SCORM?


eLearning past: AICC. On day one of our series, we learned that AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based-Training Committee) can be considered the first eLearning standard, used to track how learners progress through course content.


Unleashing The 7 Essential Features Of A New-Age LMS


Integrated Planning- It is defined as the capability to develop shared ownership for the success of training programs by providing employees as well as educators with holistic information to improve workplace engagement and productivity.

Cheering for clients named a Top Learning System by Craig Weiss

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Craig’s E-Learning 24/7 blog is read by eLearning professionals around the world to help inform their technology purchasing decisions. Blackboard has been a long time SCORM Engine customer, using Engine to handle the details around playing and tracking SCORM, AICC and xAPI content in the Learn application. #9 Our SCORM Engine solution helps eLogic support SCORM, AICC, xAPI and PENS within the LMS and includes support for offline SCORM support in their mobile app.


5 Things To Look Out For While Choosing An LMS

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Make sure your LMS is SCORM compliant to the latest version which allows for Tin Can API support.AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee) is another standard and it allows content to exist on a separate server and supports secure information transfers with HTTPS.

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Using Learning Objects as “Knowledge Packages” to Achieve Learning Objectives


SCORM 2004, AICC and Tincan) that reflect the needs of your training objectives. Learning administrators should consider them as packaged resources , uploading each one as a single file, and then aggregating all necessary information to cover a single learning objective.

The Enterprise Learning Ecosystem Demystified: Part I

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These integrations are secure and do not need to store personal identifiable information. By leveraging new technology, you can connect information to multiple LMSs, HR systems, and talent management systems using SCORM/AICC and so forth. “Yes we support SCORM/AICC.

Reporting eLearning Results

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Before your project can be used with an LMS, you have to set up some reporting options and become familiar with the following: Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC), Sharable Content Object (SCO), and the Manifest File. Although SCORM is not the only eLearning standard (AICC is another), SCORM is one of the most common. Talk to your LMS provider for information on which one to use.

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4 Reasons to Convert Your Legacy E-Learning Courses Using Articulate Storyline

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Reason #3: One-click publishing for various e-learning standards (SCORM, AICC) . If you host your e-learning courses on a Learning Management System (LMS), then you may be aware of AICC and SCORM. Smartphones have become the go-to choice for learning on the go.

Tips for Lectora e-Learning Software Screen Recordings


Helpful Information. -->. The best way to communicate detailed information with an audience is usually via video. Use these tips for screen recordings to highlight important information for learners: Title clips. AICC & SCORM Compliant e-Learning. Forum. Logins.

The Importance of eLearning Style Guides

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SCORM 2004, xAPI, AICC, etc. Conventional style guides often omit information that’s important for eLearning. Once upon a time not so very long ago, an organization rolled out their latest style guide.

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Adobe Presenter 9: Beginning Training

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As you move through this totally interactive class, you will learn how to add a quiz to the presentation and how to set up the lesson so that it will work with SCORM and AICC-compliant LMSs. More information. Have you created a PowerPoint presentation and need to convert it into an eLearning course? Perhaps you need to add a quiz to the presentation and be able to track learner success?

Review of Linkedin Learning

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“We believe the future of learning is AICC.” Once the individual found out that I wrote a blog, the wanted to clarify that it was not “Linkedin’s view’ the future of learning is AICC, rather it was their own personal view. Because AICC is not. .

Why Author eLearning Content to Industry Standards?


Each of these platforms are unique, but they are not SCORM, AICC or xAPI conformant, which means the courses built on these platforms can not be exported for use in another platform or Learning Management System (LMS). . SCORM and other industry standards like AICC and xAPI enable online learning content and learning management systems the ability to communicate with each other. For more information on becoming a Seller with OpenSesame contact us at .

4 eLearning Trends That Will Change The Way You Look At Online Learning

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Although videos often get a bad reputation for being a means of informal learning, the truth is that they have become the most sought after phenomenon across the corporate learning space, specifically after the rise in the use of smartphones.

SCORM 101 and a Lectora How-To


Enable “AICC and SCORM for LMS” from the Title Options menu on the Design ribbon. . Fill out the Assignable Units metadata on the Information ribbon. . To initiate manual completion, add an action that modifies the reserved variable AICC_Lesson_Status.


Review of Linkedin Learning

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“We believe the future of learning is AICC.” Once the individual found out that I wrote a blog, the wanted to clarify that it was not “Linkedin’s view’ the future of learning is AICC, rather it was their own personal view. Because AICC is not. .

SCORM vs Tin Can API: The difference between compact discs and iTunes


However, if you wanted to know details like which questions in your course did most learners attempt, you could not get this information in SCORM. This made it easy for employees to access training materials and review the latest information, from anytime and anywhere.

‘Game Theory’ of Game-based eLearning industry


Situated Learning : Information is provided in the relevant context or setting within the game. Game-based learning supports all the SCORM, AICC, TIN-can compliant Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Dev Team Highlights from 2014


For our customers using LRS (Learning Record Store), OpenSesame can easily convert SCORM and AICC results to Tin Can format for forwarding into any third-party LRS. We also added an LTI course launcher for LMS customers that do not support SCORM or AICC.

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Meet The Demand for SCORM Compliant Mobile Learning With Lectora 17

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All this information can be tracked by an LMS using SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), a set of e-learning technical standards. You will need to select the “AICC/SCORM/xAPI for LMS/LRS” option before you start developing the course.

Direct vs Consultative Digital Content Development

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Through the sharing of information and open and honest communication. Also, the look and feel and the degree to which the information is to be redesigned to be interactive can be discussed and agreed prior to the commencement of work. Standards eg xAPI, Scorm or AICC.

E-Learning 101: Straightforward Answers to Fundamental Questions—Part 2

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Is there a preference or reason for choosing xAPI, AICC, SCORM over the other? xAPI, AICC, and SCORM are all communication protocols about how learning events talk to tracking systems. At this point, AICC is rarely used, but is still a valid standard.

The Pros and Cons of User Generated Content


But as more and more companies embrace informal learning, user generated content is going to pop up more often. CourseMill® Wave is a fast way to share informal content publicly or privately, like video, Web-based content and more, along with formal AICC/SCORM e ?

My Top 10 e-Learning Tools

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Being able to add quizzes and publish SCORM/AICC compliant courses is a big plus too. Being able to create SCORM/AICC compliant courses that imports Flash SWF files and plays well with the LMS makes my ability to implement e-learning much easier. I expect either it or Yammer to play a larger role for informal learning at my company. Jane Hart is gathering top ten lists for e-learning tools. Thus far, 203 people in the e-learning field have submitted their list.

Back by Popular Demand: Advanced Training at LUC 2017


You’ll use variables to track user interactivity, display both generic and user information, and conditionally branch within a title. Finally, you’ll learn how to publish a title to AICC/SCORM, for use within a learning management system.

Find out if social learning chemistry works for you!

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The desire to capture local knowledge from experienced employees and encourage informal sharing, communication, and collaboration. Supporting a wide variety of course formats including SCORM, AICC and xAPI(TinCan), Konnect takes learning beyond the traditional LMS architecture.