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Track and trace Learners results. What do SCORM compliance, AICC, XAPI and CMI5 mean?

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Or are you just confused by all the abbreviations like: SCORM, AICC, XAPI, and CMI5? Yes there are two version of SCORM: SCORM 1.2 The latest version is SCORM 2004 but both are still in use. In fact the oldest version (SCORM 1.2) The latest version of SCORM dates back from 2004 (although there where updates). It will be in our product somewhere in 2015. It comes from the aviation industry and it is called AICC.

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“Will my SCORM and AICC courses break from the Chrome 80 browser update?”

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Hey Andy, Our company built a Learning Management System and heard that Google’s recent browser updates may affect course completion results for SCORM and AICC content for learners using the upcoming version of Chrome 80. In non-technical terms, this may cause lost data for your client’s learners using the latest version of Chrome. These changes go live in version 80 of Chrome on February 4, 2020 (if you’d like to read more about it, here’s the article ).


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2019 year in review: Our products

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From our perspective, all of these changes are opening the door to more exciting product opportunities and more challenges to solve. So, not only does our new tagline reflect a broader vision, it points our product and engineering teams in new directions.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools Directory

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Company name is in first column, followed by product name (with a link directly to the product or product features) – all links working as of 8-12-10. Vendors who offer multiple price points based on edition/version Or by sector: individual, corporate, academia, non-profit, government (when applicable), is listed in the pricing info. SAAS – You access the product online. Desktop – You access the product either via your desktop (i.e.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools: Market, Mayhem and Reality

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While the assumption would be that all the products are alike, or that fee based tools are superior to their free counterparts, nothing could be farther than the truth. Macromedia Authorware and similar products. Sure there are over 100 vendors in this industry and probably 95% you have never heard of and whom have great products that can meet or beat the big players. So nobody can see their product. I can’t use your product.

“How can I support eLearning in my HRMS or HRIS Platform?”

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The good news is that we help to add this type of SCORM, AICC, and xAPI support to many HRMS, HRIS and other HR platforms often. The Rustici Engine lives on your servers and handles support for SCORM 1.2, 2004 (2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions), AICC, xAPI and cmi5 and also includes an LRS. The Rustici Engine can be deployed on your own servers or privately hosted by us. SCORM Cloud is a SaaS version of our integrated content player. Does the product comply with GDPR?

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“Should I build or buy components for my learning platform?”

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When it comes to adding a SCORM player to your platform and integrating a learning record store (LRS), I’d recommend the following products. SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions), xAPI, cmi5 and AICC. When it comes to deployment, it can be deployed on your servers or privately hosted by us. SCORM Cloud is the SaaS version of our integrated content player with a hosted LRS.


Can I add a SCORM player to my SaaS platform?

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When it comes to adding a SCORM player to your platform, I’d recommend one of the two following products: Rustici Engine. SCORM 2003 (2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions), xAPI, cmi5 and AICC. When it comes to deployment, it can be deployed on your servers or privately hosted by us. SCORM Cloud is a hosted version of our SCORM player. If you’re still not quite sure which product is right for you, just reach out to us !


How to perfect your eLearning content distribution strategy

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Whether you create and sell eLearning content as your core business or you provide training as part of a larger product offering, you likely spend a good deal of time and energy administering eLearning content. From ensuring each client has the latest version of a course to manually enforcing licenses, the traditional eLearning content distribution process can be extremely burdensome.

Moodle vs CourseMill: Find out which tool is better?


Users of Moodle LMS have the choice of installing their Moodle account on cloud or server making it a cloud-based learning management system or on-premise LMS. A free LMS, Moodle can be used in its vanilla version endlessly. Product Feature.

“How can I distribute my content library to a third-party LMS?”

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Content Controller is a web-based application that lets you centrally host your content and seamlessly deliver content to any LMS that supports SCORM, AICC or LTI. Content Controller allows you to automatically update versions, enforce content licenses, manage multiple languages, and capture course data for reporting and analytics. Depending on your requirements, we can host Content Controller for you in a privately hosted environment or it can be deployed on your servers.

Summer Course Authoring Tool Rankings – Top Ten

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Well, it is a fun product to create a course. This product achieves makes it happen, especially with a slick UI. Nothing like getting your blood boil when you see this ranking and can’t understand why the product is not number one. Feature wise the product has quite a bit, but my biggest gripe with Adobe is that this product always seems to be behind its top competitors. They offer two versions, but this is in reference to the paid version.

10 Training Tracking Tool Options To Boost Team Learning


Product launch or knowledge. If you are a company who highly values security, there is an option to opt out of a cloud-based system and one housed onsite in your internal servers. SCORM and AICC compliance standards.

#10 to #1 LMSs of 2012

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Features include: Extended enterprise – multiple children/sub-portals, each skinned/branded and each on a separate server – many EEs are on a shared server. At one time a true freebie – they still offer a stripped down version, their new fee based system provides enough oomph to make anyone go “Wow” Features include: The standards – i.e. my 90/10, whereas 90% of the features are the same in the majority of systems in the space. SCORM/AICC.

The 10 Best MindTickle Alternatives


Product launch or knowledge. They focus on training to beat quotas, grow sales teams, and learn new and evolving product lines. If you are a company who highly values security, there is an option to opt out of a cloud-based system and one housed onsite in your internal servers. SCORM and AICC compliance standards. If you would like the cloud-based version, prices start at $37 per month for up to 50 users to $592 per month for up to 10,000 users.

The Enterprise Learning Ecosystem Demystified: Part II

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In other words, to accommodate different delivery options, you will need different versions of each course title for each OS. The best we can do, therefore, is put together a rapid and flexible production framework. Reporting standards like SCORM and AICC hold information about a specific learning session in the browser. Instead, the client, device, and server “holds” the connection and delivery of the learning.

Learning Management System – LMS

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The two main components are the server and the user interface. Think of the server as the computer hardware which allows the system to run. LMS microlearning lets you deliver new product information quickly , helping to keep your healthcare workers current and their patients healthier.

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Break it down! (No it’s not Hammer Time! Yet)

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If your goal is just to post the course on a server and let people access it, just for the sake of learning and you don’t care about tracking of any sort – then no, you do not need any compliance standard. It’s a product whose core focus is an authoring tool (proprietary based), but offers the ability to add users, provides a few analytics and a few reports. Can I test out the product for 30 days? During the past 14.5

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Rapid Content Authoring Tools 2010 – Innovators, Winners and Updated Trends

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Yet, there were some products that stood out, if nothing else – for taking the lead and doing something that says “yes it is possible, and oh, it works&#. RCAT Product of the Year. Open Source Product of the Year (i.e. Also SCORM 1.2 & AICC. Innovation is listed next to the product. The product is not necessarily the ultimate in RCAT, but they are solid at the minimum and should be at least looked at, before making any decision.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry

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If I am an authoring tool vendor, I would explore what is happening in the authoring tool market, what my product looks like, how I can make it better for my target audience and what do I see or others I trust see the e-learning space is heading. . Two problems that I see with PPT being used as an authoring tool is that to make it engaging, fun and interactive you have to use what the product includes, and those templates are a mixed bag. .

ATD2015 Conference Post – Review

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If your LMS is in the cloud (SaaS), you have a web site, what stops someone from checking out your product and buying it – regardless of where they are in the world? I often hear vendors say “we focus first on the product, then will market it” – here is an idea – do both at the same time – Yowsa, what a concept! At the entry point it identified what each letter stood for, thus if you saw – D it meant there was Dairy in the product. .

The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

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You have many important decisions that need to be made ranging from issues related to the use of technology to required facilities to instructional design to software development and media production. Multimedia developers including graphics production specialists, multimedia programmers, computer animators and video/audio production personnel. Phase 3: Content Production. Durable –upwardly compatible with new versions of system software.

Webinar Q&A: Empowering Continuous Learning with the Experience API (xAPI)

Experience API

For privacy reasons, a hashed version of the email address can also be used. LRSs and LMSs are very different products. These products often take the form of a learning analytics platform. these products often include some incentive for learners to record these activities, such as the facility to share with a mentor for feedback or publish to colleagues to share the learning. TREK and TES are two products you can use to track coaching experiences with xAPI.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Corporate training professionals, educators, instructional designers, and all types of business users with limited programming capabilities who want to create product demos, application simulations, soft skill and compliance training, and mobile learning. I already have a license to an earlier version of Adobe Captivate. Alternatively, you may subscribe to Adobe Captivate in a pay-as-you-go model so that you always have access to the latest version. On this page. Basics.

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The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms


A global network of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centers to enable the high availability and high performance of content being viewed by the learner. In eLearning this relates to the training of your partners and customers to add value, and promote product adoption and the retention of customers. An example of this is the reduction of support tickets by providing training to your customers on your product via your LMS.

Top 10 Learning Systems for 2019

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I love their playlists capability and their coach/share module is wonderful (it is part of the Enterprise system version), but you can also purchase it as a standalone if you say, buy just the base version and not enterprise. System course standards acceptance include SCORM, AICC, xAPI, but no PENS. For those folks who still want their LMS to sit on their own servers (Legacy Activated!) – Fuse can be self-hosted. .

5 Tips to Prepare Your Storyline Course for Your LMS

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There are currently three main publishing standards in the eLearning world: SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can API. (A There are two main versions of the SCORM standard, Version 1.2 The key difference between the two versions is course sequencing, it was added to 2004 version. Develop basic content or sophisticated courses with high production costs. Pros: Allows content to be hosted on a separate server. August.