How do you create a perfect blend of the various learning components?

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Blended model has had the classroom as its base of digital components providing the much needed experiential learning, giving the flexibility to the learners to choose their own schedules in case of asynchronous learning or locations in synchronous learning.

The 10 Must-Have LMS Software Features


there are fewer better alternatives to properly-designed assessments when it comes to gauging progress. Asynchronous Learning The end-goal of any good Learning Management System is to ensure learners find the content engaging and are able to retain knowledge.

ID Badges: My Experience with TIfPI’s Certification

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Currently, the badges are all based on different types of deliverables: asynchronous e-learning, instructor-led training, coaching, job aids, community of practice, mobile learning, etc. I wanted to validate that what I’m doing is on the right track.

Closing the Learning-Acquisition Gap with Informal Learning


They were actually steps away from trying to put these pigeons in the front of missiles to guide as an early alternative to radio guided missiles. This can be done by leveraging asynchronous and online learning components, and fostering more mentor-mentee relationships.

The Importance of Online Training: 5 Benefits For Your Employees

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Unlike the instructor-based training, where employees lose valuable work time to attend long training courses, online training improves worker productivity since it’s considerably quicker than the ILT alternative.

Translating Activities Into the Virtual Classroom

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We need to rethink how we provide knowledge to our learners—something we can do more effectively and efficiently by providing the knowledge piece in an asynchronous or self-paced way.

Learning in the Workflow


Situations range from asynchronous communications like email, through technology-mediated interchanges such as chats and phone calls, to live interactions in person. But what’s an alternative when that’s decreasingly possible? The environment for commerce is changing.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


Asynchronous Learning. Asynchronous learning allows learners to train individually, enabling them to complete courses at a time, place and pace that suits them. A cloud-based LMS is a web-based platform that helps companies to deliver, track, and report on eLearning.

Technology Advancement and Learning – Help or Hindrance?

Integrated Learnings

By Dean Hawkinson. On a recent trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia, I had the opportunity to reflect a bit on how far we have come with technology. On Jekyll Island, there is a monument set up by the Telephone Pioneers of America in remembrance of the first transcontinental phone call made from right there on the island on January 29, 1915, by then AT&T president Theodore Vail. The call included Mr. Vail, Alexander Graham Bell in New York, President Woodrow Wilson in Washington, D.C.,

Distance Learning and the LMS: Advice From a Higher Education Expert

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Connecting online learner s with the broader community of on-campus students, faculty and events is the best way to keep them on track with their educational goals.

Digital Video: 10 Ways to Experience Modern Learning Live and On-Demand

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Although virtual learning is a popular instructional delivery method, approximately 78% of the learning platforms we track does not include a native virtual meeting tool. Until recently, digital video was underutilized by technology-enabled learning solutions.

The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

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Metrics are measurable performance parameters that can be used as feedback to evaluate the training results, to help refine the implementation strategy and to keep the training initiatives on track. Keeping your training solution in this framework will allow you to keep the big picture in mind and will help you keep the project on track. The optimum solution may then be to reduce the required instructor-led training through the use of on-line (asynchronous) prep courses.

18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

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In 2017 we tracked more than 35 different mergers and acquisitions in the learning technology space. 8 Custom Learning Experiences Offer Flexible Alternatives. Welcome to our 4th annual LMS and learning systems “Trends” post! What is a trend, anyway?

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What’s old is new again…

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I found Hugh Mehan and Jim Levin (very lucky on my part), and got to work on their experiment using email as an alternative to classroom discussion. We found some interesting things, suchas that asynchronous responses were more thoughtful, compared to the IRE (inquire-response-evaluation) format of face to face. The point being, it’s not easy to track what’s been done before.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 1 (A-L)


Asynchronous learning: Allows learners to train individually at the time, place, and pace that suits them. Blended learning: The combination of traditional face-to-face (or synchronous) learning methods and technology-based online learning (asynchronous) methods.

Evidence Is Essential in Leadership Development

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You have been selected for our leadership development track. What are alternatives that extend, stretch and integrate the content over months or years in a leader’s new role? Provide proof that leadership development programs have an impact. Move from agendas that are comfortable and familiar — and don’t be afraid of change. Good news, Sarah.

Can PeopleCloud support learning in all its contexts?

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On-demand On-demand learning occurs at the point of need PeopleCloud provides an alternative, social intranet where knowledge can be shared in the form of content, news feeds or through social interaction, both synchronous (chat and live meetings) and asynchronous (forums and groups). There's also a facility to track down an expert. Last week I posted that Formal learning doesn't need to be all that formal.

Benefits Of Personalized eLearning – Featuring A Case Study For Instructional Designers

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For instance, A pre-assessment can help us understand the baseline proficiency, and the learner can be given a personalized learning track that corresponds to the competency gaps. Incorporate online resource libraries for asynchronous eLearning. Today’s learners are an impatient lot.

How To Implement Interactive Self-Paced Online Courses In A Corporate Environment


Asynchronous learning may seem challenging, but it has significant advantages. Create interactive user surveys – that is, questionnaires that provide alternative questions according to the answers users give.

How will adopting an adaptive learning strategy help your business


Because adaptive learning is largely online, usually delivered through an asynchronous model, your employees and instructors don’t need to coordinate schedules in order for the training to proceed.

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