The 10 Best MindTickle Alternatives


Here are a few of the cons and reasons to consider MindTickle Alternatives. Admin UI is a mess, including email templates. Now that you know some of the challenges, here are 10 great MindTickle alternatives. Which MindTickle alternative is best?

LearnDash Alternative

Academy of Mine

Are you looking for a LearnDash alternative? Of course, the road does not end there – after installing your LMS plugin, you’ll now have to handle the business side of things, as well. How do you handle system downtime, which could translate to lost business? This is where you need a premier all-in-one LMS platform , which takes all this technical burden off your shoulders by allowing you to focus on the business side of things.

Teachable Alternatives

Academy of Mine

Are you looking for a Teachable alternative? For some edu-preneurs, this is the ideal route; having said that, if you are serious about scaling your business, perhaps you should think more critically about the potential challenges that you may face down the line, and ask yourself whether Teachable is adequate enough to handle your company’s growth requirements. Are you willing to adapt your business model to industry demands?

Moodle Alternatives

Academy of Mine

Are you looking for a Moodle alternative? Is your business currently using Moodle to create your online courses? Perhaps your business is in the continuing education space; maybe you are administering employee training materials, or even training other businesses. And yet, this is simply the bare bones and ignores the additional cost, both in terms of time and money spent, that is necessary to fully build out the platform to your business’ particular requirements.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

investment if businesses are to enrich engagement. As a busy L&D professional, you want to spend more. This is where themes and templates come in. you configure with them as a template. This template contains all of the branding and. learning on business outcomes.

Is Elucidat an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate?


In this article, we explore Elucidat as an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate – to help you decide if it’s time to make the move to cloud-based authoring. Why would you want an alternative to Storyline and Captivate?

Giving Thanks for Built-in Templates

360 Training

If you have never used activity and game templates before, you might think that having templates available in your course authoring tool might make things “a little bit better”—but in reality, the net effect can be transformational both for you and for your students. Fabulous templates. Quicker, more flexible course development : With built-in activity and game templates, you can design great interactions pretty much as fast as you can think and type.

How to build the Business case for an LMS?

Melon Learning

Whatever your LMS challenges are, in order to take the next step, you need to build your business case and make it sound and solid to secure the internal buy in and get the go ahead from your investors. LMS Business Case

Storyboard Templates iPhone - Best of eLearning Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

eLearning Templates – 20 Resources - eLearning Technology , December 7, 2009. A Few More Alternatives to Second Life - Kapp Notes , December 23, 2009. Aligning Training with the Business: A Simple Model - Getting Down to Business , December 16, 2009. oeb2009: Relate to business goals for learning to have impact - Learning in a Sandbox , December 14, 2009. Storyboard Templates in Instructional Designing , December 4, 2009. Templates (29).

7 Popular Email Marketing Services Compared


Email is the backbone to your online course business. I forget where I first heard it, but I remember early on in my online business career hearing that if you don’t have an email list, then you don’t have a business. Clean template interface with intuitive editing.

How to Create a Training Manual Quickly

TechSmith Camtasia

Alternatively, for a real-world process, photos demonstrating the process or graphical illustrations are ideal. The process of adding images to a template, document, or another source involves formatting frustrations, image sizing issues, and other similar, unforeseen challenges.

I Need an LMS. Where Do I Start?

Experiencing eLearning

Five Tips and an RFP Template : Choosing the Right LMS is another article from Learning Solutions Magazine with tips for selecting the right LMS. Even if you don’t plan to do a formal RFP, this template can help you think about questions you should be asking.

RFP 415

The Hidden Features of Open edX Studio – Part 2


Alternatively, sites like have various extra formatting tools you can use to grab HTML snippets that can then be brought into your Open edX course. Additional interactive elements, custom layouts and templates, the sky’s the limit. Blog Business


Using Video at Your Start-up


Alternatively, a start-up video could even be a great tool to get feedback before you even launch!) The best start-up videos effectively explain a business, product or service in two minutes or less. (It The tool makes use of templates that take you, step-by-step, from introduction to conclusion. It is recommended that businesses should strive to publish at least two videos per month to help boost online rankings and online presence!)

Your Most Useful Learning Management System Report: The Learning Matrix

Absorb LMS

As soon as admins depart from using their system’s pre-built report templates, they can sometimes find themselves in an alternate universe of SQL queries and database tables. Reporting is often a headache for learning management system administrators.

Report 182

Increase Course Performance with the Right Authoring Tool – Here’s How to Sort Out Your Options


If you have a target for how much elearning you produce as a business, you need a tool that not only backs speed but also doesn’t require expertise or a lot of training to use. the ability to create new templates and free-form layouts).

5 Transformations Underway in Learning & Development Industry in 2019


In 2015, Udacity created the Nanodegree program as an alternative to conventional, university-grade education. Another great alternative to conventional learning is independent online courses on platforms like Udemy, EdX or Coursera.

Tips for Managing Assets When Creating a Collaborative Course


Templates and guidelines. Make sure that everyone is invited to raise concerns or suggest alternatives. Working with others on collaborative projects can lead to accidental mistakes among team members, including: miscommunicated goals. misunderstood responsibilities.

How to Make A Thousand Training Videos for YouTube FAST (Customer Story)

TechSmith Camtasia

Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration and communications software and services, created a video library of resources for customers and employees. Conduct keyword research: Incorporate alternative terms and wordings into your description and video tags. At a glance.

Lessons Learned: LMS Feasibility Study

Petra Mayer

For example, it would be beneficial to incorporate into an RFP: Keep all criteria of your requirements separate and provide a templated response form for the vendors to complete. Alternatively, they be more balanced year over year.

Study 52

The challenges of training global workers

Sponge UK

Large businesses routinely operate across borders and they need training that can adapt to the different cultures and environments that their staff are part of. Building templates allows you to create the structure of a module and then slip in the relevant content for your area.

5 must-do steps for building a winning blended learning strategy


So, with your learning design team, test out some alternative blended learning concepts to meet a specific goal and audience needs. You may find these free design templates useful for this process: . Project planning template. Conceptualize ideas template.

How Accessible is the Digital Learning Today?

Magic EdTech

Over 20 years ago, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses and state and local governments to allow disabled persons the same access as people who are not disabled.

How to design software training, part 1: Do everything except “train”

Making Change

Here’s a template: To identify the measure for new software, you might ask, “Why did we buy this software? If your stakeholders refuse to commit to a business-performance goal, you might try a weaker but still useful type.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


Adding or changing tools along the way is how elearning businesses grow and evolve. Marketing & Sales Tools to Grow Your e-Learning Business. An LMS is the essential tool to host and sell your online courses,you will need to choose the right one to grow your elearning business. Lectora is the powerhouse in the authoring tools coming with libraries of assets, templates and flexible. You can choose one of its preset templates.

How to boost your L&D credibility and visibility

Learning Wire

Whilst the added value of L&D is significant for today’s business, many learning departments still haven’t found an efficient method of visualization and presentation of their programs’ outcome. LPM – a better alternative for measuring the value of L&D.

How Accessible is Accessible Learning Today?

Magic EdTech

Over 20 years ago, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses and state and local governments to allow disabled persons the same access as people who are not disabled.

How to Select the Right eLearning Authoring Tools and Services

Hurix Digital

Deciding on the right eLearning authoring tool is a tricky business unless you are sure of what you want. Some vendors also provide free trials – take advantage of these trials to understand the best fit for your business. What is an eLearning Authoring Tool?

Microlearning examples

Ed App

Microlearning is proving to be on of the most-effective methods of teaching and learning, especially when it comes to businesses performing corporate training or retail training.

A Spring Treat: Connie Malamed's New "Visual Design Solutions"


It is hard, looking at an authoring tool, to refrain from wanting to start loading content and searching for templates and images.

Online Course Evaluation Surveys: How to Get Feedback


Both negative and constructive feedback have their usages and often can reveal hidden gems from your students and opportunities such as a new course idea, testimonials or business opportunities. Course Evaluation Template. For your online school business, this is more than ideal.

How to grow an elearning dream team: 8 things the best L&D leaders do


It’s a big challenge to efficiently produce quality online learning content that meets the needs of users and business stakeholders…particularly when under strain. Take what you learn and set out a clear vision for elearning in your business. Alternatively, use ours , for free!

Dealing with the Challenges of Guided Informal Learning

Most business managers know intuitively that we learn our jobs by doing our jobs. But if employees want to learn how to use PowerPoint for a presentation, you might just show them the corporate style guide, which specifies the proper templates and fonts.

Articulate Rise, A Responsive Authoring Tool


Business tools used to require you to download and run an application on your machine. With Articulate Rise you can: Build courses online using template style course creation. It uses a template course creation builder. Alternatively, you can start from scratch and use ‘blocks’ that allow you to build courses by selecting module types. But now, thanks to continually improving browser technology, things are different.

Udemy for you and me

E-Learning Provocateur

The turnaround time for this process is 3-4 business days, which I consider reasonable. The business model enables you to monetise your course by assigning a price to it, of which Udemy claims a 30% cut.