What’s in My Conference Bag? ATD ICE 2018

Learning Rebels

It’s 2018, What’s in my Conference Bag? Then, don’t miss out at the very bottom is my conference bag checklist and goal planner! . I challenge you to answer the questions for yourself and set solid goals for your conference experience. Conference Checklist.

Learning & Development Conferences for 2018

Limestone Learning

We’re all very busy and sometimes don’t find out what conferences are being offered until it’s too late. To help you seize these opportunities before they go by, we’ve compiled a list of links to a number of popular L&D conferences being offered this coming year. Conferences

Track Course Completions for Free Using Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer

E-learning Uncovered

Are you creating courses using Adobe Captivate and don’t yet have a learning management system (LMS) for tracking results? Did you know there is an alternative, FREE solution? October 9 – 10 | ATD Chapter Leaders’ Conference | Arlington, VA.

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Are You Riding the Waves or the Ripples? Tracking Learning Trends

Vignettes Learning

The alternative approach: “Thought and Action are One” (learn and apply, learning by doing) gained popularity. Without presenting an alternative way of writing content, SMEs will cling to these traditonal methods. See Micro-Learning Conference and Marcia Conner’s article.

Tips to Help You as a Self-Employed Professional

Adobe Captivate

If you a Gettys image (which are digitally tracked), you will end up with a hefty bill for using it and with their might, you will end up paying their price and their legal costs if they take you to court. Blog Job Aids Management #training #conference blog job aids management

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ISTE 2013 Presenter Profiles: Rob Zdrojewski

Visual Lounge

The TechSmith Academic Solutions team will be heading down to San Antonio this year for the Annual Conference and Exposition, and we’re eager to hang out with all of our presenter pals at our booth. We’re SO excited for ISTE 2013 !

Visuals and Visual Thinking

Association eLearning

Have you ever sketched something out on the back of a napkin or drawn a mindmap to keep track of ideas during a brainstorming session? Alternately, you could convert your own written notes into visuals. I did this for one of the sessions I attended at the Learning 2016 conference.

GLD 4: Training and Coaching Methods

Your Training Edge

Networking for leaders can also occur in person, but also via web conference, blogs, or moderated discussion boards. If this is the case for your leadership program, consider the alternatives to traditional approaches.

Putting the Dance in Your mLearnCon Attendance

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Since this is a niche conference you won't feel lost in the crowd. You'll want to sign up for a pre-conference workshop as well. You don't create a conference strategy when you go to conferences? If you're serious about your conference attendance, then you really should be planning your attendance. You do not want to run off to a conference and find a beautiful hammer only to come home and discover there are no nails. The mLearnCon event is 3 weeks away.

Why Businesses Should Veto Traditional Training


There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that business owners are unaware that online training, or eLearning, is an excellent, up-to-date alternative to classroom-style training. What type of training model does your business use?

Class Meeting in 3D World of VirtualU

Kapp Notes

But there are many alternatives that are being deployed in a variety of applications. The hall is large and looks just like a conference exhibit hall. Imagine have a conference about manufacturing and the exhibit hall was set up in a factory or a medial conference set up in a hospital.

Think of the Children! How Blended Learning is Helping Students at School (And Can Help You Too)

Digitec Interactive

One day, I might be sitting in my rocking chair telling my grandchildren, “In my day, when the teachers had a conference to go to or the weather was bad, it meant we got a day off from school!” . Blended Learning.

A Conversation with Sharon Boller

Kapp Notes

I also wanted an alternative to an LMS system that could only mark someone’s status with a course as “completed” or “incomplete. ” I wanted detailed tracking of what people were learning – and weren’t learning.

3 Topics for Medical Society Execs to Watch

Web Courseworks

Three overarching topics caught my eye at the upcoming AAMSE Annual conference in Minneapolis : MACRA and the QPP, Member Engagement Strategies, and Professional Development. The medical society and association landscape is ever-changing.

10 Songs to Get You Ready for Nashville and the LUC 2015


Since everything is digital now, I made you a playlist to help you get ready for the 2015 Lectora® User Conference in Nashville, Tennessee this April 29 – 30. But it’s true—you are what makes our user conference great, and it just wouldn’t be a Lectora USER Conference without you!

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Building A Talent Pool

CLO Magazine

The Bronx Training Center features modern technology, shared workspaces, a cafe, conference rooms and classrooms. We find people who are not typically considered by corporate recruiters and develop them into an alternative pipeline of talent,” Ayala said. Our society has a problem.

2016 eLearning Hype Curve Predictions

Web Courseworks

At the big eLearning conferences this year, roughly 50% of sessions and exhibitor booths were focused on either xAPI or Badges. A vocal group of doctors has strenuously objected, even forming an alternative certification organization that maintains the old system.

Webinars are better, but not yet best

Allison Rossett

Tweet From my sunny office in San Diego, I checked into the happenings at CLO’s spring conference in Miami. I did this by tracking the twitter stream, #closym. Come to our conference.

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The Pulse of Mobile Learning

Allison Rossett

So low was that number that I confirmed it with several large audiences, including one at a conference devoted to mobile learning. While this mobile app is only a first try that lacks the the richness that comes from assessment and tracking, it is nothing to sneeze at. Of course, the elearningguild’s mobile learning conferences are a great place to launch. John Park recently blogged about alternatives for mobile development. A faint pulse today.

How to Choose the Best Images for Your e-Learning


Photo “memorability seems more related to strangeness, funniness or interestingness,” according to a study presented at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. Take a look at this eye-tracking study to see what types of images attract the most attention.

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You Just Selected a Shiny New LMS. Great! Now What?

Talented Learning

For example: Scheduling (How will you track and coordinate resources, timelines and milestones?). However, alternative resources should be identified in advance. Attend user meetings and industry conferences.

#40years of educational technology: Social media

Learning with e's

Previous posts in this series tracked the development of educational technology over 40 years. I then began also to experiment with wikis as alternatives to Learning Management Systems in teacher education around 2006-2008.

You dont want to do it like that

Moodle Journal

I was at the conference recently and my ears picked up during the introduction when the presenter talked about his involvement in a JISC project that used the power of story for sharing of expertise. Oh and while I am not on the subject, this week I literally turn my back for a moment and the whole Tracking project had been shut down, working group disbanded, and an offline alternative accepted as a short term measure, please don’t ask.

Out and About: Past and Upcoming Events

Kapp Notes

Here are some blog postings, presentations and up coming events that I am trying to keep track of so I decided to put them all in one place. My presentation with Tony O'Driscoll at the Virtual Worlds's Best Practices in Education conference is available on Treet.tv My post Nine Information Alternatives to the Now Defunct Training Magazine was number one in elearninglearning's Top 40 eLearning Articles and 5 Hot Topics for Early March post.

Seven Things I Learned This Year

Tony Karrer

LMS and Learning Tracking Still Struggling While LMS solutions continue to get better, more powerful, more diverse, I continue to find myself searching for just the right solution for particular needs. I was also struggling for clients who needed very simple learning tracking but with some customizations. Over the past few years, I spend part of December going back through my blog to recap a bit of what some of the key things I’ve learned over the course of the year.

Why We’re Excited About Open edX Hawthorn


Updates range from improved learner progress tracking and video optimization, to easier formatting and GDPR compliance features. Learner progress tracking and Completion API. One of the first challenges that Hawthorn tackles is learner progress tracking.

Open 65

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015


Feedly tracks what you''ve read, enables you to star articles to save for later, and easily share your favorites across your social media networks. Fit Brains Trainer features more than 350 games and puzzles to challenge your mind, as well as tracking to measure your progress.

Digital Video: 10 Ways to Experience Modern Learning Live and On-Demand

Talented Learning

Although virtual learning is a popular instructional delivery method, approximately 78% of the learning platforms we track does not include a native virtual meeting tool. Live and on-demand video broadcasts extend the conference experience to a much larger global audience.

LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

Talented Learning

Alternatively, some LMS cloud vendors integrate with third-party ecommerce sites such as Shopify and Magento to deliver ultra-professional storefronts with a full breadth of ecommerce capability.

Learning 2013 Recap: Hillary Clinton, Broadway Stars and Trekkies, Oh My!


Earlier this week, I had the privilege of attending Elliott Masie’s Learning 2013 conference in Orlando, Florida. My conference experience began with a bang, as the first session I attended on Monday morning immediately became one of my favorites. Conference Themes.

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2016 eLearning Hype Curve Predictions

Web Courseworks

At the big eLearning conferences this year, roughly 50% of sessions and exhibitor booths were focused on either xAPI or Badges. A vocal group of doctors has strenuously objected, even forming an alternative certification organization that maintains the old system.

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


Trello makes it easier to coordinate everyone’s input and track the status of different tasks. Google Drive is also ideal for storing brochures and educational documents that account managers may need access to from eLearning conferences and other remote locations.

Start Doodling in Class: The Value of Lo Fi Graphics in eLearning


Rohde’s book mainly discusses the why, how and what of using sketchnotes as an alternative to jotting down traditional handwritten notes during conferences and talks (lectures). Going to class and taking notes go hand in hand.

25 eLearning Tools You Need Now


The many levels of project management that Trello offers – including cards, lists, and boards – makes it easy to coordinate input and track the status of different tasks. IFTTT also makes it possible to keep track of what learners are reading.

Associations Need to Lead Change with Education Programs

WBT Systems

The authors of this whitepaper make a compelling case for associations to step in and bridge the growing education-to-employment gap by offering alternative, affordable, industry specific education programs for professional development and credentialing.