The Top 5 Best Bridge LMS Alternatives


Here are some comments from Bridge users and reasons to consider Bridge LMS alternatives. Now that you know some of the reasons to consider Bridge LMS alternatives, the next step is to make the right choice for your company. Bridge LMS alternatives to consider.

Alternatives to Moodle Report Plugins

Lambda Solutions

Moodle offers a few different reporting plugins to help you keep track of activity or quiz results. This is because Moodle’s reporting plugins are each designed to generate a single type of report.

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Megatrends in MOOCs: #11 Alternative Credentials

Your Training Edge

One of the biggest opportunities for MOOCs and other digital learning environments has been in the development of alternative credentials, which may turn out to be even better than traditional degrees at highlighting one’s knowledge and skills. Why do we need alternative credentials?

The 10 Best MindTickle Alternatives


Here are a few of the cons and reasons to consider MindTickle Alternatives. Now that you know some of the challenges, here are 10 great MindTickle alternatives. Learning Tracks is how administrators create courses, facilitate onboarding flows, quizzes , and more.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

saturated market, we’ve designed. and Auto-Translation3 Give Your Video Content New Value4 Question Time: Make Assessments Interesting5 Customizable Themes: Great Design Made Easy6 Learning that Looks Great, No Matter. for great design. design aspect of your pages.

Is Elucidat an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate?


But with the rise of modern cloud-based authoring software, many learning managers and designers are looking for a resolution to the contemporary learning pains that come from desktop-based authoring tools. Why would you want an alternative to Storyline and Captivate?

Lowe’s Introduces Track to the Trades Program

CLO Magazine

The Track to the Trades initiative is designed to present career alternatives to Lowe’s employees and ensure they get the support they need to pursue those careers.

Track 47

Is Elucidat an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate?


But with the rise of modern cloud-based authoring software, many learning managers and designers are looking for a resolution to the contemporary learning pains that come from desktop-based authoring tools. In this article, we explore Elucidat as an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate – to help you decide if it’s time to make the move to cloud-based authoring. Why would you want an alternative to Storyline and Captivate?

Bug tracking tools for small web development teams, Which CMS to choose?


zipBoard Digest Bug tracking tools for small web development teams Are you a small team dealing in the web development world? Bug tracking tools for small web development teams, Which CMS to choose? elearning seo cms ux bug-tracking

Zoho 52

An Alternate Route to Learning

CLO Magazine

Universities and colleges create curriculum within a culture designed to deliver a certain perspective. The program fast-tracks workers toward being globally ready and helps spread soft skills and creative thinking back into the local culture, creating a virtuous cycle that may one day eliminate the need for such a program. Rasmus is a strategist and industry analyst and author of “Management by Design.”

10 Qualities and Skills of a Great Instructional Design Company

Spark Your Interest

Why Hire an Instructional Design Company? You don’t have the time to bring together all the resources, and project manage a team of instructional designers, graphic artists, videographers, narrators, illustrators, and technical writers. In these situations, you need the resources of an experienced instructional design company. believe that designing good courses requires a unique set of skills and experience. Instructional design is part science, part art.

Stunning Presentation Design Using PowerPoint Morph


In this post we look at the mind-bending world of Morph and how to use it create stunning design effects in PowerPoint. And moving the crop window, but not the underlying image will give the effect of tracking along the image. PowerPoint design PowerPoint animation

Why Does My Custom Menu Lose Track of My Progress?

Yukon Learning

What is happening in this example is the “visited” states of the buttons are designed to look like an “in progress” state. Using Variables to Track Progress. Therefore, while it is an alternate solution, it is not a recommended solution. How do you track progress in your courses?

Track 52

Quality Control: Best Practices in Online Course Design and Delivery


Like any other product or service, online course design and development must be subjected to quality control (QC) standards to ensure that its users’ needs are truly being met. Designing and Delivering High Quality. multiple devices, alternate operating systems, etc.),

Top 15 Instructional Design Tools Ranked


Instructional design tools are key to creating, modifying, and shaping training materials. With all the day to day details employees receive, you want your instructional design elements to make your training memorable. There is also a PowerPoint integration for pre-designed courses.

Why It’s Important to Have a Robust CME Tracking Software


In this post, we’ll discover how robust CME tracking software can increase member engagement to drive program efficiency and growth. CME tracking software is key to user engagement. Robust learner tracking allows you to identify and support at-risk learners. Robust learner tracking does much more than identify poor learner performance. Useful CME tracking software lets you compare real-time and historical learner data to identify learning patterns.

Track 40

The LMS is from the Past – The web is the future

Challenge to Learn

We are proud to offer a modern alternative to the LMS: a flexible best of breed, fully web-based (SaaS) solution created by a unique collaboration of three organizations: Aim 4 You. to deliver content to the learner, to track and trace learner results and.

Web 185

Thinking Context in the Design Process

Clark Quinn

I was talking to the ADL Mobile folks about mobile design processes, and as usual I was going on about how mobile is not the sweet spot for courses (augmenting yes, full delivery no). Here we’re beginning to talk Alternate Reality Game. (And design mobile

Design 162

Between the Happy Sheets

Your Training Edge

Was the use of multi-media effective in providing alternative knowledge retention paths for the students? Take those measurements as a guide to improve what you have designed. Featured Posts Learning & Development feedback happy sheets learning path measuring stakeholders tracking

Track 141

Easygenerator Adds TinCan Support, a New Editor, More HTML Question Types and Course Templates.


TinCan is the new Scorm standard (link) that allows you to track and trace learning experiences from anywhere. You can now for example create mobile courses and still be able to track the results and TinCan will open up more opportunities in the future. We have released version 8.5


Effective Training Design & Delivery Considerations

ePath Learning

There are some very basic principles of training course design and delivery that will ensure your training objectives are met and that you are utilizing your LMS to its fullest potential. Alternatively, if your employees are from an older demographic, they may prefer more formal training.

Deeper eLearning Design: Part 2 – Practice Makes Perfect


The goal of this series is to build upon good implementations of instructional design, and go deeper into the nuances of what makes learning really work. While you can support transfer with concepts and examples, practice is essential for retention, and so the practices we design have to be optimized to achieve both those goals. Any practice you track is assessment, and so inherently the final practice is summative assessment. Deeper eLearning Design: Part 3 – Concepts.

eLearning Course Design: 10+1 Steps To Success


eLearning course design plays a significant role in every step of the learning process. Design starts by grabbing the attention of learners and then motivates them to stay engaged. As learners progress through the course, design assists with learning and retention.

4 Instructional Design Mistakes You Should Never Make


Keep an eye out for these instructional design mistakes. Instructional design is a large field, and there’s a lot to learn. While your course doesn’t need to be perfect, you can make sure you avoid these four instructional design mistakes before you launch. Many of us design courses based on a template—and that’s no bad thing. Instead of tracking their progress through the lesson, learners begin to zone out. instructional design

Quinn-Thalheimer: Tools, ADDIE, and Limitations on Design

Clark Quinn

We decided to continue, and here’s the second in the series, this time trying to look at what might be hindering the opportunity for design to get better. Alternatively, we could add World-Series champions to the dugout and create something beautiful and effective. Wouldn’t the Successive Approximation Method be a better formulation to guide design? They seem to push us to think wrongly about instructional design. design


How To Use Responsive eLearning Design For Better Learner Engagement

Adobe Captivate

mLearning provides multi-device support and is undergoing a shift from a fixed layout to a dynamic or responsive eLearning design. In this article, I answer 5 questions on how you can use responsive eLearning design to create better learner engagement. Adaptive design tools.

Magic EdTech Support for Universal Design for Learning

Magic EdTech

Most of us do not recognize the concepts of universal design in our day-to-day lives. Yet it is almost guaranteed that we have benefited from such design. Indeed, universal design principles assist many more people than just those with physical or mental impairments.

Are You Riding the Waves or the Ripples? Tracking Learning Trends

Vignettes Learning

The alternative approach: “Thought and Action are One” (learn and apply, learning by doing) gained popularity. Without presenting an alternative way of writing content, SMEs will cling to these traditonal methods. It supports the embedding of interactive design in programs.

8 Online Presentation Ideas for Instruction Designers


Most instructional designers take the safer route – PowerPoint or a tool that produces the “PowerPoint effect”. Learners get tired, and so do instructional designers, by looking at the same monotonous slideshow. Create the desired tone for your scenario with the right music track.

Ideas 75

Designing an Impactful Employee Learning Experience


So the question becomes: How do we design programs to have the greatest impact on organizations and their desired outcomes? But there has to be an alternative way to create more scalable programs that deliver more value to learners and to the business. Designing an effective program that can scale within an organization requires thinking a bit differently than you might have in the past. When designing your learning experience, first consider the intended business outcomes.

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(Learning) Design with Intent

Sticky Learning

In this post I'll introduce you briefly to the tools and how I think they apply to learning design. You can also find out heaps more by going to Dan Lockton's "Design with Intent" page (where you can download the tools for free!) What does the Design with Intent approach look like?

CMS: An Alternative to a LMS for those who seek Portals or Communities

eLearning 24-7

You can still create it as SCORM, SCORM 1.2/2004, but as a “web&# it won’t be tracked from the SCORM perspective, unless you locate a plugin or API that enables your CMS to be SCORM compliant – and well, good luck on that. design wise from the front end, so your end user is “WOWed&#.

Benefits Of Personalized eLearning – Featuring A Case Study For Instructional Designers

Adobe Captivate

For instance, A pre-assessment can help us understand the baseline proficiency, and the learner can be given a personalized learning track that corresponds to the competency gaps. Today’s learners are an impatient lot. They want maximum gain in minimum time.

Apply Design Thinking to Story-based eLearning - Tip #180

Vignettes Learning

That is, until they partnered with GE Healthcare in creating MRI and CT machines designed to ease kids’ anxiety. The answer lies in its design process. This is a stage in the Design Thinking Process which means understanding the needs of end users. What is Design Thinking?

Branch and Bottleneck Scenario Structure

Experiencing eLearning

You might track an overall score or adjust another part of the consequences or intrinsic feedback based on earlier choices. It’s broad, giving you lots of alternative endings, but it’s not very deep.

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