FREE Alternative to Camtasia Studio


One great way for instructional designers to create effective learning material is to include screenshots and videos in their e-learning modules. Many programs have this feature build in (i.e.

FREE Alternative To SurveyMonkey


As most learning professionals know, an effective training initiative needs meaningful measurables, and one of the easiest ways to capture these metrics is by one of the many survey sites available today.

FREE Alternative to Microsoft Project


Easy: use the free alternative to Microsoft Project – OpenProj ! The downside is it does kind of have that “Windows 2003″ feel at times, but it’s effective and completes the task at hand.

4 Best Alternative Products for Microsoft HoloLens


Here, we list some of the best alternatives to the Microsoft HoloLens. The glass has a very clear effective display in this range, but one of the drawbacks is its thickness, which also means that the plastic casing would stick quite far out from your head.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

When they’re set up within an effective authoring tool, you don’t need to attend to every. are switching between devices, alternating between. and is displayed in the most effective way possible. the effectiveness with which different. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

LearnDash Alternative

Academy of Mine

Are you looking for a LearnDash alternative? Don’t worry – it’s often most effective and the least stressful to look for an answer that incorporates all of the above. Are you already or considering selling your online courses using a WordPress LMS plugin like LearnDash or LifterLMS ? They pack a powerful punch, but not without the associated costs. The question ultimately becomes, “Do the benefits outweigh the costs?”

FREE Alternative to Adobe Illustrator


Anyone who is serious about making effective, stimulating visuals in their learning content knows the importance of incorporating professional quality images, graphs, and diagrams.

3 FREE Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop


Try these 3 FREE alternatives instead! If you don't have the time to read Photoshop tutorials and you just want to make your pictures look great (with effects, cleaning them up, or just altering their output file), then you'll find great use in one of these 3 Photoshop alternatives. .

Alternative to the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation


However, there are other methods that one could use as an alternative (or perhaps even in conjunction with) the Kirkpatrick model. Also, there are also plenty of other viable models out there for evaluating elearning and training effectiveness.

Is Elucidat an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate?


In this article, we explore Elucidat as an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate – to help you decide if it’s time to make the move to cloud-based authoring. Consequently, the most common and effective uses of the two are software simulation and animation-based courses.

State of the Front-Line Manager

alternatives. effective manager. IMPACT OF HAVING AN EFFECTIVE. be effective? Habits of Highly Effective Managers.”ii. effective front-line manager, in order of. To create effective front-line. effective front-line managers create. State of the.

Alternative Time Management Training


While these concepts and ideas are appropriate and helpful, they may not be as effective in this day and age of distracting flashy screens and consistent interruptions. Being our most productive and effective in this information-rich, ever-changing workplace isn’t instinctual.

Sit Up Straight! The Posture Effect Has Legs Again (at least for math)


Featured LearningToGo Blog alternative truth brain education fake news learn math neuroscience neurosciences posture science trainingYou can probably remember a parent or teacher urging you to sit and stand up straight. Depending on the context, there was probably some implication that you would become a better student, athlete, or leader of the free world if you would just exhibit proper posture. It turns out that your crazy Aunt Kitty may […].

Effective Graphics


Good visuals help learners absorb material more effectively and make training memorable. Ensure all visuals meet the accessibility requirements – To ensure that all graphics is 508-compliant, instructional designers should describe it with alternative text.

6 Alternatives To Bullet Lists

The eLearning Coach

By sprinkling in alternatives to bullets here and there, your minimal use of bullets will be more effective. Here are six bullet alternatives you can create in a any graphics program or in PowerPoint. Which ones do you think are most effective?

There’s an Alternative to Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

But there’s an alternative. Action learning with a trained coach is a cost-effective approach that enables leaders to develop capabilities while working to solve urgent organizational or social problems.

Using video as an alternative to create learning content


One of the quickest and most effective ways to deliver online training is with video. I don’t want to dismiss the effectiveness of interactive eLearning completely - I have delivered several successful projects with these tools.

There’s an Alternative to Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

But there’s an alternative. Action learning with a trained coach is a cost-effective approach that enables leaders to develop capabilities while working to solve urgent organizational or social problems.

A Few More Alternatives to Second Life

Kapp Notes

The 3D rendering engine approximates 3D in Flash via the rendering of limited 3D elements and 3D-like avatars combined with the perspective effects of images rendered in the distance. Click here to see more alternatives to Second Life. __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide.

How online teaching opens up an alternative revenue stream for you


Education & Technology Online Education Teaching Online Virtual Classroom effective online teaching higher learning improve classroom outcomes Online Teaching online teaching maximization teaching tools

Teach 64

Alternate Reality Games: a model for engagement?

Growth Engineering

It takes a lot of work to create an effective training programme. Today, we’re looking at the wonderful world of Alternate Reality Games. What is an Alternate Reality Game? In an Alternate Reality Game, the purpose isn’t to craft a linear narrative.

Is Elucidat an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate?


In this article, we explore Elucidat as an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate – to help you decide if it’s time to make the move to cloud-based authoring. Consequently, the most common and effective uses of the two are software simulation and animation-based courses. Why would you want an alternative to Storyline and Captivate? How is Elucidat a good alternative to Storyline and Captivate?

Nine Training Alternatives to ‘Correct’ and ‘Incorrect’


They are thought to be effective with learners who have limited prerequisite knowledge because these examples reduce cognitive load. Note that worked examples are not effective for learners who are skilled at a task as it interferes with their ability to solve problems like an expert.

A quest for an LMS alternative (that’s not a franken-solution)

Spark Your Interest

Further reflection hasn’t really changed my original opinion, but I am wondering what the alternatives are. e-learning Measuring Learning Effectiveness Learning Management SystemI’m working on a project that included a question from the client -do we need an LMS? My response? Rationale. This is a non-profit that offers a type of bootcamp to a very focused audience of CEO’s. Less than 100 people per year will participate in the program.

The Google Effect


I recently heard a term that was new to me, “ The Google Effect.” It turns out that there’s been quite a lot of research into the effects of online search on our brains and our apparent decline in the ability to remember things.

Google 130

Alternatives to Kirkpatrick


An alternative approach to evaluation was developed Daniel Stufflebeam. His CIPP model , originally covering Context-Input-Process- Product/Impact, and later extended to include Sustainability, Effectiveness, and Transportability, provides a different take on the evaluation of training. More later on alternatives to the Kirkpatrick taxonomy.

Introductions and Recaps in E-Learning – Making them Effective


Introductions and Recaps in E-Learning – Making them Effective. With this in mind, including a call to action for the learner can be very effective. Make them interactive – another alternative to standard text is to make your introduction and recap sections interactive.

Masking effects in PowerPoint: Stencils and animation


Click below to level up your masking abilities: Masking effects in PowerPoint: 3 simple animation tricks. Masking effects in PowerPoint: Creating stencils. Masking effects in PowerPoint: Stencils and animation. Masking effects in PowerPoint: Stencils and animation. By plonking everything on a slide, you’re effectively giving them a simplified word document, and they’re likely to tune you out while they read the slide content. Animation is the alternative.

The Effect of Cat Videos on Work


If we want to better understand the effects the Internet may have on us as individuals and on society, then researchers can’t ignore Internet cats anymore.”. The post The Effect of Cat Videos on Work appeared first on Everwise.

How the 8 Effects of Arts Education Are Changing Online Pedagogy, Part 3


discusses the distinctive effects arts-led learning is having on online learning design. Here he introduces the Emergence, Coherence, and Artistic Redundancy effects. The Emergence and Coherence Effects. The Artistic Redundancy Effect. Photo by W / Unsplash.

7 Innovative Ideas to Enhance Workforce Effectiveness


We’d advise you to say no to meetings simply, but unfortunately, they are one of the most effective ways of getting things done at work. If following up and coordination are your goals, then you could look for alternate ways to do that.

Ideas 91

JavaScript Motion Effect Problem

Adobe Captivate

Now, if I alternate between selecting button One and Two everything seems to work fine… but if I select either button more than once in a row things break… but, they are fixed if I then select the other button. The post JavaScript Motion Effect Problem appeared first on eLearning. OK…I’m on a roll this week with JavaScript questions. I’m attempting to use JavaScript to move an object off the side of the page and then back on when you select a button.

Myopic Vision Limits Training Effectiveness

Living in Learning

Comfort and familiarity yield resistance to change…and in some cases even recognition that there could actually be a “change” that offers a viable alternative. I fear the L&D function.or Training.if you choose by another name, are locked into a paralysis of tradition. Tradition yields comfort and familiarity. There is no denying that some form of knowledge transfer is a

How to Design an Effective LMS Training Program


Like many decision makers, you may be more than ready to improve the effectiveness of your company’s LMS training program. This may seem like a tough feat, but an effective corporate training program streamlines the process. Related Reading : In our blog article 5 Reasons Why Online Learning is Valuable, we explain exactly how eLearning is more cost-effective than other types of training. The post How to Design an Effective LMS Training Program appeared first on TOPYX.

Blending Fantasy with Reality Drives Successful Alternate Reality Games by Pamela S. Hogle

Learning Solutions Magazine

Alternate reality games (ARGs) are an effective way to hone essential soft skills, such as communication, collaborative. problem-solving, critical thinking, and negotiation; the games can be used to teach “harder” skills as well, such as digital. media literacy, or to deliver compliance training. Find out more in this article! Emerging Topics Games & Learning Training Strategies

Is E-learning Content Repurposing The Answer To Effective Use Of Available Resources?


Alternatively, specific content objects within a course can also be reused like a corporate logo or an assessment, across e-learning content developed henceforth. Though a frequently adopted strategy, repurposing content requires effective management and strategy.

Is E-learning Really Effective In The Workplace? 3 Top Factors That Contribute To Efficacy


Technology-aided learning is well-established as a way of learning in the workplace, that presents the organization with a new alternative, as well as a new means of solving problems. With increasing popularity comes the obvious question of effectiveness.