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It’s the free alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. GIMP is one of the better, if not the best, downloadable image editing and manipulation applications around. For more on free editing tools, see Image and Optimization Editors in the Resources section. Picasa is the other popular image editor and its from Google. You can also paste the video into an IM chat, email or Twitter. Dropbox seems to be the file synchronization software of choice.

The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

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A viable solution might be on-line, live (synchronous) instructor-led training combined with an easily updateable on-line reference library of sales support material and current promotional materials. Synchronous e-Learning. It is called synchronous in that it is a live event where everyone logs into the web-based virtual class at a specific time. It should also be pointed out that it is possible to include video as part of the synchronous e-learning environment.

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Course builders allow you to combine elements such as text, image, video etc., Although this movement away from Flash will generate cost and complexity for eLearning professionals, LearnUpon offers their customers a number of alternatives including support for HTML5 content delivery. Originally used to compress image files, nowadays it’s best known for moving images which are a lightweight alternative to video. JPEG is a compression technique for color images.