ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2019: An Alternative to Rollover Captions and ?Rollover Images

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I have always loved using rollover captions and rollover images in my Adobe Captivate projects.       While they offer an awesome level of interactivity to your eLearning, rollover captions and rollover images are not HTML5 compliant.

Top 5 VR Headset Alternatives To The Oculus Quest For 2021

Roundtable Learning

This article will overview VR training, differentiate between the three types of VR headsets, explore different cost factors for VR headsets, and provide five headset alternatives to the Oculus. . Screen resolution determines how sharp images look.


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10 Articulate Alternatives

Ed App

To provide you with more intuitive, flexible, and cost-effective options, we’ve curated a list of Articulate alternatives below. Articulate Alternative #1 – EdApp. Currently one of the best Articulate alternatives on the market, EdApp is a mobile-first learning solution designed to help you train your employees and manage your organization’s learning resources. Articulate Alternative #2 – Tovuti LMS. Articulate Alternative #3 – LearnWorlds.

How to Create Alternative Text for Images for Accessibility and SEO

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Alternative text (also called “alt text”) helps ensure people who are blind or visually impaired, or who may have other physical or cognitive disabilities can access and understand visual content such as images, charts, and graphs. What is alternative text? It’s used in several ways: Screen readers use it to describe the image to users so they can access and understand the content. In browsers where images are blocked, the alt text is displayed in place of the image.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

accurately describe images on first sight. Google AI Blog (2014), ‘A picture is worth a thousand (coherent) words: building a natural description of images’ 4 Give Your Video. image of their workspace. are switching between devices, alternating between.

Top 8 Blackboard Alternatives and Competitors


It facilitates to create interactive learning courses in just a few clicks ; you can add exciting videos, text, images, and notes to make it more engaging. In this blog, we will review some top alternatives to Blackboard that guide you to make the right decision.

The 7 Best Kajabi Alternatives Reviewed for 2021


Here are the top 7 Kajabi alternatives. Of course, there are a lot of Kajabi alternatives, here is a comprehensive guide about them. It is an in-depth evaluation of six Kajabi alternatives, based on every aspect of creating and selling online courses.

FREE Alternative to Adobe Illustrator


Anyone who is serious about making effective, stimulating visuals in their learning content knows the importance of incorporating professional quality images, graphs, and diagrams. If you want to play around a bit but don't want to invest a large sum of money, then you should check out the best free alternative to Illustrator on the market: the open-source Illustrator "clone" called Inkscape.

Why Video and Image Accessibility Matters with Ryan Knott

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You can refine the text and export this as a transcript so you can provide your audience with an alternative content option. How to make images more accessible. In a similar vein, the preferred way to make images more accessible is to add alternative (alt) text.

FREE Alternative to Adobe Illustrator


Anyone who is serious about making effective, stimulating visuals in their learning content knows the importance of incorporating professional quality images, graphs, and diagrams. If you want to play around a bit but don’t want to invest a large sum of money, then you should check out the best free alternative to Illustrator on the market: the open-source Illustrator “clone” called Inkscape.

Articulate Storyline: Adding Accessibility Text to an eLearning Image

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Here's how easy it is to add accessibility text (also known as Alternate text) to a Storyline image: With an image selected, go to the far right of the Ribbon's  Format  tab and click the menu to the right of  Size.   From the left of the dialog box, select  Alt Text  and, in the Alternate text field, type the text you want read aloud to the learner.

Screenshot Video: How to Turn Images Into a Quick Video

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Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of great reasons to do traditional screen recordings, but if you want something a little more polished AND that takes some of the pressure off of making it perfect, then Snagit’s new ability to create video from images can be a lifesaver.

Understanding Readium – Features, Architecture and Alternatives


audiobooks, Web Pub, and image-based books such as Manga. When Google announced its decision to disable the use of Readium , the need for an alternate solution to substitute Readium had arisen. Kitaboo is an e-publishing platform that can serve as a viable alternative to Readium.

Outrageous alternatives

Learning with e's

What is the most outrageous alternative education scenario you could imagine? Are we running out of alternatives? Image source Outrageous alternatives by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Children not attending school, but instead learning from home? Done it. Got the t-shirt.

eLearning: Finding Google Images You Can Actually Use

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I have previously written about some good, free stock image resources. In response to that article, a reader asked me if the images on these sites were royalty free and could be used in courses that he planned to sell. Sometimes you can use the images, but only if you credit the original artist. Other times you can use the image, but not if you're going to sell your eLearning courses. Click the Advanced Image Search link to the right of the Search Images button.

Images 193

A Few More Alternatives to Second Life

Kapp Notes

The 3D rendering engine approximates 3D in Flash via the rendering of limited 3D elements and 3D-like avatars combined with the perspective effects of images rendered in the distance. Click here to see more alternatives to Second Life. __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide.

6 Alternatives To Bullet Lists

The eLearning Coach

By sprinkling in alternatives to bullets here and there, your minimal use of bullets will be more effective. Here are six bullet alternatives you can create in a any graphics program or in PowerPoint. Alternative 1: Use text boxes. A simple alternative to a list is to place each item into a a text box that is arranged in a suitable layout. Alternative 2: Let icons do the talking. Alternative 3: Let People Speak Your List. Alternative 5: Draw a Diagram.

Six Google Slides image editing hacks for amazing presentations


Both PowerPoint and Google Slides offer some great image editing tools that are so easy to use you don’t need to be an expert to make your presentation look striking, but we’re going to focus our time today on what Google Slides image editing can offer. Before we get started, if you need quality stock photos for your presentation, you can try sites like Unsplash or Pexels , as they offer a large online library of copyright-free, high definition images. Image Callout.

Adobe Captivate 8: Image Buttons to Write Home About

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Take Image Buttons for example. You've always been able to insert image buttons in Captivate. Alternatively, you could use a tool on the little-used Object Toolbar to insert a button. Instead, I either use  Smart Shapes as buttons , or I use Image buttons. Over the years, my main complaint about Captivate's image buttons was that the buttons that shipped with Captivate were, to put it kindly, terribly boring.

Five Free Image Editors Worth Trying For eLearning

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In the world of image or graphic editors, Adobe Photoshop remains the gold standard when it comes to image editing software. It has the tools and features that allow users to create professional looking images and photos, but the learning curve and price tag are more than some are willing to invest. If you’ve been hunting for an alternative to Photoshop, here are five free photo editing tools you may want to consider.

Image Optimization and Enhancement for Faster, Clearer, More Accessible Content

Magic EdTech

Online publishers rely on top-notch images to communicate ideas and information; even a stray crop mark or dust speck can change the meaning of an image or make it harder to “read.”. Magic EdTech makes image enhancements and optimization a priority for its clients, ensuring products that meet the needs of both publishers and learners. Why Image Optimization and Enhancement Matter. This can be accomplished by resizing, compressing, or caching images.

How to Reduce the File Size of your eLearning Images


Have you ever launched a course to find that some of your course content images take a long time to render? One quick way to achieve this is to use image compression to reduce the size of the images you are using. . In this post, we give you a basic explanation of image compression and share some of the best tools that make compressing images easy. What is image compression? Compressing images reduces the file size of an image.

Nine Training Alternatives to ‘Correct’ and ‘Incorrect’


Image used under Creative Commons by Flickr user jepoirrier. Imagine a trainer at the front of the room responding to a participant’s comment by saying nothing more than “You’re right!” or “Incorrect.” Imagine this happening over and over again. Even though it seems futile, this is one of the most common types of feedback we use in e-learning courses to respond to user actions and answers. In fact, many authoring tools come with these vacuous statements as their default response.

How to Remove the Background From an Image

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The images all had different background colors, and I needed them to all have a uniform look. You have a logo, icon, or other image that you’re trying to design with, but you need to remove the background of the image. You may need to add your company logo to a new image, or add an icon to a PowerPoint presentation. With Snagit, it only takes a few steps to quickly remove the background from your image. How to remove the background from an image.

Tuesday Tip: Scrolling Images Within Text Blocks


Suppose you have a super tall image—a screenshot of a very long menu, a detailed figure of an engineering process, or perhaps the beanstalk from Jack and the Giant Beanstalk. In order to fit your very tall image on a single page in your eLearning, what can you do? Or, you can set up your image to scroll. As such, we’ve put together an example demonstrating how you can insert images within text blocks in Lectora® so that they can be scrolled.

Microsoft Project for the Thrifty Project Manager: 3 Free (or Almost-Free) Alternatives

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For whatever reason, getting “just-as-good” alternatives is something of a hobby of mine. Of further use, supporting documents and images can be attached directly to tickets so that anyone on your team can find them. With what free time I have at work, I’ve lately been on a mission to find a project management suite that can reproduce the best features of Microsoft Project, add on others, and cost less than $30/month all-together.

An Alternative for Gen Y Networking-Phobics


For some the term conjures up unpleasant images of sweaty palms, insincere smiles, bulging bundles of business cards and a generally shark-like atmosphere. So if pitching and pumping hands is not your idea of a fun Friday night, there may be an alternative developing, according to a recent piece in Gen Y-focused Unlimited magazine online. Image courtesy of Flickr user dground , CC 2.0 ).

Snagit for Google Chrome Update and Alternate Capture Mode

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If you’ve been exploring, you may have noticed an alternative method for capturing images with Snagit for Chrome. The post Snagit for Google Chrome Update and Alternate Capture Mode appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Development Update. It’s been a couple weeks since we launched Snagit for Google Chrome™ and frankly it makes me a little teary-eyed to see it growing up so fast.

How to Choose the Best Images for Your e-Learning


Instead, you should use images to make—or reinforce—a point in a clever, clear and captivating way. Ask yourself these five questions as you’re selecting images: Does the image reinforce your message? Take the time to create your own images if your budget allows, or really search through stock photo sites to find the best image. Choose an image that will make your learners laugh, or something that gets them excited. Stop filling space!

Text, Images, or Video in Your Technical Communication?

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But how do you decide when to use text, images, or video for your product assistance? Is the use of images or video forbidden by law? Most regulations don’t say whether or not it is legal to use video and/or images, but using these mediums can be hard sometimes because of applicable laws which could cause problems. This makes the use of video as the primary medium quite difficult, but using images may not always be the best solution either.

Search Cube - An Alternate Search Method

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It shows previews of up to ninety-six websites, videos and images. One of today's tips from the Smart Workers Guide to Social. Media online programme: [link]. search-cube is a visual search engine that presents web search results in a unique, three-dimensional cube interface. Check it out: [link]. Other Search Engines: [link

10 Easy Test Maker Alternatives

Ed App

You can also add various media like images, videos, or audio voice-overs alongside the quizzes to make them more engaging. You can also make your quizzes more engaging by adding media like GIFs, images, videos, and audio. . Ability to add GIFs, images, videos, and audio.

10 Storyline Software Alternatives

Ed App

Nowadays, there are hundreds of Storyline software alternatives to choose from that are more intuitive and budget-friendly. Storyline Software Alternative #1 – EdApp. Storyline Software Alternative #2 – Coassemble. Storyline Software Alternative #3 – dominKnow.

The ULTIMATE Guide to PowerPoint Alternatives


There’s an astounding number of PowerPoint alternatives out there claiming to be the solution to your most pressing presentation problems. What is a PowerPoint alternative? Why use PowerPoint Alternatives? Compared to other PowerPoint alternatives,

PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: How to Extract Audio & Images from a Presentation

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Often the presentation is given to you as a.ppt or.pptx file and does not have separate audio or image files. While there is no way from within PowerPoint to directly extract audio and image files from a presentation, there is a workaround. All of the sound and image files used in the presentation will be inside this folder. Check back next week for an alternate method for extracting audio and images in PowerPoint. by AJ George.

Audio 122

PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: How to Extract Audio & Images from a Presentation, Part II

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Last week I showed you an easy way to extract audio and image files from a presentation. This week I will show you an alternate way to do this in both PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. Included inside the folder are all of the audio and image files used in the presentation. Included inside the folder are all of the audio and image files used in the presentation. by AJ George. The problem with that method is that it only works on files created in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.

How to easily update visuals in your documentation

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But what’s the alternative? The most recent image editing technology lets you easily update visuals and alter your screenshots. What once took agonizing hours with complicated image editors now only takes a few seconds. This turns what used to be a very painful process into a quick and easy way to alter images to put into your documentation. You can also change the steps in a process, without losing your background images and colors.

Free eLearning Authoring Software with Easygenerator


There will be a number of master pages with a fixed unbranded look and feel, we will have masterpages where you can do limited branding (your own logo and background image) and we will offer the ability to use customized master pages. We launched the free edition of our online elearning authoring tool November 1st at DevLearn. This week we registered user number 1.000. This post is to celebrate that first milestone.

Text not re-sizing in fluid box

Adobe Captivate

I noticed the same issue with all my fluid boxes – they do not resize nor move the images, shapes and text at all when I use the slider. Fluid Box Question Responsive Alternative questions fluid box questionHi community. I am new to fluid boxes, but I worked through some tutorial and experimented with different setting to solve a problem to no avail – so I am turning to you for help. Problem: When my screen resizes to mobile, the text in the fluid box do not resize.

Working with Images in eLearning (part 1)

Matthew Guyan

As eLearning developers we regularly work with images in our projects and while we aren’t all graphic designers, it helps to have a basic knowledge of the terminology around image properties and file types which is what this post is about. When sourcing images from a photo website I look for a high ppi or dpi number: In this example I’d choose the medium (or maybe the large) over the small as it would be a higher quality and better for resizing.