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Gamers can also track more variables in their head. It’s alternately frustrating (when I fail at tasks I know a 6-year-old has mastered) and thrilling (when I more than double my initial score at a game in less than an hour). The games I’m playing (ok, so far it’s been Labyrinth on my new iPod Touch and wii Play– not exactly immersive yet) do a good job of finding that magic balance where I’m challenged but not overwhelmed.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Avanoo.a new twist on surveys and collective (or collected?) wisdom

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Your post is a valuable reminder that the current focus should be on utilising the mobile technologies which have become so widespread, such as laptops, cellphones and iPods rather than getting carried away with virtual environments (which only the highest-end computers with amazing graphics cards can even access!) visualisation tools coming online in the past year, it would be cool if something similar could track the e-learning edge!

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The great irony there is that the academics, writing in colleges and universities are probably already getting paid by their schools and this writing is part of their tenure track requirements or it is part of achieving that tenure that they are taking on. The alternative is that this is it.we