Writing & Grammar: More Confusing Words

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  Jing Ping Fan  pointed out, however, that if you did mean that the hurricane filled you with  horror  over its monstrous  size, then maybe there is enough emotional/moral valence to tip your description over into  enormity. Here are some details about the other answers frequently missed: Use  whether  for choosing between or among alternatives,  if  for setting up a condition.

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Writing & Grammar: Pronoun Case

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Other completely correct answers came from  Leigh Pedwell, Jing Ping Fan, Stacey Edwards, Daniel Jones,  and  Krista Allen , and those who missed only the detail of Jennie's and my were  Brenda Sing, Mary Anne Benvenutti, Jenny Chappell, Zoe Cohen, Jodi Hill, Chris Zimmel, Tara Allen,  and  Sonia Verma. Allen suggests this alternative wording: "Did I leave the food on the counter overnight, or was it Jennie?"

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