Better Questions for Learning Professionals

Tony Karrer

What are some alternative blends that might work? What can I borrow from KM, collaborative learning, and management practices? How do you track this kind of learning?

How to Make The SAAS Decision

CLO Magazine

This also applies to how we look at what training is offered and how we track those requirements.” ” Cazella said for those who want a cloud LMS, don’t give up hope — an alternative solution could be on the horizon. These staff members are relying on each other’s expertise and an online repository to record and track issues. ” K.M.

KM 53

LearnTrends: Backchannel

Jay Cross

Moderator (Clark Quinn): the question is, leave KM to the propellor heads, or getting learning folks into the model. KM, TM, etc. If an approachable alternative is created for social learning.