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A quiet invasion

Learning with 'e's

In others it is rare or unlikely, because mobile phones are banned in some schools and colleges. They will ask whether this a trivialisation of their content, or an undesirable development that leads to superficial learning. Alternatively they can celebrate that learners are adept enough at using their personal technologies to make learning easier and more productive for themselves. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e''s.

How Skillshare is Changing the Face of Design and Lifestyle Courses in the World


The mention of online courses normally conjures up a picture of remote learning, a user’s face plastered to a computer screen, rapt in attention. With the advent of so many new-age ed tech ventures aiming to captivate your imagination and inspire you through learning, the world of online learning has come a long, long way. Entrepreneurship, creative arts, design, photography, technology, culinary and business are just some of them. Find your future in online learning.