The Art of Reflection: How to Become a More Thoughtful Educator

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Keeping track of lessons. Putting your pedagogy under careful scrutiny using reflective teaching tools, you will need to understand what your core strength areas are. First of all, you will need to set up a plan for yourself that helps in evaluating your pedagogy.

Online courses must die!

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So what’s the alternative? In this sense, the pedagogy is constructivist. In this sense, the pedagogy is connectivist. But that’s not to say that the pedagogy of an ILE can’t be instructivist either. A touch dramatic, isn’t it?

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I wrote some time ago about some of the alternative ways we can track pupil progress without testing. assessment education learning pedagogy SATs schools teachers testing

Further (slow) thoughts on learning #change11

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And a final one is about the overall pedagogy. And that pedagogy will very much be our choice. They’re discussing work topics in LinkedIn groups, and using Twitter to both track new things and to get questions answered.

What is Learning Management System (LMS)?


The LMS can thus track or monitor the progress of all employees, and managers (with admin rights) can see how far the employees have mastered the learning material, and that who all have qualified for or failed the certification test. Reading Time: 6 minutes Scientia potentia est!

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The Pulse of Mobile Learning

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While this mobile app is only a first try that lacks the the richness that comes from assessment and tracking, it is nothing to sneeze at. While some raise questions about the quality of the pedagogy that drives Khan’s programs, I like the increased access to STEM education and that the effort is catalyst for conversations about quality in technology-based learning. John Park recently blogged about alternatives for mobile development. A faint pulse today.

Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

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continued) - Sana Easy Bloggers , May 10, 2010 Last week we shared our visions on using Google services (such as Analytics) as an alternative to expensive LMS software. Nonlinear Presentations: Alternatives to “Death By Powerpoint”? An LMS is built with administration, scheduling, and tracking in mind. If you have never heard of Prezi, think of it as an alternative to PowerPoint that is not only free, but offers a lot of viewing and display options that PowerPoint doesn’t.

How Do You Communicate with Your E-Learners? - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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You can also establish learning tracks based on the skill level. What it was mention about before about the different ideas learners can have in their minds about learning object is called in pedagogy â??hidden Yes/No questions are not an alternative. The Rapid Elearning Blog. How Do You Communicate with Your E-Learners? September 16th, 2007. 20 comments. Years ago, I was enrolled in a course on video production. Each week we were given assignments to do.