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Stunning Presentation Design Using PowerPoint Morph


Instead, they move under a masking layer – highlighted on the screenshots – using the background texture picture as a small mask just above or below the white outline box, which is then cropped down on the second slide. Dynamic photography with PowerPoint morph.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2014


See a complete picture of your day, including information on people you''ll be meeting with and even notes you''ll need for the appointments. Slice - The must-have tool for avid online shoppers, Slice tracks orders, spending and price drops across all your online shopping sites.

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How to Get More Website Traffic and Conversions through Better Messaging, Positioning, Landing Page Optimization, Multi Channel Marketing, and PPC with Pedro Cortés


And it has a picture of people kind of coming into a your website, like a lot of people. ” Chris Badgett: And I really love that picture because I have a mature software company and website that does convert, but I know it’s not optimized.

Apps and Digital Tools to Improve College Life


Office lens can scan pictures, texts, tables, business cards, etc. The app allows to track all aspects of student life – schedules, homework, assignments and grades. There is also a grade-graph feature that allows you to track your progress.

Google Slides: The ULTIMATE guide


If you have a word or phrase running throughout your presentation that needs changing, type it into the Find dialogue box and type your alternate into the Replace box. Alternatively, you can double click the image to bring up the cropping options.