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How Can Associations Improve Member Education? Ask a Learning Tech Analyst

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They’re digging deep with robust CRM data , marketing automation platforms and ecommerce strategies that target profitable learner segments, drive new revenue streams and maximize the lifetime value of every relationship. 6) Are credentialing programs becoming a viable alternative to higher education? You can use this framework to guide member education and apply gamification techniques to track individual progress. When to issue an RFP (or not).

In Challenging Times: Make Lemonade in eLearning


Consequently, there should be more interaction that can be tracked. Don’t just take your hour(s)-long lecture and stream it. Again, these should be work-product focused, but it could be a joint response to an RFP, or a presentation, or a spreadsheet representing a business model.


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18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

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In 2017 we tracked more than 35 different mergers and acquisitions in the learning technology space. Thanks to the rise of modern cloud-based learning platforms , high-speed wireless networks, connected mobile devices, social media channels and live video streaming standards, video is becoming the great equalizer in the long-running debate about “live vs. online” learning strategies. 8 Custom Learning Experiences Offer Flexible Alternatives.

eLearning platforms follow top trends in L&D

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As an alternative, it may require attending some live online interaction , which requires some sort of video conferencing. Will videos be streamed automatically or only if desired by the learner, allowing him or her to control data use? Key for these files is that the LMS can track the action taken by the learner and store it as data that can be interpreted for assessment purposes, a pre-requisite for certification or compliance training.

Podcast 19: Customer Education 101 – With Dave Derington of Azuqua

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It’s a powerful yet more cost-effective alternative. They needed to streamline their RFP response process. Or you could visit Azuqua Academy online anytime to pick and choose training from one of our various tracks. So we may offer them a full series – 100 Track (the basics), 200 Track (more advanced), and 300 Track (for expert users). It sounds mostly like webinars and live streaming. WELCOME TO EPISODE 19 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!