Megatrends in MOOCs: #11 Alternative Credentials

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One of the biggest opportunities for MOOCs and other digital learning environments has been in the development of alternative credentials, which may turn out to be even better than traditional degrees at highlighting one’s knowledge and skills. Why do we need alternative credentials?

Sound Effects in E-learning: Top 8 Sample Music Sites

CommLab India : They aim to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, and so on, and all sounds fall under a Creative Commons license. The tracks are organized by mood or emotion such as lonely, mellow, serious, sweet, energetic, and so on.

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Adobe Captivate

This report allows you to track courses across the organization and find out which and how many have been enrolled in and of those, how many completed by your learners. This is a sample bar graph representation of the report on Learning Time Spent per Course. ABOUT DASHBOARDS IN PRIME.

The SharePoint Advantages and Disadvantages You Need to Know


Here’s a sample of the things you can do: Check out documents, see who’s worked on them, and track changes across collaborators. If you need to keep track of who’s doing what with which documents (and when they’re doing it), SharePoint is a solid solution. You need to track of who’s using what. You go to track down a document from a few months or a year ago. Here are 12 SharePoint alternatives to check out instead.

How Does CourseArc Make Your LMS Even Better?


Plus, our tracking dashboard helps you see where every student is on their learning path, so you can jump in and help anyone who’s falling behind.). CourseArc automatically generates accessible transcripts and alternative activities.

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Increase Course Performance with the Right Authoring Tool – Here’s How to Sort Out Your Options


Have two or more nontechnical authors create some sample content in different tools, each author trialling tools in a different order from one another. Does the tool track the time spent authoring for you? Evaluate what tracking and reporting the tool can provide.

Quality Control: Best Practices in Online Course Design and Delivery


multiple devices, alternate operating systems, etc.), Our default tools and designs will help ensure that you’re already on the right track to deliver a high-quality user experience.

Choosing Mobile Learning Solutions Using Standards

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With a wider variety of ways we could deliver learning experiences, combined with the desire to support and track performance, things had to change. In addition, most of the authoring tools that produced Flash content, like Captivate and Storyline, now produce HTML5 content as an alternative.

Articulate Storyline: 4 Easy Steps to Create a Digital Clock

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A digital clock is very useful to measure and track the time spent by a learner on a course, accurately. Here is a sample screenshot. Alternately, you can place the variable references in the Master slide and use that layout.

How to Add Closed Captions to Video and Audio in Lectora


b)]: “Equivalent alternatives for any multimedia presentation shall be synchronized with the presentation.”. Locate and drag the desired video file into your title, or alternatively, from the Insert ribbon, select Insert Video File.

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What is a Learning Burst?

Allison Rossett

In the next few years, approximately 4,000 emerging leaders were going to begin their development track to place them into business management positions. Click here for a sample of courses using Learning Bursts. . Tweet Guest blogger, Dave Basarab , introduces learning bursts.

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eLearning Example – Make Compliance Courses Engaging


Recently, my friend Brooke Schepker from Yukon Learning shared a sample course. View the sample course. One of my favorite elements of the sample is that way that the dialog uses a “stop-motion” effect of still images to give the feel of video.

What is a Learning Burst?

Allison Rossett

In the next few years, approximately 4,000 emerging leaders were going to begin their development track to place them into business management positions. She wanted it to be fun, memorable, to use alternate forms of delivery, to include some gaming, to promote networking among students from all over the globe, and to reduce expenses. Click here for a sample of courses using Learning Bursts. . Guest blogger, Dave Basarab , introduces learning bursts. What is a learning burst?

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You Need To Be Learning From Your Training Analytics

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The only way to know is to sample the data. Once your course is live, you should be tracking training analytics surrounding competency scores. Track User Progress. Completion is easy to track, if courses are prerequisites of each other.

You Need To Be Learning From Your Training Analytics

ThinkingKap Solutions

The only way to know is to sample the data. Once your course is live, you should be tracking training analytics surrounding competency scores. Track User Progress. Completion is easy to track, if courses are prerequisites of each other.

Playing Games Leads to Better Learning

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Enhancing Motivation in Workplace Training With Casual Games: A Twelve Month Study of Retail Employees” offers an alternate perspective. Data collected included a representative sample of corporate employees over the age of 18, all of whom used the gamified Axonify software platform.

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The Pulse of Mobile Learning

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To our surprise, even in this professionally active sample, only 4% said they were using mobile to deliver learning and support in their organizations. While this mobile app is only a first try that lacks the the richness that comes from assessment and tracking, it is nothing to sneeze at. John Park recently blogged about alternatives for mobile development. A faint pulse today.

Do Your Research! 6 Reasons Why Research is So Important for Your Business


Sample surveys will help you test conceived ideas so you can confidently make decisions. Whether brand awareness is decreasing or sales have fallen, analyzing available data can help you determine possible alternatives to your current strategy and overcome your company’s weaknesses.

Is Social Media Learning Hype or a Valuable Tool?

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Alternatively, each person can contribute to an ongoing thread as it fits their schedule. Templates, samples, and step-by-step instructions could be added to a Drive folder for access. Think about how you would integrate the activities and track them.

Deeper eLearning Design: Part 2 – Practice Makes Perfect


You don’t get this by being exhaustive; a more pragmatic solution would be to select sample problems that span the space of possibilities (and outside, where it won’t apply), to support appropriate abstraction to facilitate transfer. Any practice you track is assessment, and so inherently the final practice is summative assessment. Provide challenging alternative choices based on common misconceptions. This is the second post in a series of six that covers Deeper eLearning.

7 Obstacles That Can Compromise Your eLearning Development Timeline


I’ll also offer tips to keep your next eLearning project on track. Create a detailed sample so that the client can provide their honest opinion. Alternatively, you can simply carry on with the platforms you already have at your disposal, which can slow down the entire process.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Online Course in 2018


A mini-course is a bit-sized alternative to offer as a lead-capture mechanism for your business, educating your customers or presenting your skills to nurture leads into customers. Sample Verbs for Writing Learning Objectives. Sample activities. Get your school now! Try for FREE.

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Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2014


trackthisforme - A data-lovers dream, this site can track anything you want—from your mood, to how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop. Reward Summit - Reward Summit tracks your credit card rewards programs so you never miss out on another dollar again.

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The Rise of LMS Specialists: A Tour of Learning Tech Innovation

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So far, I have formally reviewed and currently track 120 of them. This gives buyers a sense of comfort and confidence that is rarely achieved with generic LMS alternatives. Welcome to the Era of LMS Specialists.

Is Your Learning Organization Agility Fit?

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The gig economy is typically characterized by people who engage in contingent work or alternative employment arrangements rather than full-time employment by a single organization. For a sample assessment, visit

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Creativity unleashed!

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There are always some great answers in the workshops, such as: ''students are quiet and focused'', ''they lose track of time'', or ''they surprise me with great ideas or solutions''. Heidi asks: ''We say we want creativity, but how do we model alternatives and value diversity in practice?''

Down But Not Quite Out: what can we learn from the plights of Learning Tree International and Readers Digest?

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Alternatives to ILT events The Internet has not only changed the way we communicate but also our concept of 'freely available'. These turbulent economic times have not been kind to two of the large publishers of catalogues and journals - Reader's Digest and Learning Tree International.

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CMDK: Alternatively, we could examine an individual who is relatively unskilled or less knowledgeable. Then they’ll let you know, that they know, and how they’d be glad to help you get on track. Yes, they are all around you. Can you see them, hear them, smell them?

The 70:20:10 Model – Today, Tomorrow & Beyond


The Council sampled more than 1500 people in 53 organisations across the globe. As soon as budgets became tighter, particularly following the global financial crisis in 2008, the more forward-looking Chief Learning Officers, HR Directors and business leaders looked to alternative approaches. The numbers originated from a relatively small sample of high performing managers in a study some 30 years ago and published in a book focused on experiential learning in 1996.

The Year in Learning—89 Hand-Picked L&D-Related Articles from 2017

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Catch our 6 Favorite Learning and Development Articles from 2017 for a sample of what’s below!). Kim Krause Berg suggests that user stories might be an alternative. If 2017 went by too quickly for you, here’s your chance to catch up on some reading.

Tips for Small L&D Departments: An Interview with Emily Wood

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And then in a lot of cases, I actually went so far as to get the elearning challenges from eLearning Heroes and going to Captivate sample trainings and making a web site of “Here are all of the kinds of things that we could possibly do.

Joe Ganci – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Has it established a proper track record? You may want to ensure that learner progress is able to be tracked in great detail. Joe: Prezi is a great tool for presentations, but I don’t see it as a tool that I would use to create eLearning that is nonlinear and which tracks progress well enough for the learning to make sense. Learnnovators: Our hearty congratulations to you on being awarded the ‘Best Alternate Solution’ in the eLearning Guild Solution Fest 2014.

Survey: Nearly Half of Workers Don’t Negotiate Job Offers

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The nationwide survey — conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder from May 14 to June 5 among a representative sample of nearly 3,000 full-time, private sector U.S. If unable to meet the job candidate''s salary requirements, a majority of employers are willing to provide alternative benefits. Moreover, age and gender are also factors in a person’s likelihood to negotiate a job offer, according to a new survey. Chicago — Aug.

Free learning & development webinars for July 2017

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Listen fast and you'll learn plenty of useful tips during this brief preview, focusing on the Designing High-Impact eLearning track. Learn why you need to kill your current process and replace it with a BOLD new alternative—one that you can get started in seven minutes!

7 Proven Techniques for Keeping Your E-Learning Customers Happy - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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It also helps keep things from going off track. Then he had to come up with some other scheme to get the customer back on track:). Knowing the purpose of the requested deliverables gave me the edge I needed to gently steer the customer to the right alternative. Then, when I showed them the alternatives, I could point out that doing it this way would eliminate the possibility that this bad thing would happen. The Rapid Elearning Blog.