The SharePoint Advantages and Disadvantages You Need to Know


Here’s a sample of the things you can do: Check out documents, see who’s worked on them, and track changes across collaborators. Go paperless with scanning and capture tools. If you need to keep track of who’s doing what with which documents (and when they’re doing it), SharePoint is a solid solution. You need to track of who’s using what. You go to track down a document from a few months or a year ago. Here are 12 SharePoint alternatives to check out instead.

Apply Design Thinking to Story-based eLearning - Tip #180

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Have you ever had an MRI or CT scan? Now imagine a child going through that same scan. The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh used to sedate children under 9 years when they came for an MRI scan. He realized that the scanning environment simply didn’t work for the young patients.

Apps and Digital Tools to Improve College Life


This is a popular app that allows you to make scans with the camera of your smartphone. It can be synched with OneNote and OneDrive, which allows the scanned file to be saved and reused when needed. Office lens can scan pictures, texts, tables, business cards, etc.

Where is L&D heading?

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As we embrace informal learning, we will rely less on e-learning modules in favour of alternatives such as social forums, job aids, games, and indeed, interactive videos. Alternatively, you could use your iPhone.

Gamification of Learning and Training

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Sun Microsystems has conjured up two, Dawn of the Shadow Specters and Rise of the Shadow Specters, which take place in an alternate universe called Solaris, colonized by a race of people who happen to reflect the company’s values. A leaderboard keeps track of the best scores.

The Shoemaker’s Children – How Travel, Training and Social Learning Expand Your Mind


Brain scans of candidates before, during and after their course of study reveal physical changes in the brain ; their hippocampus become larger, growing more brain cells to accommodate the extra spatial memory required. Look for less expensive alternatives.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015


Feedly tracks what you''ve read, enables you to star articles to save for later, and easily share your favorites across your social media networks. Fit Brains Trainer features more than 350 games and puzzles to challenge your mind, as well as tracking to measure your progress.

Learning in the Workflow


But what’s an alternative when that’s decreasingly possible? Imagine having brief information on a card near the product, but with a way to pull up more information on your device, say by scanning a code. The environment for commerce is changing.

Putting the Dance in Your mLearnCon Attendance

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

The questions you craft now will be what you use to refresh yourself when you've gone off track.and you will go off track. A short list of questions crafted BEFORE the event will act as your compas to get you back on track. Review all of the sessions the first time by quickly scanning for the ones you think might answer your questions. Then do ANOTHER scan, this time dig a little deeper into the ones that are still remaining. The mLearnCon event is 3 weeks away.

More Than 100 PowerPoint Tutorials & a Free Template

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I loosely organized the tutorials by topic so they’re a little easier to scan. Hide and reveal background fill and an alternative example using T agxedo. Create a torn image effect and an alternative approach. Combine animations in PowerPoint with an alternative version.

Michael Allen – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Authorware and ZebraZapps are alike in this goal, and it’s certainly true that by using ZebraZapps you can build complex freeform interactions, simulations, and serious learning games faster and more easily than with any other tools I know of (and we use a wide range of tools in our studios, so we’re quite familiar with the alternatives). Because of its speed and flexibility, it helps designers explore more alternative designs. ABOUT Dr. MICHAEL W.

Top eLearning Trends For 2018

Adobe Captivate

Using a QR code, the learner can scan the object and get more information about it. Specific benefits include quick deployment, quick learning through regular refreshers, increased productivity, and easy tracking. In the year 2018, more organizations will invest in content curation, as its potential in creating an alternative and reliable source of providing standard learning remains strong. eLearning adoption is growing steadily across the globe in the last few years.

Here Are Ten Rules to Create Engaging Elearning

Rapid eLearning

If all you’re trying to do is share information and track completion before December 31, then build a course that’s appropriate for those objectives. In the same sense, people like the freedom to review and scan information in the elearning course.

Guide to online training Best practice integrity measures


An alternate approach that regulators could consider would be to provide elements such as videos or interactive content that must be included as part of a course. In order to achieve integrity, a Learning Management System (LMS) must be used by training providers that has the sophistication to be able to collect data for integrity and track student activity and progress through the learning material and assessments.