24 Screencasts About Camtasia in 24 Hours!

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We will make 24 screencasts in 24 hours about Camtasia! You'll get loads of insider tips and tricks for Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac and screencasting. Understanding editing tracks on the Camtasia for Mac timeline. Aspect ratios and alternate dimensions.

24 Screencasts About Camtasia in 24 Hours. Starts Now!

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It's time to kick off our marathon of 24 Screencasts about Camtasia in 24 hours! Matt Pierce, our Customer Engagement Manager, is the host of the videos so you'll see him in most of the screencasts we make. Noon: Using Screencasts Effectively in the Classroom - Dan Spencer.

Video Tutorials Win (again!): The Unbounce Solution

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While individual screencasts are still a great option for one-off issues, our Success Team was spending a significant amount of time making the same screencasts over and over again. When compared to alternatives, Camtasia hit the sweet spot in terms of what we needed.

ISTE 2013 Presenter Profiles: Rob Zdrojewski

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He presents at state and national conferences on topics such as greenscreen school TV production, screencasting and safe online video hosting for schools. Student Screencasters – Why Let Teachers Have All the Fun? We’re SO excited for ISTE 2013 !

Making Videos – Collaboratively!

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Right-click on track. Drag both down one track so there aren’t any empty tracks below them. Copy the video track three times (so there are a total of four video tracks and one audio track). Right-click on next empty track above and paste.

Guest Post: You can teach an old teacher new tricks

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They talked TechSmith into giving all of the attendees of the conference a copy of Camtasia to get us started on the right track. It took me over a month of thinking and planning before I made my first official lesson on a screencast. Guest post by teacher, Steve Kelly.

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How to Make an Animated Explainer Video (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Screencast video. If you prefer a free alternative, Audacity is another great choice and easily enough gets the job done. If you’re doing a talking head, screencast, or whiteboard video, you will set up and complete these recordings. Step 7: Publish, share, and track performance.

How to Create Employee Training Videos


Alternatively, it’s easy to produce great video content without needing expensive filming and editing equipment. Soapbox (Wistia), Camtasia and Screencast-o-matic are all good, light-weight options that are perfect for beginners. . Video is a perfect medium for training.

Developing Online Instructional Modules for ERP Training

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There are many authoring tools available which come with the ability to produce screencasts. An LMS, a software application, can be used to document, deliver, track, and report self-paced online learning courses.

Embrace Active Learning (And 7 More Call Center Training Tips)


So trainers have come up with alternative methods of roleplaying. Modern assessment systems also let you create video quizzes where managers can watch screencasts or webcam recordings. Your call center is the front line of your company.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Online Course in 2018


A mini-course is a bit-sized alternative to offer as a lead-capture mechanism for your business, educating your customers or presenting your skills to nurture leads into customers. Here is a list to inspire your search frenzy: Videos (recordings, screencasts, webinars, etc.).

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Workplace learning is like learning a second language

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  But  even if a LMS had existed, it certainly is a ludicrous idea to think that it could have come with me to Germany to track all the conversations I had or overheard, all the TV programmes I watched, or all the magazine and newspaper articles I read.    And it is this common goal that we need to encourage and support, rather than try and track and monitor and manage activity in traditional management systems. 

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eLearning Thought Leaders: OpenSesame

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Watch our Getting Started screencast to take a tour of our marketplace. We’re making it possible for simple, YouTube style videos to be completed and tracked as SCORM courses in learning management systems.