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Workplace Learning Professionals Next Job - Management Consultant

Tony Karrer

The Big Question this month is Workplace Learning in 10 Years : If you peer inside an organization in 10 years time and you look at how workplace learning is being supported by that organization, what will you see? How big are they as compared to today? Jay Cross in Ten Years After puts it: In a knowledge society, learning is the work. Who in an organization is responsible for supporting and improving work? How big are they as compared to today?

Long Live?

Tony Karrer

I'm guessing that Saul somehow assumed that this is what people were saying in their posts, but didn't actually read the 20+ individual posts when he said: Nearly all of the contributors predicted the death of the classroom For a person who is claiming to have done a better analysis and thus has a better prediction of the future he completely botched that. I would argue that today all classroom or courseware should be questioned. And you cannot Separate Knowledge Work from Learning.

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