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Emerging eLearning Trends That Will Shape 2022

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Her strategic expertise coupled with an extensive experience of steering the eLearning line of business makes her an authoritative voice on emerging technologies and trends. Q: What are some of the emerging trends that show promise for improving the learner experience and engagement in the coming year?

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7 eLearning Trends Going to Rule the L&D market in 2023 and Beyond

Infopro Learning

An organization pays the price when L&D teams don’t upgrade their employee training strategies to match the eLearning trends. And for this, they need to keep a keen eye on the latest eLearning trends or the training trends that will dominate the L&D industry. 7 eLearning Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2023.

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10 eLearning Trends That Will Go Big in 2023


We’ll have to see what new elearning trends are introduced in learning and development during this time, how businesses will adapt to them by integrating and implementing them. In this article, we are not reminiscing about any of the obvious trends already present today. Another trend is performance-based assessment.

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Incorporating Metaverse into Corporate Training Programs in 2023: A Look into the Future

Infopro Learning

In recent years, the term has been used to describe the growing trend of virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) technologies, which are being used to create immersive and interactive digital experiences. Among the most intriguing implementations of the metaverse is corporate training.

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People Empowerment: Manufacturing Training Trends 2023


People Empowerment: Manufacturing Training Trends 2023 Ten years ago, it was clear the manufacturing industry was facing a daunting talent shortage in the years ahead. Smart manufacturing refers to the use of advanced technologies and data analytics to optimise the manufacturing process. Here we are in 2023.

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Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

Your Training Edge

The segment of eLearning is itself prone to witness various new trends and technologies, so it’s just a question of time before we encounter completely transformed strategies and methodologies rising from this powerful segment. Trend # 1 Automation. Trend # 2 Augmented Learning. Trend # 3 Big Data. Trend # 4 Cloud.

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2023 Instructional Design Trends

Clarity Consultants

If you want to stay on the cutting edge, here’s a look at the 2023 instructional design trends that should be on your radar. Learning analytics allow companies to measure the effectiveness of their training by assessing learner performance. The post 2023 Instructional Design Trends appeared first on Clarity Consultants.