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10 Features to Look for in Corporate Training Solutions


Here are the Best Employee Training Tools for Your Business. Corporate Training solutions with in-built analytics tools can help you track their learning pattern and understand their learning behavior. White Label Platform.

What Is Learning Management System, Its Features, And Advantages Of Using LMS


An LMS is helpful to business leaders, administrators, and employers as it helps them to create, distribute, and track online training resources efficiently and effortlessly. . Businesses For Employee Training. Reports And Analytics. White Labelling And Brand Integration.

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10 Features that Make KITABOO Insight the Best Learning Platform for Remote Employees


No one really anticipated a scenario where businesses would be left in a position to mandate remote working at such short notice. KITABOO Insight is a white labelled application that you can customize to your liking. Analytics.

7 Most Used Online Corporate Training Platforms


Using a well-structured employee training program, you can shape them into the ideal and efficient employees who will make every effort to help your business grow. Related: The Importance of Training Employees for your Business. Kitaboo Insight is a white label application which can be branded as your own with its custom branding options. This platform also provides a custom analytics page for employees to monitor their progress and development.

10 Virtual classroom software

Ed App

Associating certain spaces with certain activities, like classrooms with listening to a lecture, helps us not only to schedule our time but also instil activity patterns in our brains – we know that in this space, surrounded by those people we need to focus more.

Can Going Digital Help the Education Sector Optimize Monetization?


All this makes it a huge challenge for publishers to continue with their legacy businesses. DRM also provides a range of analytics about content consumption patterns. With the help of white label solutions and authoring tools, the speed of creating, modifying and distributing content can be greatly increased. The 21st century has introduced new challenges for educational publishers.

How to Build a Mobile-Ready Training Program for Pharmaceutical Industry


The pharma industry has many different business functions – sales, marketing, R&D, packaging and warehousing, and many more. It includes multiple choice questions, drag and drop, labeling, writing brief answers, click and reveal etc. Get Analytics Report for Actionable Insights. This is where you can utilize the analytics feature. This data can be utilized by the manger to provide further assistance to employees depending on their learning patterns.

10 Ways to Transform Sales Training with a Mobile Platform


Although the content is designed specifically for your busy sales workforce, it is quite possible that they may not have enough time to go through it during work hours. Sales is an important function in every organization.

Sales 52

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


Adding or changing tools along the way is how elearning businesses grow and evolve. Marketing & Sales Tools to Grow Your e-Learning Business. An LMS is the essential tool to host and sell your online courses,you will need to choose the right one to grow your elearning business. White-labelled (can be branded with your identity). Also, this tool has a private gallery where you can save all your photos and images. Google Analytics.