Measurement Matters: 3 Data Analytics Lessons to Remember

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But these days, it’s hard for any of us to avoid analytics , no matter what we do for a living. Some of us avoid data analytics because it involves so many moving parts: Valid and reliable methods. Great data analytics tools are plentiful today. Free Google Analytics , anyone?)

Learning Evaluation & Pheromone Analytics


Find out more about pheromone analytics and how they can help put learners on the right learning path. Well, that’s sort of how this blog post about pheromone analytics came to be. There was one idea in particular, pheromone analytics, that caught his interest.

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5 Ways to Use Learning Analytics in K-12 Education


This is where data-based learning analytics can be leveraged. Enterprises have been utilizing data based learning analytics for a long time to make smart business decisions and increase their profitability. What is Learning Analytics and Why is it Used in Education?

3 Tips for Implementing a Learning Analytics Practice


A few years ago, we explored why L&D should use data and analytics in data storytelling. TL;DR: Learning Analytics = Storytelling. A key takeaway from practitioner stories at this year’s Insights Summit is the fact that learning analytics is fundamentally about engaging an audience.

From intuition to knowing for sure: a case of applying learning analytics at course level

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The value of these data is in analyzing and interpreting: what we call learning analytics. We recently experienced the power of learning analytics and gladly share this experience with you. Intuitively we felt that we were on the right track with this online learning program.

5 L&D Lessons from Stranger Things [No Season 3 Spoilers]


The recently released third season of Stranger Things has been Netflix’s most successful original programming to date. And having the right data and a learning analytics platform can help you find any lost learners in the L&D Upside Down. Learning analytics can help you identify these learners and any gaps they might fall through. Stranger Things : More L&D Lessons Learned.

How to Build a Mobile-Ready Training Program for Pharmaceutical Industry


It is the result of well-designed training programs that employees working in the pharmaceutical industry have knowledge of all the products and we get medicines that fit our needs. On the other hand, creating a mobile-ready training program for pharmaceutical company and employees will give them access to training materials at any time, via any device and multiple number of times. A mobile-based training program can help provide just-in-time information whenever there is a need.

Digital learning as a ‘third place’: Lessons from the coffeeshop

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Success requires a painstaking accumulation of knowledge, encompassing experience design, content creation, discussion prompts, and the analytics capabilities necessary to spot problems and correct course nearly in real-time. By: James Bassendine.

3 Ways to apply scenario-based learning in your training program


Allowing them to choose what lessons are of most use to them ensures that they will be sufficiently engaged in the sessions to retain the information and use it when they need to. 3 Ways to apply scenario-based learning in your training program. Predictive learning analytics.

How Analytics Can Lead to Employee Success

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Predictive analytics and statistical techniques can uncover hidden diamonds in the workforce. ” The central lesson from the above quote, voiced by Billy Beane in the movie “Moneyball,” is that analytics can be used to level the playing field and gain competitive advantage. “Sabermetrics,” a form of analytics, is now common practice in baseball for talent identification and management. Need help identifying hidden talent?

Podcast 32: Building a Customer Education Business Case – With Bill Cushard of Learndot

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” That’s important when you’re optimizing a mature customer training program. We help customer training professionals measure and analyze their program impact in a simple manual way, so they know how to do it themselves. Lessons learned from real-world programs.

How to Measure Customer Value (And Why It Matters)

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Laura is widely recognized as an authority in marketing measurement and performance, content management, marketing operations and data analytics. What exactly does it take to build a successful customer education program that naturally grows hand-in-hand, along with your business?

‘Konnect’ to Liberate Learning from LMS

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Isn’t it a challenge especially given that there are not many players in the market focusing on learning big data analytics? Probe further and you will note that this is a product that is built on technologies that are proven in the sphere of big data analytics.

How to Build an Online Learning Program with a Limited Budget

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You know your association should provide online learning programs to members and others in your industry. Here are some ways to build an online learning program with a limited budget. Website and blog analytics. Know your competition and their programs.

Learning Online 101: How to Teach Online Course Skills that Improve Student Success

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A mid-size college without an official online program, CSU Channel Islands was going through a transition. Administrators started the program slowly. With Snagit and Camtasia you can easily capture what’s on your screen as compelling screenshots and video lessons.

Listen: Discover Financial Services’ Jon Kaplan on tuition assistance programs and the importance of building trust among your learning team

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We also touch on his efforts at Discover to rethink and expand tuition assistance programs from a benefit to an asset. Jon really wanted to rethink that when he was at Discover and put in place a pretty impressive program to do that. We talked about the tuition assistance program.

Association LMS Buyers Companion – 2019 Edition

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But with so many options, how can you select the right solution for your continuing education programs? Modern Certification Programs – With Arleen Thomas of AICPA. 5) Learning events: How can you level up your content programming? August is here – and not a moment too soon!

Employee Training Metrics: 7 Ways HR Experts Use Them


How do you measure the effectiveness of a training program? It is admittedly a difficult task, but there are multiple ways to track employee training metrics to measure the effectiveness of your training program. Sure, assessments are one way of doing it.

Walmart Gives Employees Access to Affordable Online Degrees

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Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, launched a new education benefits program May 30 as an investment in its 1.4 Through the program, Walmart is subsidizing the cost of tuition, books and fees to their employees to $1 a day.

Transform Unused Learning Data Into Valuable Business Predictors

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ROI of $13+ for every dollar spent on analytics. Product development: Netflix analyzes the viewing habits of millions of global consumers to commission original programming and purchase the rights to films and series that data indicates will perform well.

Podcast 14: Managing Nonprofit Member Education at The Land Trust Alliance

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The Land Trust Alliance offers valuable lessons for associations – not just because of its lofty mission, but because of the way it engages and educates individuals through member organizations. We have two dedicated people to manage IMS and help our program staff use it effectively.

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4 Micro-Learning Trends to Watch in 2019


Fine-tuned analytics. User analytics are the secret sauce behind many a seamless, addictive app. Analytics aren’t just about measuring user behavior, though. They also give online educators insights into how they might adjust their learning programs to subtly shift learner behavior. As measure for analytics become more precise, educators can drill down into new ways to improve their course. Why not apply this to other lessons?

Resolution: This Year Create a Stronger, Smarter Organization

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They brought me in to reimagine their recruiting, talent management, and leadership development program. A learning sensibility (coupled with applying the right lessons fast) is the core competency that separates successful companies from those struggling to survive.

3 easy ways media companies can improve the quality of training content


We borrowed a few tips from our friends at the learning content authoring tool Elucidat to compile a few best practices that media and publishing companies can use to improve the quality of learning content for partner training, internal employee training and customer training programs.

How To Find The Right Learning Management System For Employee Training?


A reporting panel to show which employees have completed the lessons and what amount of time they spent in the module. Analytics on your training program. How To Find The Right Learning Management System For Employee Training. Employee training has always been one of the most important concerns of businesses around the world. But, traditional training methods consume much time and costs in the process.

3 Tips for Implementing Your Learning Tech Stack

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This blog post outlines three key principles for implementing a new technology, using learning analytics platforms as an example to illustrate these concepts. Start by identifying a learning program and group of learners so you can begin collecting data and practicing learning analytics.

Healthcare LMS Vendors That Provide More Than Just Software


As a part of a growing organization, you know that the LMS software you select is key to your healthcare CE program’s successful development. Your chosen LMS vendor should streamline your data management process while adding powerful analytics capabilities to your toolkit.

Artificial Intelligence And How It’s Changing E-Learning

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are joining hands to use machine learning to automate the process and serve up the next best lesson. For example, Frontline Education is a smart platform that uses analytics to improve the efficiency of recruiting and matching.

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3 Strategies to Engage Students in Online Learning

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Despite the popularity of online programs, online-only students tend to struggle more than those in face-to-face courses. Here are three practical, proven ways to engage students in online learning programs. Short video lessons.

The Top 7 Microlearning Examples in Everyday Life


There is a reason that mLevel has a robust analytics platform. Because the standard for microlearning is “just enough” to optimize knowledge transfer and without detailed analytics, you really don’t know. Chordbuddy works like any other micro learning program.

How To Create a Culture of Continuous Learning


Learning becomes a constant process taken on by every individual, compared to a set of formal courses and lessons established, organized and paid for by the organization. A data-driven learning platform provides employees with the tools they need to succeed in self-driven programs.

7 Most Used Online Corporate Training Platforms


Using a well-structured employee training program, you can shape them into the ideal and efficient employees who will make every effort to help your business grow. L&D teams and corporate trainers may design effective training programs, but without the right delivery platform, the training still remains ineffective. And though some organizations follow the blended learning approach, but that too, requires an online platform to deliver the lessons.

Virtual Labs & LMS Integration for Enterprises


Employees can take full advantage of program features when they have extensive experience using the software. LMS integration allows its users to interact with code, features, programs, and operating systems directly from a web browser.

The Role of xAPI in Creating Powerful Learning Experiences for the Modern Workforce

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From early adopters who used archaic systems to set up a lesson that could be shared on one computer with an instructor to guide employees, to modern workplace learning that’s focused on xAPI -enabled mobile learning; eLearning at the workplace has traveled a long way.

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