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Learning Analytics: A great boost for creating Learner Centric eLearning


I am sure you already know about ‘analytics’. Application of analytics is typically perceived as an aid for marketing and business decisions. Analytics can be used not only for businesses but in many other fields that impact our daily lives including eLearning. So what really is learning analytics? This type of data can be interpreted through learning analytics. Learning analytics techniques can help us understand how learners learn.

The Essential Guide to Learning Analytics in the Age of Big Data

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Download The Essential Guide to Learning Analytics in the Age of Big Data and keep it as your eLearning secret weapon! This article is designed to be your A-to-Z guide to learning analytics. You’ll discover: The basic concepts of learning analytics. Analytics.


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Beyond Expensive Lawyer Fees and Cheesy Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Generators with Donata and Hans from Termageddon


How you can go beyond expensive lawyer fees and cheesy privacy policy and terms and conditions generators with Donata and Hans from Termageddon. The terms and privacy policy will also update automatically when new laws that affect your setup are put into place.

How to Start an Online School: Step-by-Step Guide (for 2020)


Step 4: Connect the Analytics and Know Your Numbers. Step 5: Sales & Marketing Tools. LearnWorlds comes equipped with many of these tools as built-in functionalities and connects with the top software tools in the market to take care of the rest. Email marketing software.

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How Is Digital Transformation Shaping Customer Experience?

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Some organizations assume that digital transformatio n is about efficiency – saving time and money, beating competitors to market or snagging customers with fancy apps. Indeed, customer experience is such an important aspect of differentiation that it can no longer be siloed inside your marketing or sales functions. Every digital transformation roadmap requires a rock-solid commitment to protect customer data privacy and security.

What is an LMS?


Although, the LMS market is flooded with over 600 LMS options that can support the needs of different solution seeker but every platform usually has a unique set of features. Analytics – In-depth reports of completed, pending and in-progress attempts for every learner to ensure that learning is effective. Safe and secure – Data safety and confidentiality is a major concern for everyone these days.


Top 7 Factors to Consider While Choosing An eLearning Service Provider

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However, with more than 100s of eLearning providers available in the market, choosing the right one can be challenging. Since the market is full of eLearning platforms and tools for you to choose from, it’s best to start your search with well-designed search criteria.

Driving Lucrative Training Outcomes Through Mobile Learning


Technology is also evolving with time and virtual platforms are setting a strong niche in the e-learning market. The application of data analytics and gamification have also enabled organizations to shift from conventional learning paradigm to just-in-time delivery and knowledge sharing to boost employee performance. Pharmaceutical companies embrace mobile learning to support information security, record management and privacy.

Why Do Educational Institutions Need Online Proctoring?

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Schools, colleges and universities are now looking to conduct examinations online without any compromise to the feasibility, convenience, security and experience of the instructors and students. We respect your privacy. For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.

Ten ‘Must-Have’ Features for Your Learning Platform

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Despite the growth of pure-play self-paced eLearning, there still exists a huge market and need for guided blended learning where the presence of a virtual instructor matters. Learner Analytics & Digital Badges. Your learning platform should offer a significant amount of analytics information in an easy to comprehend format. Security & Privacy. In the post-GDPR world, the importance of security and privacy becomes doubly important.

The Advantages of a Virtual Bookshelf for Publishers


Added privacy: At a time when information can easily be stolen or misused in the online world, a virtual bookshelf offers a greater level of privacy. Gain greater reader insights: Access data analytics with a virtual bookshelf. What is a virtual bookshelf?

How to Convert Your Test Bank to Different LMS Formats

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Besides, they are also password-protected to ensure privacy and give access only to the instructors. There are a wide range of assessment tools for learning systems available in the market, including ExamView, Respondus, EZTest and more. We respect your privacy.

An Introduction to the Enterprise Quiz Builder From ProProfs


Apart from being more secure, easy-to-use, and flexible, it offers unlimited quizzes, questions, and storage capacity – exactly what an enterprise needs. Also, you can create your own marketing funnel using a lead quiz. Use advanced reports and analytics to gain useful insights.

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10 HIPAA Compliance Software

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In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best HIPAA compliance software tools on the market, as well as analyze their key features and benefits to provide you a quick comparison of each software product.

9 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Digital Content Testing

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This allows them to reduce manual efforts, minimize the time to market for products and services and provide faster feedback. Quicker time to market. Such digital innovations come from a range of emerging technologies including cloud, social media, mobile, big data, analytics and AI.

Moving and receiving xAPI data in an LRS rich environment

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Plenty of systems may send and receive xAPI data, including LMSs, analytics tools, gamification platforms, LRSs, mobile apps or VR/AR platforms. Each of these people have different goals, whether ensuring their data is completely secure or ensuring xAPI courses get into learners hands most efficiently. Below, we’ve outlined the most common applications that include LRSs, just be aware that there are many more on the market, each with unique benefits.

Best Online Learning Platforms for Employees 


Secure online/offline delivery of enriched multimedia content. In-depth, real-time analytics to facilitate outcome monitoring. Deliver blended, mobile learning in a transparent and secure way. Monitor progress and development via a custom analytics page.

10 Online Quiz Makers

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Automatic grading, scoring, and advanced dashboard analytics. Reports & analytics. Analytics. Analytics. High security hosting solution that backs up data every hour. Analytics. Features: Quiz modes: games, stock-market-like structure, duel, group trivia.

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‘Black Mirror’ or better? The role of AI in the future of learning and development

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Digital marketers and online publishers have been using AI to generate content for simple stories for years now. Employee/learner privacy: AI and the algorithms it is built on require data about learners. Security: Any data collected must be always secure.

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10 Best LMS For Small Business


Systematic employee training programs can improve efficiency & productivity and prepare a workforce for the present and future market competition. Generally, you can sell either through the LMS store or your website using secure payment gateways such as Stripe. Advanced Analytics.

Cloud Optimization – Should You Consider Migrating from AWS to GCP

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GCP on the other hand is completely technology-focused and offers industry-leading tools in deep learning coupled with data analytics and machine learning. With GCP, enterprises don’t have to worry about legacy code, and so they benefit from a fast go-to-market. We respect your privacy.

WooCommerce Pricing: How much do you need to pay?

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

WooCommerce is the most popular e-Commerce platform with a market share of 27.8%. Security features – Watch out for features like malware prevention, automatic backups, manual reboots, spam filters, etc. WooCommerce Security. Marketing Extensions. Marketing Plugins.

The Role of Simulations in Higher Education Institutions and Colleges

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In fact, simulation-based learning can encourage students to relate better with their subject matter, care about their real-life actions and outcomes, develop sharp analytical skills and perform better in tests as well as on their jobs. We respect your privacy.

Benefits of Top Video Conferencing APIs for Online Marketplaces


Modern video API integrations allow healthcare professionals to share medical reports with customers in a secured way. Also, online video conferencing becomes highly secure when APIs are HIPAA compliant. Secure media sharing. Present times are rapidly growing virtual every day.

4 Types of Employee Data to Help Plan your Training Curriculum


Ideally, while data is collected by the programmers, marketers, and support teams about the customers, metrics should also be gathered by HR and management about the employees. Eric van Vulpen of Analytics in HR found 51 trackable metrics in his HR Metrics Cheatsheet , but here are the four main categories. Beyond the HIPAA laws that those in the medical fields have had to contend with for years, there are additional data privacy laws in nearly all fields.

Is Big Data Training Really Important? Hottest Sectors in Big Data

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This is a key differentiator, which can secure a competitive advantage in multiple contexts. Experts need a combination of statistical and analytical skills, alongside computer programming. Though there are cloud-based solutions available, financial institutions hesitate at the thought due to privacy concerns. Security is of utmost importance in the financial sector, not to mention the complexity of the content in question.

Top 5 LMS for K-12 Education

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This limits access to the virtual space and keeps data secure. Blackboard Learn also has real-time data analytics and visualization to provide all stakeholders the information they need to improve students’ learning outcomes. We respect your privacy.



FinTech startup Keyless develops solutions for biometric, simultaneously secure authentication. FinTech & InsurTech #KICKSTARTERS20: Build38 (Germany)secures business in the APP world against online fraud and data breaches.

10 Scorm Creator Software

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There are hundreds of different SCORM creator software on the market, each with its own share of features and benefits. EdApp shines as one of the best SCORM creator software on the market today.

Host Your Corporate Training Videos on Your LMS – Why & How

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Training videos are not for advertising, branding, or marketing to promote on the web and social media platforms. Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of organizational information. Wistia provides businesses video hosting combined with video analytics. These video hosting providers have their own security and privacy features, so your training videos are hosted in a secure place.

IoT/ Internet of Things and Its Application


IoT devices can basically gather, analyze and report the data in real-time and can remove unnecessary data and this would help health care organizations, consultants, insurance companies get important analytics and data-driven insights, which will speed up decision making and make less vulnerable to errors. Patient’s privacy. Systems which stores data may get hacked due to potentially weaken privacy. Security and privacy.

The importance of digital asset management


The evolution of digital content across all industries from health care and finance to publishing and education has increased market competition and prompted companies to modernize communication systems and processes. DAM secures rights and permissions to rich media content, such as images, video, text and other multimedia and interactive components, and it is central to responsible content management. The importance of digital asset management.

10 SCORM Software

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Currently, there are hundreds of SCORM software available on the market but it’s not always easy to sift through all the tools and find one that fits your training needs. Highlights: Authoring tool, microlearning, course library, forums, discussions, analytics dashboard, quiz maker.

What Is Channel Partner Training?


According to the market research firm CSO Insights, 63.5% For any business, it is important to use its brand identity to establish and position itself in the market strategically. Some LMS systems provide AI-powered auto-generated reports & analytics. Highly Secure.

Mike Rustici – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Mike: Tin Can is acting as a market catalyst to drive innovation in the tools we have available for learning through technology. Tin Can will also cause us to think more analytically about our learning programs now that we have more data and visibility into a broader set of learning activities. Mike: Early adopters are broken into two categories, traditional e-learning vendors and new market entrants. How do you look at such data security concerns?

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Mike: Tin Can is acting as a market catalyst to drive innovation in the tools we have available for learning through technology. Tin Can will also cause us to think more analytically about our learning programs now that we have more data and visibility into a broader set of learning activities. Mike: Early adopters are broken into two categories, traditional e-learning vendors and new market entrants. How do you look at such data security concerns?

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xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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The name issue is confusing to the industry and the market for adoption. Where it gets tricky, particularly in terms of what’s on the market, is in all the things a spec says implementations SHOULD, SHOULD NOT or MAY do. The LRS could be a part of a Client Relationship Management System that does analytics with xAPI on the different sales and support staff using it, and what they do to close leads. My next questions are related to privacy and security.

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Custom Tech Trends in 2018


It will be essential to have details related to product security testing, release management, data protection, and security features that they have opted from hosting service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc. Today, the LMS market has over 700 vendors who bring various learning delivery solutions to the table. In 2018, there will be more specialist LMS entrants in the market that will focus on very specific segments and challenges.

Make your Company’s “Work From Home” initiative a Success with Remote Training fueled by a Digital Adoption Platform


Remote work has increased to 91% over the last ten years, according to Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs. Recent research shared in a keynote by Josh Bersin in the LinkedIn Talent Connect, on February 14, 2019, highlighted New Learning Technology Market Segments.

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


Each of the market research reports that we analyzed highlights the impact that these key trends are going to create in the e-learning space. Big Data analytics can help us make well-informed decisions about the learning programs that we develop. The disappointing thing is that these opportunities available are not being exploited enough by the market yet (except the Tin Can API and few others, of course).