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10 Mobile Learning Solutions

Ed App

With the widespread use of smartphones, mobile learning gives an innovative avenue for supplemental training, making it the future of learning. Mobile learning solutions offer: . Offline viewing once course material is downloaded. Analytics.

5 of the Best Softwares for Online and Mobile Learning in 2020


The way we approach learning, and what we consider to be viable learning solutions, has undergone a seismic shift. Technology has enabled companies to scale their learning and development programmes by digitising them. The learning delivered is often microlearning.


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The #1 Microlearning Experience Platform

Ed App

EdApp is a microlearning-based mobile learning management system (LMS) with an integrated authoring tool, spaced repetition and gamification. Our LMS offers a plethora of features for a seamless learning experience for your organization. Mobile-first content is easily-accessible due to its design for iOS, Android and the web. In-Depth Analytics. If you would like to learn more about how to build the most effective employee training strategy!

Top 10 LMS for small business

Ed App

With tight budgets, time constraints, and the continuous pressure to evolve to today’s changing world, using a Learning Management System (LMS) can assist in training employees to be effective members of your small business team.

10 Elearning Mobile Apps

Ed App

E-learning serves as an ideal training solution for organizations with dispersed teams across different locations and time zones – especially for those who have shifted to remote work during the pandemic. Elearning Mobile App #1 – EdApp. Highlights: Mobile learning.

What is Considered the Perfect mLearning Onboarding Strategy?

Ed App

This is the age of Mobility. Wondering what ‘Mobility’ is? Well, are you looking up this post from your mobile device? Or maybe you are on your desktop or laptop, and your tablet or mobile device might be just around you. Yes, it’s that easy and that’s mobility for you. Mobility is intricately woven into our existence today. The research firm MarketsandMarkets has predicted that the world-wide mobile learning market will increase from $7.98

Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


Advanced Analytics and Robust LMS Reports: The LMS dashboard provides easy access to the system information, enabling you to make the right decisions and gain insight into the data. Learning Paths: You can build Learning Paths according to the students’ needs, and provide a more effective eLearning process. Get access to remote classes, webinars or online company events right from the Learning Management System platform. Zeus Learning. Upside Learning.

eLearning Trends And Predictions For 2018

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We are going through a phase of significant and rapid “ learning transformation “. This has led to an adoption of new, immersive approaches to creating impactful learning that can lead to the required performance gain. We also see that L&D teams are on the look-out for measures to evaluate the effectiveness of learning. As a Chief Learning Strategist, I have been part of many such opportunities across the world. mLearning Or Mobile Learning.

10 Training Technology Tools

Ed App

Keep reading to learn more. EdApp is a mobile-first microlearning platform that allows you to create training content for your learners through a cloud-based course authoring tool. Highly customizable 50+ microlearning templates. Analytics. Features: Learning paths.

4 Killer Examples Of Using Mobile Apps In Corporate Training

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With the widespread adoption of mLearning or mobile learning, the usage of mobile apps for learning is on an increase and for good reasons. In this article, I share 4 examples of how you can use mobile apps in corporate training. What Are Mobile Apps In Corporate Training Or Apps For Learning? Did you know that the number of mobile apps downloaded in 2017 was over 197 billion across the world? Suited for online as well as offline viewing.

Making face-to-face learning better with mobile

Ed App

AI-skeptics might assume that mobile learning is taking the human out of training, leaving us devoid of true connections. When mobile microlearning and face-to-face interactions come together, both are more effective in terms of learning outcomes and engagement.

Making face-to-face learning better with mobile

Ed App

AI-skeptics might assume that mobile learning is taking the human out of training, leaving us devoid of true connections. When mobile microlearning and face-to-face interactions come together, both are more effective in terms of learning outcomes and engagement.

What You Need to Know: Online Training vs. Traditional Training


Are you thinking about transitioning your traditional training curriculum to virtual learning ? However, understanding the merits and demerits of training methods both online and offline can help you make a more informed decision. Demerits of Offline Training.

7 best practices to create corporate training video content


And with the world going digital, online videos are naturally more popular than offline. Corporate learning & training videos fall under content repurposing in your company’s marketing plans and doing well here means you get immediate traction in terms of global outreach. Here are 9 smart tips to help you create top-notch learning & training videos: #1 Align all business stakeholders and get the purpose agreed upon. Microlearning videos. SKILL GAP ANALYTICS.

On the MOOC Horizon: Tin Can API

Your Training Edge

These digital learning environments and the technology-enabled learning tools that power them are making training more engaging, more relevant, and as a result, more effective. They help foster peer learning and the development of personal learning networks within, and even between, organizations. Tin Can is an API specifically for learning activities. This is where Tin Can comes in: this API can track learning activities no matter where they take place.


Switch from Moodle to Moodle Alternatives enriching your learning experience


Many institutions and organizations utilize online learning to train their employees. Online learning through a learning management (LMS) system has lined up the training and learning process in this pandemic situation. Tovuti is the next generation learning platform.

CD2 Named as Training Industry's Top 20 Authoring Tools!

CD2 Learning

Training Industry, the most trusted source of information on the business of learning, has released the 2018 Top Training Companies selections for the Authoring Tools sector. For the third year, CD2 Learning is honored to be named to the list. Mark Hunter, CEO of CD2, " Training Industry is such a respected leader in the learning industry, making this award truly meaningful. Authoring tools are a key differentiator between learning and development platforms.". “We

10 Personnel Training Software

Ed App

However, it’s equally important to consider how your training programs are delivered to your employees to ensure a better learning journey. . EdApp is a free learning management system ( LMS ) designed to serve as an all-in-one learning solution for your organization.

10 Corporate Learning Sites

Ed App

Many corporate learning sites provide free and paid online training courses to assist you in reinforcing key concepts, developing skills, and ensuring a convenient learning experience among your learners. Corporate Learning Site #1 – EdApp. Mobile-first approach.

Site 52

10 Remote Training Software

Ed App

Remote training allows continuous learning within organizations without time and location restraints. This trumps traditional face-to-face training as learners don’t have to be in one place and will always have access to learning materials when they need them.

Moodle vs CourseMill: Find out which tool is better?


Learning systems are developed and designed to enable companies to store and track online training resources in order to make online learning experiences more efficient and engaging. It delivers a powerful, flexible tool for a better learning experience. Blended Learning.

10 Blended Training Best Practices

Ed App

Blended training uses a blended learning approach to bring the best of both worlds — online and traditional face to face training. This allows for more flexibility and accessibility and improves the learning experience wherein the strengths of both learning methods are maximized.

Avoiding the LMS Overkill


This requirement for learning has spawned the multi-billion-dollar Learning Management System (LMS) industry. Well, most LMSs would provide core features – User Management, Course Creation, and Basic Progress Analytics. The truth is that given the size of the target base, experience with learning systems and the complexity of training to be administered, enterprises have different learning requirements at different points in time. Learning System Requirements.

Saba 74

Elearning trends to follow in 2019

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Adaptive Learning. Adaptive or personalized learning is when a learning process and curriculum is adapted for a specific student, his needs and level of knowledge. Due to technologies, such a learning approach is already widely used, adjusting the learning course according to the student’s performance. Adaptive learning increases completion rates, course effectiveness and learners’ enjoyment of the learning process as they receive content personalized to them.

Top 20 Employee Training Tools

Ed App

Keep scrolling to learn more about these tools below. EdApp is a free cloud-based mobile learning tool designed to help you create and deploy well-designed and engaging microlearning courses. Highlights: Microlearning, mobile learning, course library, online quiz maker.

10 Blended Learning LMS

Ed App

Blended learning is a method that combines traditional instructor-led approach (through face-to-face or video conferencing) and online learning which enables learners to have control over their training. Blended Learning LMS #1 – EdApp. Features: Microlearning .

10 Learning Management Platforms

Ed App

Learning management platforms give you control and power over how training content is stored, organized, and delivered. Whether you’re looking to onboard new hires or upskilling current employees, using a learning management platform is an excellent solution to ensure quality learning.

7 Most Used Online Corporate Training Platforms


Almost every organization uses some form of LMS or mobile-based corporate training platform to train their employees. And though some organizations follow the blended learning approach, but that too, requires an online platform to deliver the lessons. Whatever platform you use, there are certain features that must be present in them to enhance the learning experience, for example, ease of navigation, offline access etc.

4 Reasons You Should Invest in Flash to HTML5 Conversion

CommLab India

Have you invested heavily in Flash-based e-learning? The primary reason you should convert your Flash-based courses into the HTML5 format is that these courses cannot be accessed on most mobile devices. You can meet the needs of “multi-device” learners by converting Flash-based courses into the HTML5 format, as the latter is device-agonistic and provides good support to all mobile and desktop computer platforms. . Content can be accessed offline.

Optimizing the Cost of Employee Training While Upskilling


Use a Learning Management System (LMS). Since video is an audio visual medium, it holds employee interest and makes learning more interesting and engaging. Distribute Learning Across Your Company. Basically, you can delegate parts of the learning process to your employees.

Cost 60

The 19 Best Employee Online Training Software (A Comparison Guide)


You need a great learning management system to do that. In this article, you will learn how to take your online employee training to the next level with HR software and even sell online training courses. Marketplace #3: LinkedIn Learning (Lynda). It supports learning analytics.

10 Training Tracking Tool Options To Boost Team Learning


If you’re in the market for a new learning software provider, a training tracking tool is a must. By comparing and contrasting these components, you’ll find the right platform to take your learning program to the next level. Mobile-friendly. Blackboard Learn.

Top 5 LMS for K-12 Education

Hurix Digital

What is a learning management system? A learning management system (LMS) is a software used to create, deploy and deliver courses online. The instructors and course admins can upload courses, assignments, homework, calendars, learning resources and more on the LMS.

The 19 Best Learning Management System (for 2021)


Having said that, learning management systems (LMSs) are dominating the online learning industry. 1 What is a Learning Management System (LMS)? 4 Best Examples of Learning Management Software6. So, keep on reading… What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Best e-Content Development Tools in the Business

Hurix Digital

Much of this content is usually developed for use in a learning management system (LMS) and can be saved in various formats. Also Read: Online Learning Courses – The New Reality for Institutions and Students.

7 Skills to Master as a Learning and Development Professional

Ed App

Learning is also no longer limited to the online courses or classroom training approved by their organizations. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative for the learning and development (L&D) team to provide continuous learning for employees at the point-of-need. Changes in the Learning Space. The use of technology-based learning has spread across entire organizations. The focus is now on providing a holistic learning experience for learners.

Creating a Personalized Learning Environment


Personalized learning in the workplace starts with creating an optimal personalized learning environment. He takes a short quiz, logs off, and experiments with the colors himself, using the techniques he learned from the module. He’s knowledgeable and confident about what he’s learned. This is what personalized learning looks like in an ideal situation: perfectly balanced between individual and company growth. Data-Driven Personalized Learning Strategies.

Elearning trends to adopt in 2019


Elearning Market Situation It is predicted that the global e-learning market will have a compound annual growth of 10.26% between 2018 and 2023, and reach a total market size of $286 billion. Such growth is the result of the need in adaptive learning technology solutions in the corporate and scholastic sectors, as well as the rapid development of AR/VR technologies and artificial intelligence that open new learning experiences and opportunities.

Free L&D webinars for October 2018

Limestone Learning

However, choosing the appropriate customer learning technology to automate many of the operations for managing users, training content, and data analytics is not an easy task. In this webinar, Claude Werder from the Brandon Hall Group and Barry Kelly from Thought Industries will share their insight and expertise to help guide you to make the right choices as you're building your technology stack for your customer learning platform.

Free L&D webinars for May 2018

Limestone Learning

Luckily we’re all pretty mobile these days, so our work can go where we go. Tuesday, May 1, 2018, 11AM – 12PM PT: The ROI Dilemma: Measuring Results of Your Learning Programs (Free for ATD members) Significant resources are being allocated to training and development across most organizations, but many companies still find themselves unsure of results. The return-on-investment formula is a financial calculation, but learning is a human behaviour and needs a human calculation.