Session Notes: "Driving Impact with Learning Analytics" Jeff Grisenthwaite #TrainingMag

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To increase the impact of learning programs, L&D need to ensure decision making and continuous improvement are supported by analytics. Do you have these analytics in place? Process Automation Where does your time go in terms of analytics? scan the data: -- review high level summary reports across all 2. These are my live blogged notes from the Training 2015 Conference and Expo happening this week in Atlanta. Forgive any typos or incoherencies.

Here’s What a 700-Year-Old Philosophy Taught Me About Learning Analytics

CLO Magazine

We provided directions how to get the reader, how to use it, and then built familiarity scanning QR codes and interfacing with the technology. It allows you to make changes to the Google Form while maintaining the integrity of the code’s ability to direct your scans. To ensure that attendees are scanning after the session has taken place, you can post the QR code on the wall or as the final screen in a PowerPoint presentation. Happy scanning!


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Low-end tools: QR codes and SMS text messaging

Bottom-Line Performance

By scanning the code with the reader, you can quickly link to information. By scanning each QR code as the new-hires travel around a work site, they get facts, history, and context about different functions and people within the company. • For patient support once a piece of home health equipment goes home, place a QR code on the equipment so the patient can scan the code and access educational materials from a website. •

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Podcast 35: How Advanced Reporting Transforms Training – With Tamer Ali

Talented Learning

Now he’s back with Authentic Analytics, an advanced reporting platform for training professionals. Analytics tools aren’t new. But their analytics are still very employee-focused… Yeah… Built-in reporting capabilities really aren’t business-oriented.

Your job is being updated

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But in these days of rapidly changing business realities, shifting customer requirements, data analytics and more, we should prepare for a workplace and workforce geared toward regular updates. Data analytics will drive updates.

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A New Way to Train Frontline Workers on Real-world Scenarios


While COVID remains prevalent in our world, many companies are finding it harder to provide one of the most beneficial types of scenario training: real experiences in the workplace.

Why Do Educational Institutions Need Online Proctoring?

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The software includes biometric authentication such as ID scan, face scan and room scan on entry. What is online proctoring? The education industry is witnessing a tremendous transformation with the emerging technologies that have enabled online learning.

Why AI-Powered Personalized Learning Experiences are Here to Stay


To get the strategy right takes an investment in next-gen adaptive analytics that break traditional expectations for stage-based learning to follow employee behavioral patterns. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword on the lips of a wide range of business people.

Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

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The coursework components like quizzes, tests and assignments would all be generated through tools that are able to effectively scan the course content and determine its most critical aspects that must be tested. It’s quite obvious that each year more and more data comes to process, and learning institutions would use tools made exclusively for big data analytics to make sense of the user generated information.

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Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

Origin Learning

Mobile app analytics. Just like there’s big data for everything else, app analytics for mobile devices is being vouched as a huge possibility to create relevant and personalized learning experiences. Though the area is largely unexplored, in 2015 we can expect to see analytics playing a bigger role in understanding learners’ interaction and behavior with mobile based courses, such as by monitoring app traffic and visualize page-flows i.e. the sequence in which learners access pages.

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Mobile App Trends for 2018

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The future is ripe for organizations focused on building apps that integrate with any LMS and deliver a powerful learning experience with in-built analytics. Over the past two years, the number of vulnerability scans directed at IoT devices has increased 458 percent. If you add in real-time user-analytics it sweetens up the service offering. We look at some of the key mobile app trends and examine the categories of apps that will gain popularity in 2018.

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How to create a “Bosshole-free” zone

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Between engagement data, an organizational health scan and feedback from leaders, peers and direct reports, it’s hard for a Bosshole to refute the evidence before them. Analytics are the key enablers to competition.

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8 Benefits You Didn’t Expect from Learning a New Language

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No need to use x-rays and MRI scans to prove that languages enhance discipline, concentration, and focus. No one’s quite sure why this is happening, but probably learning a language as an adult engages more of the analytical, planning parts of your brain.

What is Just-in-Time Training? And How to Implement It


And so did management, who could review Google Analytics to see how the MAC artists were using the site, and who saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in updating, printing, and shipping the Product Knowledge Manual around the globe. Share on facebook. Facebook. Share on twitter. Twitter.

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EdCast vs Degreed vs Fuse – The Analysis

eLearning 24-7

AI in system can scan documents, courses, content, audio and video files and produce text results in a transcript or similar items. The AI scan is one of the most popular filters in FindAnLMS by consumers. For the AI scan – Available only with videos. Analytics Home Page.

The Do-It-Yourselfer’s Complete Guide to WordPress Maintenance

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Analytics and Insights. Created by Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, it has several features like: Daily security scans for malware checks.

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Why Slack Might Become the #1 Tool for Learning

eLearning Architect

It happens less now that I work for myself, but in the corporate world I would estimate that over half the emails I received I was simply copied into - and would spend much of my day scanning the text for relevancy and then archiving. Whilst much of the content I have written harps on about using an LMS to deliver content, there seems to be an interesting surge in businesses using tools like Slack to encourage communication (and ultimately learning).

E-commerce acceleration – How to enable frontline success


Through skill analytics managers can identify strengths and spot improvement areas in real-time to ensure on-the-job performance. Focus on analytic driven training. If not, then it is time to change your approach and switch to analytics-driven training.

Top 50 Learning System Rankings (#39-#21)

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Reporting, Analytics are wins, e-commerce is outstanding. #37 Big wins exist in analytical data and reporting including KPIs and heat maps. Mobile native apps include functionality for managers and instructors; for managers big wins include monitoring employees and their courses, communicating with employees, checking analytics, running reports. Watershed LRS is built into the system, a major victory for metrics and analytics. #25 Analytics and reporting is very good.

How to Deliver Virtual Channel Partner Training


Some platforms even offer additional functionality, such as using a smartphone camera to upload documents or scan QR codes. A suitable LMS should be easily accessible, provide detailed analytics, and evolve based on the needs of both your organization, its partners, and users engaging with your learning modules. Virtual classrooms can additionally provide analytics and performance metrics for ways to update and improve the current offerings.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Learning and Development

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AI can identify knowledge gaps and then automatically scan for the most appropriate content for the learner. Just like Google, AI can scan the internet, LMS, your proprietary content, and other sources to auto-suggest the most relevant content.

30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Day 29/30: Technology is Your Friend

Learning Rebels

Yep, cloud based too, but at least that program didn’t fight with my ipad, however it didn’t like my receipt scans. I discovered Google analytics had a mobile app, which I downloaded and buried myself in some research. I knew I needed to get into Google Analytics more, but just the name analytics gave me twitches and what I learned was – it ain’t so bad, and actually kind of interesting.

Quick and Dirty Comment Analysis

Experiencing eLearning

I actually manually typed the numbers into OpenOffice Calc (after scanning the list of posts in my WordPress dashboard for posts with a decent amount of comments). If you know of another way to get a quick and dirty analysis like this (without installing Google Analytics or something similar), let me know. Michele Martin asked how I did the comment analysis to see which posts have generated the most conversation. This is task 18 in the comment challenge.

New Allego 6 Platform Delivers All-in-One Solution to Make Virtual Teams More Successful


Allego’s new Lumin design system includes a clear, streamlined presentation of information and visuals to allow users to scan and find content quickly, as well as enhanced navigation to streamline access to key capabilities and improve discoverability of the best materials.

Tracking sentiments

Learning with 'e's

Answer - they were scanning for mentions of KLM on Twitter and other social media. It simply involves a KLM staff member regularly scanning the popular social media channels to intervene if there is any bad publicity or complaint, before it blows up into something unmanageable. This kind of learner analytics (or educational data mining) will emerge from the collective intelligence of crowd sourcing and the sentiment tracking of individual actions and behaviour.

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Listen: Parexel’s Greg Friedman shares how learning benefits from an organizational development spin

CLO Magazine

So you lead global OD, leadership development, people analytics and the HRIS function. It can be hard to say no. But learning how to do so effectively is one of the most critical skills a CLO can learn. It reinforces the point that not every problem is a training problem. Greg Friedman, Vice President of HR, Organization and Leadership Development, Parexel.

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We can’t ‘flow of work’ our way into the future

CLO Magazine

According to labor market analytics firm Emsi, models show that between now and 2025, we’ll cut nearly 12,000 data entry jobs, 48,000 executive and administrative assistant roles, 20,000 teller roles and 40,000 assembly-type roles.

Are eLearning ‘trends’ just growth forecasts for edtech entrepreneurs?

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A job interview now consists of a retinal scan, a brief wait, and a green or red light indicating success or failure. Related article: Students or Guinea Pigs: the Learning Analytics Debate Tags: Elearning.

Best eBook Publishing Strategies Every Publisher Must Know!


Actionable Insights from Analytics. Analytics play an important role while designing the eBook publishing strategy. A thorough understanding of the reader’s behavior via data and analytics would allow publishers to create data-driven business strategies on the basis of insights.

Trends in Learning - No LMS Left Behind [LSG Webinar Notes]

Learning Visions

Mobile devices provide endless learning possibilities: Livestreaming for coaching and mentoring Push notifications to trigger learning behaviors Location based searches for specific classes (built in GPS in our mobile devices) QR code scans for document search or attendance tracking Allow user to share links, articles, and docs easily (not a complete list, by any means…) Google primer: 4.

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What Most Enterprise Content Management Strategies Are Missing (And How to Fix It)


Bigtincan’s AI-powered search engine automatically can search all connected repositories and perform full-text search of any file — even scanned in PDFs. Control File Access and See Usage Analytics.

Bigtincan Engagement Hub vs Outreach vs Salesloft: A Comparison


There is an offering for the remainder of the pipeline, but this is limited to dashboards that track progress and analytics based on this. This saves your sales reps hours of scanning through old emails to get caught up on past interactions.

Interview with Devesh Sharma – Founder of WPKube

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

In the beginning, I was mostly scanning through twitter & other WordPress communities but over the last few years, I have started to take a bit more analytical approach to see what kind of posts are performing well and what kind of content our audience wants.

Why Most Organizations Struggle With Mobile Sales Enablement (And How to Fix It)


They’re often clunky to use on mobile, difficult to access offline, and give you no sales analytics about how or when content was used. Sales analytics so the organization can see which sales assets are actually working. Document and sales analytics.

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning

ID Reflections

The CLO today has to be able to scan the emerging landscape and build her/his team in a way that will enable them to meet the future. L&D teams of the future will also require diverse individuals with different skills encompassing areas like strategic business thinking, analytics and cloud computing, mobile computing, community building and management, instructional design, content strategic and knowledge management, social and informal learning, and experience design.

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Free Sales Tools Reps Can’t Live Without


Datanyze (free version): Free Chrome extension for scanning websites to see the company’s revenue, employees, and technology providers. LeadBI (15-day free trial): Uncover lead analytics and create automatic, responsive emails and text messages.

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Uberizing Organizational Learning – Thinking Beyond Courses

ID Reflections

It requires a constant scanning of the ecosystem – within as well as without, and gauging how external changes can impact the organization ranging from the need to re-skill existing workforce to recruiting scarce talent. Designing courses is passé!

10 Online Training Platforms

Ed App

What’s more, this online training platform is built with an advanced analytics suite that helps you track the learning progress of your employees. Highlights: Template-driven authoring tool, comprehensive microlearning courses, advanced analytics suite.

4 Reasons to digitize your toolbox talks today


When following an in-person, paper-reliant method, managers are required to research the topic, print out relevant information, print out sign-in sheets, travel to the worksite, manually distribute the printed collateral, ensure each attendee has signed it, then, once back at the office, scan this documentation to a computer and spend time filing it physically or digitally. Toolbox talk meaning What is a toolbox talk?

Learning culture

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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) April 2020 report (which is totally worth a skim/scan in its entirety) describes it as the way in which learning is fused into an organization.