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Using an LXP to Fix Learning Gaps in Customer and Channel Partner Education

Origin Fractal LXP

If you have some knowledge about the desktop publishing industry, you would know how important QuarkXPress was in the 80s and 90s. In 2001, Apple released OSX, this was a defining moment and literally the beginning of the demise of Quark.

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

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Education As We Know It Is Finished - Lars is Learning , July 14, 2010 So says Clayton M. Image Source: Apple UK. Think Beer - Rapid eLearning Blog , July 13, 2010 Did you know that Portland, Oregon has more than 30 breweries? How do you blog then? Why Do We Have an LMS?

iPad 101

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Learning Management Systems: Meet the Internet of Things


Some examples: FitBits, Apple’s iWatch, Roku Streaming Media Players, Amazon’s Echo. What IoT Can Do . IoT is whatever you want to make it do,” says Anthony Biondi, Brella’s programming director. “It eLearning Featured ArticlesInternet of Things.

International Women’s Day 2020: An Investment in Training is an Investment in Your People


A third of women in this study stated they wouldn’t know how to report sexual harassment in their workplace. Gap between organisational values and actual behaviour. Or, for lack of internal options, their feet will do the talking – people don’t always leave their role, they often leave their workplace culture. Although a wealth of research identifies best practice in sexual harassment training programs for the workplace, it still needs to be comprehensive.

This Week on #TalkTech: The Quantitative-Qualitative Divide, Making Training More Effective, and Skeuomorphic Design

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If you are interested in being a guest curator for TalkTech, let me know! Apple's iOS7 breaks away from skeuomorphic design. How do you view the “problematic” divide between quantitative and qualitative learning? In this article, the author makes some great points about the potential of games to really break us out of some of our more limiting educational constructs. ” Do you feel there is such a divide?

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Podcast 37: How to Pivot to Digital Education – With Ashish Rangnekar

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KEY TAKEAWAYS: This whole idea of “career for life” and the traditional mindset of “learn, do, retire” no longer provides a future proof approach. I was working with CapitalOne Financial doing corporate strategy work. Or I was expected to spend like two grand on a live classroom when one it’s expensive, but you know, it also expected me to walk into a classroom every Tuesday at 6pm, which I just couldn’t do.

How to Grow Your Email List with an Email Challenge and SEO Course Case Study with Brendan Hufford


Doing this also gives you insights into how to phrase your marketing message with the same emotion your audience uses to describe their problems. One great way to build up an audience and figure out if what you’re teaching is valuable is to do a free webinar or live video for someone’s community without pitching an upsell or collecting emails. You can just say, I do all of this stuff on Facebook, and then just run ads to your Facebook Ads thing. Why can I do this?”

How to Start and Grow a Podcast and Build an Online Course Empire with Joe Casabona


The biggest lesson Joe learned from making the switch is that customers do not care about the vehicle that gets them to the destination, rather they care about getting to the destination itself. Number five is being an entrepreneur, which is building that whole business thing and doing the marketing and managing the team and all that stuff, which is almost an impossible task. Basically I was doing my online courses on the side. My first tagline was, “Learn by doing.”