Direct vs Consultative Digital Content Development

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There is a multitude of ways to do a simple task, like measuring a piece of string, you would expect there to be an exponentially wider array of approaches to a more complex task, like developing a piece of digital learning content. We see this building content for clients and for the clients we consult with and the clients we train. the developer makes the call about interactivity or screen layout as they develop. Content source. Content build.

Mobile expansion brings content development urgency


Mobile expansion brings content development urgency. The addition of mobile devices to the office is hugely unsurprising given the staggering popularity of flagship smartphones and tablets from Apple and Samsung. Therefore, when thinking of an approach to content conversion and creation, it's important to remember just how far things have come. Surveying the mobile revolution. And with mobile settling in, there will be a long run.


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Mobile hardware future will heavily involve Apple


Mobile hardware future will heavily involve Apple. It's been a strange year for the mobile hardware market, with tablets' resilience causing fewer re-purchases and premature reports that the hardware category is on its way out of favor. Smartphones have become an omnipresent business accessory and companies that don't let workers use mobile devices are finding that these employees will just go ahead and do so anyway. What's next for Apple? Mobile Readiness.

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Apple announcements point to mobile content future


Apple announcements point to mobile content future. When it comes to the future of mobile devices, manufacturers and content producers have one common goal: It would be better for all parties if tablets and smartphones remain not only popular but indispensable. If these devices remain a constantly-on part of individuals' lives, the case for mobile-friendly content distribution formats for products such as eBooks becomes ironclad. Apple's next OS.

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Flexibility is critical for mobile content development success


Flexibility is critical for mobile content development success. The value of mobile content is no longer in dispute. Decision-makers in every industry have come to realize that only by producing robust, customized mobile content can they hope to attract new customers and retain existing ones. However, choosing to pursue mobile content production and actually enacting such plans are two very different things.

The Essentials of Mobile Learning

Origin Learning

We have reached a stage where mobile is no longer the future of learning. In this blog post, we will examine the importance of mobile learning in modern workplace learning, why organizations should invest in it, the growth of mobile learning apps, and the elements of an ideal mobile learning program. Stats from industry analysts show some interesting numbers: Around 50% to 55% of organizations integrate mobile devices as part of their training programs.

HTML5 making inroads with Apple and Mozilla


HTML5 making inroads with Apple and Mozilla. The past few years have seen an explosion of ways to distribute and experience content. The many new channels available, especially mobile devices, have called for a matching set of standards that can reach out across the field. Adobe Flash lost its bid to become the main content distribution language when Apple pulled support, meaning developers have had to look further afield. Digital Content Development.

IBM/Apple deal set to reshape office device use


IBM/Apple deal set to reshape office device use. Companies creating content for B2B marketing and outreach have had to go mobile in the past few years to keep consistently reaching their prospects. This means that B2B content production depends heavily on the mobile landscape. IBM and Apple unite. Per recent announcements, Apple is entering such a phase, backed by industry titan IBM. What will the effect be beyond the Microsoft and Apple dichotomy?

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Apple strikes against lagging sales rates with new iPads


Apple strikes against lagging sales rates with new iPads. All of this activity on the part of Apple, Samsung, HTC and their fellows has implications for content conversion - if tablets stay relevant over the long haul, they will be important platforms for media. By the same token, if they add new functionality en masse, those features may become relevant for interactive content developers. Apple's new lineup. Mobile Readiness.

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The top 10 reasons your mobile learning strategy will fail | Dawn.


Home > mobile learning > The top 10 reasons your mobile learning strategy will fail The top 10 reasons your mobile learning strategy will fail April 13th, 2011 Goto comments Leave a comment While the focus of this post is not specifically Apple or the iPad, it’s almost impossible to talk about successful mobile strategies without recognizing that the iPad has created a transitional moment for the Learning & Development world.

Enterprise mobility: A different world than consumer usage


Enterprise mobility: A different world than consumer usage. Companies that produce content viewable on mobile devices will no doubt want to base their approach on the appropriate market's dominant trends. Considering the current high profile of mobility as a way to view online materials, this is a huge spectrum of developers that should be taking notes. Enterprise mobile's unique trends. Digital Content Development.

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Is HTML5 Ready for eLearning Development?

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Last week, while justifying Apple’s refusal to allow Flash player on iPhone/iPad, Steve Jobs wrote– “ New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too) ”. A few days before the launch of iPad Apple had released a list of ‘iPad ready’ websites having support for HTML5. Clearly Apple is backing HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript for developing future web applications. Is it ready for eLearning Development?

Digital content within companies must consider mobility


Digital content within companies must consider mobility. This means mobile content may be exceptionally useful in empowering workers, whereas programs restricted to desktop PCs may seem incomplete. In the past, it may have been worrisome that the mobile environment is split between Apple iOS, Google Android and several other operating systems. How mobility works. Becoming a mobile-enabled company means more than just setting up a few devices.

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Rich content being viewed on mobile devices


Rich content being viewed on mobile devices. Businesses are gravitating toward rich content to spread their messages. On seeing how effective content is at attracting consumer attention, businesses all began to use this as a promotional tactic. Now, with the quality of visuals such a relevant part of the equation, it's important to think about what types of screens and operating systems will be used to access content. The mobile movement.

Marketing content: Remember mobile or lose relevance


Marketing content: Remember mobile or lose relevance. Content made for advertising and promotional purposes doesn't just have to be seen, it must be digested and harnessed by the target audience, individuals most likely to make a purchase. That last point is especially vital today, as users are rarely without their powerful mobile devices. The pressing need for mobile. Mobile Readiness.

Microsoft Predicts, Embraces Diverse Mobile OS Environment


Microsoft Predicts, Embraces Diverse Mobile OS Environment. It's becoming clear that there is no single mobile ecosystem dominating either the enterprise or consumer space right now. Apple iOS and Google Android tend to split the lion's share of users, with Microsoft, BlackBerry and others making up smaller segments. This diversity of options is important for enterprise content developers because it incentivizes flexibility. Mobile Readiness.

Tomorrow's mobile landscape: All devices at once


Tomorrow's mobile landscape: All devices at once. The divisions between device types and manufacturers may make a number of processes more complicated, not least content production. The need to create solutions that will suit mobile screens has become pressing as these small devices have overtaken PCs in sales and become the primary window between consumers and the online world. New content-sharing approaches. Mobile Readiness.

Mobile evolution marches on via new device announcement


Mobile evolution marches on via new device announcement. The latest releases from the main tech hardware producers have a great deal of meaning for content developers. Mobile content development is a field with shifting objectives, which means that each time the top industry businesses begin the hype machine for a new handset, it's time for creators to take notice. Along with Apple, Samsung is one of the leading producers of smartphone hardware.

Next generation of promotional content will be mobile


Next generation of promotional content will be mobile. The key to creating content targeting a specific audience, whether in the B2B or consumer spaces, is shaping it to suit the platforms the targeted individuals will actually use. That means supporting any possible view configurations, from Android smartphones to Apple desktops and everything in between. Marketing content's new look. Dealing with content marketing challenges. Mobile Readiness.

Adobe Device Central: Great Support for mLearning Development

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One of the key challenges associated with mLearning development is to manage development across varied types of devices and platforms. It helps preview and test any content developed for various mobile devices using the Creative Suite. Device Central has built-in simulators for many mobile devices and Adobe keeps adding simulators for new mobile devices. How it Can Benefit Mobile Learning Mobile Learning (mLearning) Applications – An Example.

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My "Top Ten List" for Mobile Learning News in 2009

mLearning Trends

Given the constant and oftentimes harsh distractions 2009 dealt us all in terms of budget cuts, canceled/postponed projects, long decision cycles, there was actually a lot of positive news and both technical and market innovations to make 2009 an outstanding year in the maturity of mobile learning. RIM bought Chalk for their mobile Chalkboard offering. Blackboard also just introduced a BlackBerry application to work alongside their current Apple iPhone offerings.

Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

Your Training Edge

Nowadays, I have been observing that various new online learning solutions are popping every month and conventional classroom settings are getting even keener than ever to integrate new technologies into their content and strategies. Many education experts forecast that 2016 is going to be the year when automation is finally becoming a critical aspect of both content development and processing [1]. This is the area under extreme development.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "The iPhone dominates the smartphone market in mobile media consumption" (ZDNet)

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Main | Web-based Replacements for MSFT Project » March 25, 2008 "The iPhone dominates the smartphone market in mobile media consumption" (ZDNet) ( ZDNet Story , Media Metrics Press Release w/ more readable numbers) Check out those numbers. and check this one as well e-Places to visit copyright game studies anthropology mobile learning e-learning things you should read stat counter View My Stats kaboodle Oehlerts Book.

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Flash: an End of an Era – What You Need To Know


In 1996 Macromedia first introduced the Flash Player, developed to play videos, animations, and audio and to support enhanced interactivity in web browsers. Soon Flash became a source of frustration for the world’s largest technology companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook. Increases in the use of mobile devices for learning, and the maturity of HTML5 to present content over the web, have also led to a decrease in the development of content supporting Adobe Flash Player.

Multimedia Wars: Flash or HTML5


For developers, it has been good times as they have been given room to explore different mediums – including one that has shown immense success – Video. But with increased number of viewing devices, from the early desktops to laptops and now, smart-phones, there is more than one factor that influences e-learning developers’ choice of applications, software or standards used to build training. To save your content being illegally downloaded, Flash seems to be the better option again.

Pondering a tablet-powered business future


When creating business-focused rich digital content, companies need to consider the screens that users will employ to view their efforts. The recent alliance between Apple and IBM could cement the place of iOS devices in this role, so organizations commissioning custom content development should consider that it will likely be viewed on the thin screen of an Apple device. One of the primary rifts in the professional software world is between Apple and Microsoft.

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Snapshots of the smartphone industry show space in transition


When predicting the next stages of the mobile phone market, it pays to take a wide look. This is the environment mobile content developers have to deal with when determining how to shape their next offerings. The eternal query hanging over the mobile space is what Microsoft will do next. Spence noted that Microsoft is betting on developers being more friendly to its ecosystem when mobile and desktop software are one and the same. Mobile Readiness.

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Next smartphones and tablets may be heavily specialized


The tablet and smartphone market is a puzzle constantly being pieced together in front of content developers. Apple and Google have long been locked in a competition to rule the mobile operating system market, with Android and iOS gaining and losing traction amongst the public as rivals including Windows and BlackBerry hang back. These are the Samsung Galaxies and iPhones of the world, and their presence can help direct content production. Mobile Readiness.

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7 Reasons Why You Must Convert Flash Games to HTML5

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However, owing to glaring security gaps, performance, and stability issues that Flash games presented on mobile devices, a need for change became more pressing. Adobe Flash is a software platform designed to support multimedia content production and display. Mobile Device Compatibility.

Quick Tips for Large-Scale Flash to HTML5 Migration

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You can still salvage your Flash eLearning content by converting it into HTML5. Adobe Flash was once the trusted tool for creating eLearning content. In fact, the death knell for Flash was sounded when Apple founder, Steve Jobs decided not to use it in any of his iOS devices.

eLearning Development Guide for iPhone

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Apple posted an iPhone content development page. about the eLearning for the iPhone and how it will influence mobile learning. The Corporate eLearning Weekly Podcast will be talking about the iphone on Friday. Time: 07/06/07 12:00 PM EDT Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Talkcast ID: 8702 You can simply call in, but its much more fun to join the TalkCast and that requires a short download and setup so give yourself plenty of time to get setup

How Does LMS Selection Work? This Case Reveals All

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During the last decade, the association has accumulated a wealth of learning-related content in its LMS. However, finding the desired content type, format and size — on-demand — was a struggle. Learners who couldn’t locate desired content in the moment of need either abandoned the LMS or called the association for personalized assistance. They are built to find content, support mobile devices, gamification and social interactions.

Next steps incoming for tablet market


Faced with these mixed signals, it's time for mobile content developers to consider their next steps. Is this the time to think about shifting mobile offerings away from the tablet form factor or doubling down on these devices, now that many people own them? A recent eWEEK report summarized notable developments in the tablet market over the past few months. This is news that content developers can use. What makes content work on tablets?

Tablet market changing and maturing


The rise of mobile devices has entirely changed the list of the most effective ways to share information. When it comes to distributing content that carries a company's message, a few new options stand tall. Of course, these new and resonant forms of custom content development are significantly weaker if the use of advanced devices falters. Developers should therefore take heart from the tablet market's shift into maturity. Mobile Readiness.

Amazon announcement shows HTML5's versatility


Web apps developed with HTML5 are an answer to one of the key questions in mobile content development , namely which platforms to focus on. By creating materials with HTML5, companies can cross operating system boundaries easily, even reaching both PC and mobile users with the same app. This isn't a bad thing - competition between Apple and Google helps keep the hardware appealing and forward-looking. Mobile Readiness.

Next steps for tablet market point to new use patterns


All of this can be very confusing for companies refining their mobile content strategies, as there are numerous different ways the future could go, each calling for a different approach. It's time to dig deep into the indicators and point out likely developments that show the way to tomorrow's screens. A recent Macworld piece took on the still-open question of what Apple's recent corporate moves mean for the popular iPad device line. Mobile Readiness.

Immersive Learning, VR, AR, MR

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Facebook Oculus recently announced they were creating two separate divisions, one for mobile the other with PC. Perhaps, the better question or the way it should be phrased is what level of immersive learning content will be quality wise better? Let me jump back to “custom content development” with VR, regardless if it is PC-powered, smartphone or standalone. . Where can you find the content if you wanted to dive into immersive learning in 2017? .