Direct vs Consultative Digital Content Development

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There is a multitude of ways to do a simple task, like measuring a piece of string, you would expect there to be an exponentially wider array of approaches to a more complex task, like developing a piece of digital learning content. We see this building content for clients and for the clients we consult with and the clients we train. the developer makes the call about interactivity or screen layout as they develop. Content source. Content build.

Apple strikes against lagging sales rates with new iPads


Apple strikes against lagging sales rates with new iPads. All of this activity on the part of Apple, Samsung, HTC and their fellows has implications for content conversion - if tablets stay relevant over the long haul, they will be important platforms for media. By the same token, if they add new functionality en masse, those features may become relevant for interactive content developers. Apple's new lineup.

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The Web without Flash is getting closer


The Web without Flash is getting closer. When it comes to developing content for online spaces, it's important to take an active interest in this evolution. The latest development concerns the language in which multimedia is displayed. A general movement of Flash to HTML5 conversion has changed the fabric of the Web. Content creators will want to ensure they aren't among those non-functional Web elements. Digital Content Development.

Pressure mounting to lose Flash in Web content


Pressure mounting to lose Flash in Web content. Flash is the entrenched choice, due to its longtime presence on Web pages. However, ever since Apple threw down the gauntlet and ditched the standard in its devices, the field has seemed wide open. Now, it's worth leaders considering Flash to HTML5 conversion for their rich resources to fit in with the new wave of computing and Web apps. Digital Content Development.

Is HTML5 Ready for eLearning Development?

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Last week, while justifying Apple’s refusal to allow Flash player on iPhone/iPad, Steve Jobs wrote– “ New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too) ”. A few days before the launch of iPad Apple had released a list of ‘iPad ready’ websites having support for HTML5. Clearly Apple is backing HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript for developing future web applications. Is it ready for eLearning Development?

Podcasting for E-Learning: Editing and Producing Podcasts

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So far in this series of posts about Podcasting for E-Learning from the E-Learning Curve Blog , I've covered a lot of material, including: A Brief History of Audio in Education The Four 'P's' of narration Introduction to Audio Production Digital Audio Basics Now, it's time to look in some depth at editing and producing podcast content. If you don't see an up-to-date package for your distribution, search your distribution's web site for the latest information.

Thoughts on DevLearn 2015

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He said, “It was highly concentrated with course development companies, which is a new phenomenon compared to years ago when it was concentrated on LMS providers. ”. Dr. Hicken then contributed, “Content is king. Quality content has to be made by people who know instructional design, and there is a trend toward investment in high quality design. Companies apparently are shopping for content development assistants rather than buying large software systems.”.

Multimedia Wars: Flash or HTML5


The web has gone though a metamorphosis in the last two decades to find glory in its present avatar. For developers, it has been good times as they have been given room to explore different mediums – including one that has shown immense success – Video. HTML5 is being hailed as equally competent in developing rich-media, adopted by Google and Apple. Right now, Chrome (Google) and Safari (Apple) support viewing of video developed with HTML5 (H.264).

7 Reasons Why You Must Convert Flash Games to HTML5

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It was the go-to choice for web designers seeking to incorporate multimedia elements such as animation, video, and games into a website interface. Adobe Flash is a software platform designed to support multimedia content production and display. Introducing Web Analytics .

Mobile evolution marches on via new device announcement


The latest releases from the main tech hardware producers have a great deal of meaning for content developers. Mobile content development is a field with shifting objectives, which means that each time the top industry businesses begin the hype machine for a new handset, it's time for creators to take notice. Along with Apple, Samsung is one of the leading producers of smartphone hardware. The Apple response.

eLearning Outsourcing – How To Select A Vendor?

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An eLearning development vendor should have eLearning as its core (if not the primary) business. To evaluate capability you should: Review their website not just from the design but also from the content point of view. Samples can provide insights into their expertise in learning design & development. Ask for profiles of development team members who may work on your project. Understand their development processes and see how well would they work with your setup.

Snapshots of the smartphone industry show space in transition


This is the environment mobile content developers have to deal with when determining how to shape their next offerings. Watching the movements of the various forces within the space can pay off when organizations connect with their customer base by releasing the right native or Web app at the best possible moment. Spence noted that Microsoft is betting on developers being more friendly to its ecosystem when mobile and desktop software are one and the same.

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Amazon announcement shows HTML5's versatility


Web apps developed with HTML5 are an answer to one of the key questions in mobile content development , namely which platforms to focus on. This isn't a bad thing - competition between Apple and Google helps keep the hardware appealing and forward-looking. Having Web apps available as a development option means organizations can accept the state of mobility and get on with creating good products. Amazon announcement shows HTML5's versatility.

Latest HTML5 convert: YouTube


Ever since Apple made the calculated decision that its devices could get by without Adobe Flash, the pressure has been on for content providers to find a new way forward. Powering through its early challenges such as a lack of compatibility with old Web browsing software, HTML5 has proved its case among an increasing group of developers. The source explained that the list consists of Google Chrome, Apple Safari 8 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

HTML5 content enters new era


HTML5 content enters new era. As has been widely reported, the W3C group has upgraded HTML5 to a finished recommendation, meaning the features of the language have been locked and developers working on Web browsers and software alike have solid targets to aim for with their functionality inclusions. IT's finalization may allow developers to banish old languages that are more prone to security issues. Digital Content Development.

HTML5: A future without plugins?


Finding new ways to distribute rich and interactive content is a consuming passion for many different businesses. Such companies thrive on the use of languages such as HTML5, which allows development across everything from desktop PCs to iOS devices, a range that puts it beyond older technologies such as Adobe Flash. Developers seem to have their eyes on a better future of content production and delivery, one without roadblocks. Digital Content Development.

Tech development further enhancing HTML5's prospects


Tech development further enhancing HTML5's prospects. The idea of a language that can enable platform-agnostic Web apps without plugins is a compelling one, and many different industry forces seem to agree. Each move is confirmation that HTML5 conversion and development are worthwhile practices. With Apple and Google both uniting behind HTML5 support, it appears safe to assume that working in that language will be an acceptable practice in the years ahead.

Quick Tips for Large-Scale Flash to HTML5 Migration

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You can still salvage your Flash eLearning content by converting it into HTML5. Adobe Flash was once the trusted tool for creating eLearning content. In fact, the death knell for Flash was sounded when Apple founder, Steve Jobs decided not to use it in any of his iOS devices.

Remaining HTML5 hurdles falling


The switch to HTML5 for cross-platform content has received a few important boosts in the past few years. Arguably, the real momentum began to build when Apple declared Flash dead on its handheld gadgets, a move that left developers unable to fall back on the venerable plugin when it came time to design their Web apps. It may finally be time for widespread HTML5 conversion and new development in a variety of industries. Digital Content Development.

HTML5 close to W3C certification


Development has continued on the HTML5 standard over the past few years, cementing its place in the enterprise world. In that time, HTML5 has provided a helpful bridge for companies eager to develop software that can easily move between different mobile operating systems. It's been a long road for HTML5, but according to Redmond magazine, the World Wide Web Consortium is close to finalizing a version of the standard to become a "recommendation." The lure of HTML5 development.

iBooks Author: Any relevance for learning in the workplace?

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As I've just returned from a week walking in the sunshine of Almeria, I'm probably the last to comment on Apple's announcement of it's publishing platform for multimedia text books on the iPad. It's also likely to offer a more elegant user experience than you would normally expect when exploring a work in a web browser, but without all the connections to other resources and the opportunities for interactivity. Well, Apple of course, because they take 30% off the top of every sale.

Experts offer reminders that HTML5 is already widely used


However, it's far from the first time this language has made its presence felt on the development scene. Some organizations may have spent years on HTML5 conversion while others might just be getting started, but if leaders look long enough they will find that the standard already has a foothold in the Web app space. The W3C recommendation, explained Buckler, is all about feature sets that have already been pioneered by developers of individual browsers over the years.

Digital experiences falter without great user interfaces


When designing content technology , it's important for developers and the companies that commission them to put themselves into users' shoes. Putting aside the information that the document, Web page or application conveys, how does it feel to use? As device-specific apps, Web tools and other rich experiences have become prominent ways to spread vital information, just about every sizable company has reason to take note of these points. Digital Content Development.

The top 10 reasons your mobile learning strategy will fail | Dawn.


Home > mobile learning > The top 10 reasons your mobile learning strategy will fail The top 10 reasons your mobile learning strategy will fail April 13th, 2011 Goto comments Leave a comment While the focus of this post is not specifically Apple or the iPad, it’s almost impossible to talk about successful mobile strategies without recognizing that the iPad has created a transitional moment for the Learning & Development world. Keep mLearning content development tactical.

Google underlines HTML5 importance with auto-convert policy


This is a vital question for creators of content, as they need to determine whether their efforts are in the proper format to suit the times. The current schism worth studying involves how rich digital content appears online - for years, Flash was the standard. A recent The Next Web piece focused on a Google initiative that shows just how far HTML5 has come. Digital Content Development. Google underlines HTML5 importance with auto-convert policy.

Commercial eBook stores offer appealing customer experiences


The rise of the eBook format and ePublishing has enabled content owners and authors to consider a series of launch strategies that would never have been possible in years past, with low overhead and an engaged install base. When it comes to commercial and trade publishing, the final portal between the consumer and the product is usually one of the major distributors' Web portals. Kobo, Amazon, Apple, Google and more are lining up to make the sale. Digital Content Development.

E-Learning 101: Straightforward Answers to Fundamental Questions

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Free webinar are Section 508 and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Responsive design presents content on a web page or an e-learning course in such a way that it works well on a number of devices. Creative Commons is a type of copyright license wherein the creator of the content still retains the rights but allows others to use it free of charge with certain stipulations. With Creative Commons, the content owner still retains ownership.

Principles and Tools from “Modern Accessibility Techniques,” Hiram Kuykendall’s AAUG Presentation

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While emphasizing the “why” of digital accessibility, Microassist CTO and noted accessibility advocate Hiram Kuykendall also provided web and application developers over an hour’s worth of web accessibility resources and instruction during Austin Adobe User Group ’s (AAUG’s) June meeting. Below, I’ll cover a bit of the overview he gave, as well as point to accessibility resources developers will find helpful as they build and test their projects.

iPad & eBooks: A Game Changer for Blended Learning


There have been countless blog posts about the theoretical potential of the iPad on mainstream media, most notably eBooks, so it was nice to see a real-world example of static content and video done in a way that equals, and even improves upon, the quality and design of the magazine layout. Apple’s announcement underscores the fact that we are seeing a rapid shift towards standards adherence and open content formats. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

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Predictions of HTML5 ascendancy gain urgency


And now, it appears HTML5 Web and app design is here to execute the same kind of switch. While Flash has been the standard for years, it can no longer offer the type of experience developers and users are after. While the recent development of HTML5 has been in the PC space, ReadWrite points to mobile as the culprit that turned things against Flash in the first place. Digital Content Development. Predictions of HTML5 ascendancy gain urgency.

Digital content within companies must consider mobility


Digital content within companies must consider mobility. This means mobile content may be exceptionally useful in empowering workers, whereas programs restricted to desktop PCs may seem incomplete. In the past, it may have been worrisome that the mobile environment is split between Apple iOS, Google Android and several other operating systems. After all, corporate content taking app form would have to be developed several times over, once for each platform.

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Best SaaS Conferences 2020


Right now, these conferences are still available to register and attend: Running Remote – Learn how to adapt your team to remote work Dreamforce to you – An event focused on SaaS and & Cloud innovation Web Summit – The largest tech conference in the world! Web Summit.

As tablet shipments downshift, new media strategies remain


It's all a lot for developers to keep track of when creating content that's meant to be displayed on mobile screens. New ways to view content. A recent Daily Mail report on the current state of the tablet market highlighted the fact that when these devices entered the marketplace, they fundamentally changed the way users thought about consuming content. As long as content developers are cognizant of the change, they should be able to adapt easily.

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5 Tips For Finding (and working with) An eLearning Development Company


But while the eLearning solutions market offers several excellent LMS platforms, including our very own eFrontPro , not all business have the necessary resources, skills and time required to develop their own employee training material. Fortunately, thanks to the growth of the eLearning market, it’s quite easy to outsource eLearning content development to an eLearning consultant or firm — and there are plenty of eLearning development companies to choose from.

My "Top Ten List" for Mobile Learning News in 2009

mLearning Trends

The 2-year old company had modest sales but a growing collection of interesting higher-ed customers (including Stanford U, Texas A&M and Duke) and since the acquisition 6 months ago, has come to market with a new consolidated offering (called Blackboard Mobile ) which is now one of centerpieces of Blackboard’s overall solution offering (and currently occupying the main screen on Blackboard’s corporate web site).

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "The iPhone dominates the smartphone market in mobile media consumption" (ZDNet)

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Main | Web-based Replacements for MSFT Project » March 25, 2008 "The iPhone dominates the smartphone market in mobile media consumption" (ZDNet) ( ZDNet Story , Media Metrics Press Release w/ more readable numbers) Check out those numbers. books futures Web 2.0 Apple/iPhone/iPod Application Becomes the Platform Arrghh!!! e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Trying out image service.

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Marketing content: Remember mobile or lose relevance


Marketing content: Remember mobile or lose relevance. Content made for advertising and promotional purposes doesn't just have to be seen, it must be digested and harnessed by the target audience, individuals most likely to make a purchase. Where will they be when they pull up the Web page? Organizations that are trying to make themselves more visible online with content that breaks or looks unwieldy on a mobile screen may find they are getting poor returns.