xAPI: Why Should I Care and What Could It Do for Me?


Just think about the last time you observed how much Google, Facebook and Apple seem to know about you as a person. This can result in the development of more effective training, better targeted programs, and even create strong support for the effectiveness and clear worth of training to the organization. New technologies are always cropping up with seemingly better and more efficient ways to accomplish our everyday tasks.

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xAPI: Why Should I Care and What Could It Do for Me?


Just think about the last time you observed how much Google, Facebook and Apple seem to know about you as a person. This can result in the development of more effective training, better targeted programs, and even create strong support for the effectiveness and clear worth of training to the organization. New technologies are always cropping up with seemingly better and more efficient ways to accomplish our everyday tasks.

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An Overview of HTML5

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Apple's recent refusal to support Flash is the latest of many headaches web developers have had to endure as the web has matured but standards have been slow to respond. Apple is stopping support for Flash on the premise that HTML5 can solve all the development challenges that previously could only be solved through Flash. This will allow developers to render graphs on-the-fly within a web page, create photo effects, and do animations. Effect on WBT development.

The Rise and Fall of 3D Learning – Lessons from Real Implementations

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Citing the example of Apple’s failure with Newton tablet 20 years ago, but the terrific success of iPad and Samsung Galaxy tabs enjoy today, he makes the point that Time and Technology have a great impact on the success of an idea.

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Workplace Learning Trends in 2018

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Did you spend some time to check how Facebook prompts you to set up a reminder for an event when you are having a chat on FB Messenger? There is room for innovation wherein interactive video simulations can be used as an effective training tool to boost learning outcomes.

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Designing Mobile Learning Solutions


Could you take advantage of your existing LMS or social media platforms, like Facebook, to promote discussion in your course? However, the most effective mLearning solutions are those that have a simple, user-friendly design.

2008 Tools and Technologies Retro

Learning with e's

7 - Slideshare is a very simple, but most effective web service which enables you to load up your complete PowerPoint slide shows (or other files such as pdf files) direct to a webspace and then make them available to others.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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In 2014, Facebook appointed market research company GfK to understand people’s behavior as they move across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops or PCs , throughout the day.

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How Corporate Identity Influences Employee Motivation

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However, it’s equally important for brands to establish strong emotional connections with their employees, as they’re the best and most effective brand ambassadors. Building a strong corporate identity is one of the key ingredients for success.

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Internet Trends & What they Mean for Accessibility

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Seven out of the ten most powerful companies in the world are tech companies including Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and Facebook. Most ad spending is happening on Google and Facebook (which includes Instagram), but Amazon and Twitter are also seeing a good portion of the ad spend share.

Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 8

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In continuation to our weekly roundup of the best links shared on Twitter and Facebook, here is a collection of our top 15 links from the last week, each accompanied by a quick brief. How can e-Learning, or computer based training, be more effective?

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Congratulations ScreenChamps!

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Teach viewers how to recreate popular digital effects from their favorite movies, TV shows, and videogames. Quicktime 10 screen capture, Youtube, canon T2i, Rhode Shotgun Mic, After Effects CS5, and Final Cut Pro 7. Apple Distinguished Educator Application.

Snap! by Lectora Review

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In addition, Snap allows you to sync your media up to the timing of PowerPoint animation effects. With the recent rise in mLearning training content for mobile devices and tablets and Apple's refusal to support Flash, publishing to Flash has its drawbacks. By Joseph Suarez.

Using White Space for Clutter-Free eLearning

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Both employ highly effective use of white space around the positive space of a logo and search box. Two search giants using white space effectively Click to enlarge. Generally, when white space is used effectively, it conveys a more professional and possibly sophisticated look and feel.

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Great Time Talking #Gamification at Masie’s Learning2015

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She spoke about how big data in Facebook and other platforms has been used and is being used to predict our behavior and information about us sometimes before we even know it. – What are the elements of good, effective gamification projects?

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Employee Engagement: Gotta catch ’em all


million in daily revenue in the Apple iOS store alone. Daily usage time continues to surpass staple social apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger by 30%. It tells us that the strategic execution of gamification is effective in dramatically influencing human behavior.

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5 Reasons Your Company Needs to be Using Video

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Apple is a company known for their demos, and they do a fantastic job. Here’s an official demo for the Apple watch , and here’s a video of a sales rep demoing the watch to a potential customer. Is one more effective than the other?

This Week on #TalkTech: Bad UX Design, Death of the Keyword Tool, and Tech Hype

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Our brains find reading it more difficult, and this effect carries over into the way we interact with the site.” Googe, Facebook, Twitter… they all have REALLY good things going. Even Apple is running into this problem right now as their shares begin to drop.

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Mobile Learning Survey Results Summary

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57% of respondents use Facebook Mobile. Measuring the effectiveness of Mobile Learning.   Other Feedback from the Survey Responders Some feel that the lack of support for Flash by Apple will be a huge detriment to the development of Mobile Learning and others reported that they would like to get involved more in Mobile Learning but their companies are slow to consider Mobile Learning tools as an option. by Rosie Hausler.

Take a Good Look at the Future of Corporate Universities

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The giants of the web — Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba and TenCent in China — as well as other digital technologies or social network providers such as LinkedIn, are investing in the knowledge economy.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


More specifically, it allows you to share photos and videos that are accompanied with cool special movement effects and music accompaniment. In this interactive environment, you can add short texts, images and photos, sounds, video and a range of special effects that are necessary to create an online multimedia presentation. Facebook Pixel. Now, Facebook offers a similar service to Google’s Analytics for tracking and reporting on your visitors. Keynote (Apple).

Why it Is Important to Be a Real Leader to Your Employees

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Without vision, companies like Microsoft and Apple wouldn’t exist. Follow Olivia on Facebook and Twitter. What is a leader? We are hearing this term very often, but we still can’t manage to grasp its true meaning. A leader is someone who innovates and inspires other people.

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20 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 13

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The hard reality is that organizations are not implementing effective eLearning as much as we think. This post reveals some secret formulas for effective eLearning. The Apple iPad is an amazing tablet, that goes without say. The Real Story Behind the “Facebook Phone”.

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Are You Appy?

Nick Leffler

Beside the big players of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android There are also a number of small guys out there such as Windows, Blackberry, and Firefox. Facebook recently (recently being over a year ago) ditched programming their app in HTML5 for the native language of each operating system. Simple Yet Effective. They can be slow, bulky on mobile devices, and take careful planning, but you can make an effective mobile solution with a webpage.

There’s a New Batch of Teachers and their Names are Siri, Alexa, and Cortana


Then, to great comedic effect, Scotty holds the mouse to his mouth, presses the button, and says, “Computer.”. We now have many realized versions of this concept: Google Assistant, Alexa from Amazon, Microsoft’s Cortana, and, of course, Apple’s Siri. It’s 1986.

We’ve Reached the European Finals of the Talent Unleashed Awards, judged by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak!

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We’re extra proud of this achievement because the judging panel which has progressed us this far is made up of some of the world’s most prominent technology figureheads and entrepreneurs, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson! Can you hear that?

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Representing corporate culture in elearning induction

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Using video or animated content can bring the leading cultural figures of an organisation into the onboarding process cost effectively with minimal disruption to their schedule. The following three quotes about corporate culture are from the founders of Google, Amazon and Apple.

10 Commandments for Mobile App Onboarding Content


Here are your Ten Commandments for an effective mobile Onboarding content. Only for this alone I would make the nugget go just over 11 minutes,’ I would be acquiring Apple! Of course, you’d want to share it on Facebook, Twitter or on your WhatsApp Groups. Reading Time: 7 minutes.

The Commoditization of AI


Or, ask Apple’s Siri to assist you with a reminder. This kind of recognition of people in pictures was once a novelty, but it is almost trivial to do now – Facebook has been doing it for a few years and so does Google Photos. In order for AI to be an effective and useful tool, it needs data. Big players like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc.,

Content Curation & Dissemination for Learning

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Facebook users share nearly 2.46 Apple users download 48,000 apps. Develop an appropriate and effective content curation strategy. Develop skill to curate content effectively. Select and use appropriate curation tools effectively. Thursday, May 5th, 2016, Sydney. Overview. One of the biggest challenges of our times is the explosion in the quantity and immediacy of the information available through the internet.

Why Learning NEEDS to be Bite-Sized

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A Facebook friend has just posted their photos from the “BEST HOLIDAY EVER”. Have you ever tried putting a whole apple in your mouth? How do you like them apples? It’s More Cost Effective.

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Welcome to DevLearn 2017 – Las Vegas

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We already have Artificial Narrow Intelligence with phone maps, Spotify and the experience that Facebook gives us. Day 1 It has been 6 years since I last visited the DevLearn conference, so this year I decided to return to ‘whacky’ Las Vegas, with my colleague Helen Watts, to find out if anything has changed since my last visit.

How Education Publishers Can Stay Relevant in the Era of Information Explosion?


Neither did he consider that platforms like the internet relay chats (IRCs) of the 1980s-90s would be replaced by multi-billion-dollar companies like Facebook and Twitter. Imagine looking for information on Earth’s gravity only to be bombarded with everything from the apple falling on Newton’s head to Quantum Physics. Publishers should look for a platform that eases the entire process of creating, updating and distributing content, while ensuring effective digital rights management.

LMS Review: Docebo 7

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This connector marketplace emulates the Apple or Android store, where you can shop for free or paid apps, download, install and use immediately. Docebo could improve and streamline self-service onboarding options, tutorials and guides to make the early-stage customer experience more effective.

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Entrepreneurship Got Plastic Surgery, and it Looks Better: The Changing Business World


Multi-million dollar, publicly traded companies have the ability to start in dorm rooms and garages (see: Apple, Facebook). When compared to the latter, eLearning is more cost- effective for companies and convenient for employees.

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