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While a video learning platform might have multiple products at the end of the day it is built upon two key components (which they all have in some form). Deliver live presentations/events/meetings/webcast – to name a few. The KV Studio is the product to look at. Flashback.

6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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You may have noticed already – mobile platforms (or operating systems) are jostling for larger share of the pie with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android together ruling the market as of now. Check out this webcast from ASTD covering Qualcomm case studies).

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Developing And Measuring Training The Agile Way Revisited

Training Industry

For those who are not familiar with the term, Agile is a software development technique that supports frequent releases of product features and functionality to customers. I’ll be discussing our experience with Agile and learning product development at Training Industry, Inc.’s

The New-School Virtual Leader

CLO Magazine

It’s rumored that Steve Jobs insisted on just one set of toilets on the ground floor of the Apple headquarters; employees had to walk along the same corridor to get there and would be encouraged to interact with each other. They are also being used to offer more interactive training sessions through live webcasts, social media interaction, expert Q&As and collaborative online sessions. Leadership and what it means to be a leader have changed.