L&D’s Role In A Purpose Driven Workplace


L&D’s Role in the VUCA World. Role of Community Management in Workplace Learning Today. Take organizations like Google, Apple or Zappos. Assuming we have such Purpose Driven Workplaces (PDW) what would be L&D’s role?

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The Growing Role of Microlearning

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But the biggest change we’re dealing with is the disintegration of learning content, what one might call the “growing role of microlearning.”. In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone and essentially killed flash technology with its implementation of iOS.

L&D's Role in a Purpose Driven Workplace

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Take organizations like Google, Apple or Zappos. Italics mine - [link] Assuming we have such Purpose Driven Workplaces (PDW) what would be L&D role here? This post is inspired by last week's # ihrchat on Twitter hosted by Dr. Tanvi Gautam and supported by Team #ihrchat.

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The future of MOOCs

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It’s all very well for Apple-owning, organic-buying professionals to cast aspersions, but consider the girl in Pakistan who’s too scared to set foot in a classroom. The role of the teacher will evolve. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


These advancements that have the potential to not just play a pivotal role, but drastically transform the learning domain are termed ‘disruptive’ due to the following reasons: • They fundamentally change the conventional landscape. • They produce something new and more efficient.

Selfie number 1

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So here it is - my number one 'selfie' - a picture of me alongside the legendary Apple Computer inventor Steve Wozniak. I asked him about the early days of Apple and his first meeting with Steve Jobs. Apple Computers education innovation learning selfie Steve Wozniak Technology

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15 Great App Preview Videos and a Free Tool for Making Your Own

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Back in June, Apple announced that developers would be able to create and upload a 30-second demo to their App Store listing. Pro tip: Apple is currently featuring a few apps with previews on the front of the App Store.

7 Strategies to Facilitate “Working Out Loud”


Organizations like Google and Apple have become such talent communities attracting the best of the best in their areas of expertise. Inspirational Role Models – There are always a few early adopters and trend setters.

6 Reasons You Need a Social LMS Right Now!

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Market leaders such as Google, Apple and GE manage to stay ahead of the curve because their employees are nurtured in a culture that is inherently creative. To change the role of the instructor.

Infographic: How to Arrive at a Great App Preview Video

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Constraints also play a huge role in App Preview videos (brief demos that will be included next to the screenshots in iTunes App Store listings this fall). Apple introduced a set of guidelines during their hour-long session at WWDC that define a limited set of production elements.

Changing the world

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That's exactly what I did this week in a glittering lounge in the Carlton Ritz Hotel, when I sat down with Steve Wozniak , co-founder (with Steve Jobs) of Apple. Apple, and its co-founder Wozniak have shaped our desires and crystallised our dreams with innovation after innovation.



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The Corporate University Shift: Why Great Companies Invest in Custom Learning


Apple University: Establishing the “Apple Way” through better culture. Apple sets itself apart by doing things differently, and it expects the same from its army of employees. Apple doesn’t only teach employees how to do things differently, but how to think differently as a fundamental part of their job. In return, employees feel better prepped to take on leadership roles, speak up, and take risks to keep the tech visionary’s edge over the competition.

Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

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It is quite possible that by 2016, the augmented reality devices, including Google Glass, Apple Watch etc would become the common tool in our everyday realities [2].

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Instructional Design vs. Learning Game Design: What’s the Difference?

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The Role of an Instructional Designer. Commercial games like Call of Duty or Apple to Apples are designed to be fun. The Role of a Learning Game Designer. Your manager decides to include games and gamification as part of this year’s training strategy.

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Steve Jobs steps down: a homage

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This week Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. And not just in his role as CEO. Born as an unwanted child of a teen age mother, adopted, college drop-out and then founder of Apple. apple Steve JobsDue to his illness he is no longer capable to stay on.

#OnboardingSOS Part 2: Onboarding begins before Day 1


If that picture failed to, at least, somewhat match reality, I would have had a problem engaging in my role. But, even if L&D doesn’t own the entire process, the L&D team is in a position to play a central organizing role, especially in this early part of the story. Why do people like going to the Apple Store so much? Apple doesn’t just hire generic retail employees. The company finds people who know Apple products and love the brand.

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Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Now against the backdrop of such information, it is interesting to explore what role mobiles are playing in shaping up the workplace learning scenario. Global mobile data traffic grew 69 percent in 2014 and was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000.

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3 Ways Mobility Elevates Your Training Programs: Connectivity


Next, we have Unity which plays a huge role in enabling learning to span across multiple browsers and platforms without the need of complicated installers. Let’s talk about connectivity and why it’s important.

TV In The Future Of Learning

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There are already products out there like Apple TV and Google TV that connect to the internet and conventional television sources to dish up a much more substantial interactive experience than that provided by regular one-way TV.

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Influence, Innovation, Inspiration

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Who can forget this date as the world lost another icon, the co-founder of Apple – Steve Jobs. Among the various roles that he undertook, he was the head of Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council. …and the power of great minds!

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning

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Siri , the quirky and intelligent personal assistant has been an integral part of the Apple iOS since October, 2011. Here is a heart warming story of how interacting with Siri helped an autistic child make sense of the world at his pace -- How One Boy with Autism Became BFF with Apple''s Siri.

Learning Leadership The Truth About Leadership Development

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They remember Apple’s success with the much-loved birth of the iPod, iTunes and the iPhone. The Apple of Technology’s Eye Steve Jobs, the brain child of the much-loved Apple brand, dropped out of university, realizing that he was spending his parents’ life savings on something he couldn’t see the value in. When you try to be the perfect role model, never making mistakes, it becomes impossible to live up to your expectations.

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


Siri , the quirky and intelligent personal assistant has been an integral part of the Apple iOS since October, 2011. They will play a strategic role in helping organizations collaborate with such talent pools for the mutual benefit of all. I am not the kind to crystal gaze.

Games vs Simulations: Choosing the Right Approach for Learning

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Here are three side-by-side screenshots of the smartphone app: The game plays sort of like Apples to Apples in that you have a Round Master who takes the role of a customer.

Micro Learning and Mobile

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Apple drives. They are used to knowing the time amount due to conditioning from attending school or attending a seminar, where time plays a key role. A quiz and static photo OR someone in their department or similar job role, video of a way of doing something (i.e.

Take a Good Look at the Future of Corporate Universities

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The giants of the web — Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba and TenCent in China — as well as other digital technologies or social network providers such as LinkedIn, are investing in the knowledge economy.

Forget VR & AR, this could be the next big thing in E-learning

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Not to mention Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana have been trying to assist the users by performing tasks according to their voice commands and they have been successful. Role-plays have become common in today’s learning programs. Technology is evolving rapidly.

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The Future Of Your Organization Is In Its Culture Of Learning

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Apple happened. So, what do Google and Apple have in common? As machines continue to take a larger role in business, empathy will turn into a necessary skill.

Augmented Reality Lives!

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And Apple has released it’s Augmented Reality software toolkit, ARKit , with features to make AR easy. Incompatible platforms and standards impede progress, but with Google and Apple creating tools for each of their platforms, development can be accelerated. (I

A Conversation with Paul Rosa: Co-Founder of Sploops!

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One of my many roles at Bloomsburg University is as the Assistant Director of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Center (ELC) where we encourage college students to think about starting their own business.

Protect Your Brand from Disgruntled Employees


If your company can’t offer benefits in an apple to apple comparison, create a survey for employees to communicate other perks they would like to see implemented. We all know brand image matters, right? What are some of the big brands you can think of? Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nike?

Virtual Reality – The Reality is that VR is not ready for real time learning (at least not yet)

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If you have a smartphone say “Aye” If you have an Android smartphone, say “Aye, Aye” If you have an Apple smartphone, say “lucky me” If you have a Windows 8x smartphone say, “not yet” and if you have a Blackberry say, “I need to buy something else” If you said “Aye” you are in luck, because you too can experience a little bit of VR for about $10 (on Amazon) or build your own for free. Virtual Reality.

5 Benefits of Implementing a Template Strategy

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Do you think Apple throws out the design from the last iPhone? When Apple does do build something new it is usually based off something that already exists so why do we do this with our eLearning? You could also get in a better position more management roles.

12 e-Learning trends that you need to know about

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It is about the changing role of the L&D department. We are talking about google glass, the apple watch and devices like that. I like to know what the trends are in e-Learning. I checked 20 posts on trends and selected the 12 trends that are mentioned most.

Reflections on the ‘New Groupthink’ and lessons for asynchronous collaborative e-learning

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In other words, writes Cain, if you’re in the backyard sitting under a tree while everyone else is clinking glasses on the patio, you’re more likely to have an apple fall on your head. Another one of the many very interesting examples in the book is of Steve Wozniak, co-founder and ‘nerd soul’ of Apple. I re-read Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking’.

Representing corporate culture in elearning induction

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In addition, their YouTube channel has over 60 videos featuring employees and managers talking about their roles. The following three quotes about corporate culture are from the founders of Google, Amazon and Apple.