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How Apple Killed Flash for eLearning (and What to do with All That Non-Compatible Courseware)


In 2010, Steve Jobs singlehandedly started one of the biggest–OK, maybe the only–software feuds by stating that Apple products wouldn’t support Flash, citing reasons like a high fail rate, lag time, and the overall unnecessary nature of the platform.

TechSmith AppShow – A Better Way to Show Off and Record iOS Apps

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Before now, the “least worst” methods of capturing the screen of an iOS device were hardware or streaming workarounds. This all changed when Apple introduced a fully-supported iOS screen capture method at WWDC in June. News & Events Apple Screencast

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Will the iPad continue its tablet domination? A look at the market landscape


Since Apple launched the iPad in April 2010, the first in the new generation of media tablets to hit the market, it has sold more than 30 million units. March – Apple releases the iPad 2. In the meantime, Apple continues to improve their platform.

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eLearning Development: 4 Tech Considerations When Using Videos

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Apart from these video encoders/ converters, other video editing software from Adobe and Apple also enable to export to FLV format of the video being edited. Streaming – accessing videos hosted on the streaming server.

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A Brief Historical Look at Corporate Training


The Apple II was launched in the late 70’s, but most of the world still ran on large mainframe computers. One of the first educational games made for the Apple II came in 1978, a year after the personal computer launched.

7 Ed-Tech Tools You Can Use Today


You can find pre-recorded lectures, live stream video lectures, interactive quizzes, and screencasts. iTunes U - This resource features a library of courses that can be accessed and managed through the very popular Apple ecosystem.

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Mac Troubleshooting: Spotty Internet? One Quick Solution

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Streaming would stop playing right in the middle. Luckily, we have Apple Care so I was able to get some assistance direct from an Apple tech. From the Apple menu, choose Go > Computer. by AJ George. I use Parallels on my iMac with Lion OS X and Windows XP. Generaly speaking, my setup works very well. However, last week my computer was giving me headaches. I could start applications, do my work and send and receive email.

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Pop-up Learning

CLO Magazine

In addition to setting up a pop-up store and creating a magazine, Ocean started a live video stream, released a 45-minute “visual” album and inked an exclusive music distribution deal with Apple. Recently, on the busiest day of the week, the lights at my local newsstand went dark.

Designing Mobile Learning Solutions


Why not build video content to be distributed through Vimeo, instead of hosting and managing your streaming service? With so much of our lives lived “on the go”, mobile learning has acquired a new paradigm.

HTML5: Standardize on MP4 (mostly)

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Now for the next big thing…a standard for support true-streaming video via HTTP! Progressive Downloading’ of video works now – link to a video and it’ll start downloading to your device, and the device player will likely start playing that video back as soon as it can… …but you can’t skip ahead and have the video quickly pickup at that point; to do so requires ‘true’ (“Adaptive”) streaming capabilities – like from a media server.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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It uses PowerPoint to develop rich mobile content and also has plug-in to add surveys, quizzes, assessments, and rich media such as streaming video, ePubs, and Adobe PDFs. This is a free eBook authoring application by Apple for iPad.

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The Growing Role of Microlearning

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In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone and essentially killed flash technology with its implementation of iOS. Now we have live video streaming available online, spend more than five hours a day on our phones and interact more than 8 billion times in a single working day.

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Video Learning Platforms

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1995 – Real Media arrives on the internet scene streaming an entire baseball game that probably no one watched. Video itself - streamed, recorded, edited then posted, posted without editing, etc. – may/may not include audio incl. Stream your video. Flashback.

Future Technologies – Get Ready because they could change the way we learn online

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From the e-learning standpoint, rather than looking at an image in a course and then reading the text or listening to the words, the data stream is sent directly to you via a wearable or another type of device. . Now we are have truly a real time data stream between the learner and the online image or object right within the online course or the LMS for that matter. When you think of IoT most folks tie it with the Apple watch or a wearable watch.

Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

mLearning Revolution

Mobile Learning in General – The Mobile revolution waits for no one and much has evolved in the past few months, Apple has bigger phones, that once again challenge everything we knew about designing for 4.7″

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Xyleme Product Update: Pastiche 2.4 for the iPad – Content monetization and more


for the iPad opens a new revenue stream for your content by allowing you to reach and sell to your customers directly. Pastiche has been integrated with Apple’s in-App Purchase payment gateway to give your users the ability to purchase your content through your Custom Branded App.

Top Nine Web Conferencing Vendors for 2015 Plus Trends

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Video streams – on the rise – now as to the quality of you seeing those video streams – that is another story – which is why some folks who can include “video” in their web conferencing meetings choose not to. Stream Test – What does your product look like when someone is using a webcam – does it flicker? Wonderful on mobile and streams are top notch. Streams have always been excellent.

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Entrepreneurship Got Plastic Surgery, and it Looks Better: The Changing Business World


Multi-million dollar, publicly traded companies have the ability to start in dorm rooms and garages (see: Apple, Facebook). People need just two things to start a company: an idea and a computer.

John Maeda The Art of Leadership #LSCon

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This stream of learning is mastery. Think Apple products!) Opening keynote session with John Maeda, President of Rhode Island School of Design. I’m at Learning Solutions in Orlando today – hosted by the eLearning Guild. Forgive typos and poor grammar! The Art of Leadership Maeda was tenured faculty at MIT – professor by day, student by night as he got an MBA. And then four years ago he became college president with no training! So he bought books.

Help! What software tool should I use to record audio?

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Then upload this to the Streaming Video template in the course creation tool. In the next price bracket up, tools of interest might include: Adobe’s Audition , Avid’s Pro Tools , Apple’s Logic Pro. Audio can add a great deal to the quality of your course.

“Current Need-to-Know Tools and What’s Around the Corner” Nick Floro #olconf

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Check out the Backchannel – this is the online stream that often accompanies a conference as people share information on Twitter, through blogs, and more. (Nick shared a really nice video done by apple about design and intention. These are my live blogged notes from a concurrent session at this year’s Online Learning Conference , hosted by Training Magazine and happening in Denver. Forgive any typos and incoherencies.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

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Activity streams, like Twitter, so I know what’s going on and what people are talking about. Choosing and subscribing to streams of information I’m interested in. Activity streams should be available for the company at large and for workspaces. Third post in a series.

The Rise and Fall of 3D Learning – Lessons from Real Implementations

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Features included embedded presentations and streaming videos, interactive whiteboards, and several interactive games to reinforce learning.

Recording Skype and Google Hangout Video Calls

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Built-in cameras on laptops aren’t the greatest (an exception seems to be Apple computers tend to be pretty good). I’d highly recommend that you provide your guest with a web camera that will provide a higher quality video stream.

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New mLearning Authoring Tools – Wave #2

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Their latest offering renders content that includes a video stream, a slide deck, notes and other learning resources using a consolidated time line metaphor all using HTML5.

Elearning Review of the Year 2015

Sponge UK

Learning Solutions 2016 takes place from March 16 to 18. April Launch of Apple Watch The long-awaited Apple Watch launched in April this year and almost instantly the L&D world started to think about what it might mean for digital learning.

2016: 12 months of learning

Sponge UK

Sponge was represented in the seminar room with Kate Nicholls, Learning Technology Designer of the Year who’s talk on 360 interactive video was streamed live on FaceBook to an international audience.

The New Nerd

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Note that Apple has put substantial resources into making their first smart watch very stylish, including many options to personalize the look. When we pay attention, we try to defer checking email or our social streams during face-to-face conversations.

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E-Learning in Education – Features on the Rise

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Based on my analysis, what I found are the following features heading upwards, like salmon or whatever that fish people always mention that heads up stream. I have a good friend who is pro-Apple across the board. As anyone who has ever gone to school knows (excluding higher ed) when the bell rings that means you are in your seats ready to start the day. RING RING RING RING. Hey Aaron get in your seat. You can stare at Ohio on the map another day. Features On The Rise.

E-learning Development: Selecting the Right Audio, Video, and Image Format

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FLV: (FLASH LIVE VIDEO) FLV was once the preferred format for video streaming in mobiles, but now with the rise of HTML 5, the MP4 video format is being preferred. MOV: (QuickTime Movie) MOV is a popular video format file, originally developed by Apple Inc.


Is HTML5 Ready for eLearning Development?

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Last week, while justifying Apple’s refusal to allow Flash player on iPhone/iPad, Steve Jobs wrote– “ New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too) ”.

How to Convert Video to MP3 Using Camtasia

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Listening to streaming radio and podcasts will become even easier, now that auto makers are creating touch screen displays with smart app technologies that allow users to stream radio right from their dash.

M-Learning 101: I’ll Take My Rapid E-Learning to Go

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Before you spend a lot of time reworking your current content it’s important to know that the Android devices and most non-Apple tablets already play your current Flash content. Many of the complaints about Flash and tablets deal with some of the video streaming and games.

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mLearning Tech A’plenty Released at CES 2011

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In the midst of all the new 3D TVs, streaming home entertainment, futuristic toys and smart appliances, the primary market focus of this year’s show seems to be on mobility with smartphones, tablets and apps taking center stage in many of the main keynotes and featured front-and-center in larger vendor booths. Tablets devices are all the rage at CES as vendors from across the world all seek to cash in on Apple’s success with their iPad.