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Live from C3 - Day 1 Wrap Up


Articles C3 calliduscloud connections Litmos C3What a day! And, it's really not even over yet, as I write this at 6:30PM. The first official day of C3 just wrapped up (as far as sessions, but certainly not social activities) and I'm mostly murmuring to myself, "Wow." Just wow.

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The Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016


The CEO of picmonic gave a presentation on Starting a Company in Arizona, and was not part of the edtech track. In this article, I'll share 5 eLearning trends we expect to see in the coming years that could have a direct impact on your eLearning course design and career path. Articles

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The Learning Side of Sears

CLO Magazine

Rather, learning is a gradual process that can come from formal training, making mistakes on the job, reading a magazine or blog article, or supporting a customer. Nguyen wouldn’t mind carrying this spirit with him into a second life in the Arizona community where he spent his adolescence.

Arizona schools get $5.5mil for eLearning

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

In the publication there is an article about the eSATS program. I'm new to this initiative so hate to be too critical, however I'm nervous that government works so slowly that Arizona schools will end up with a million dollar Web1.0 This blog is for Corporate eLearning Development, but I'm a native Phoenician and father of 3 so all things elearning, corporate or education, interest me.

My Twitter hero

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The article stated: One customer, Jennifer Hellum, sought customer service after the glass top on her Pottery Barn table shattered in the extreme Arizona heat last summer. The article states: Last year ANZ established a dedicated Twitter account called @ANZ_Responds to communicate with customers. Several weeks ago, I deposited a cheque for £122 into my local bank account, but it was paid in as $122.

Your Brain on Learning

CLO Magazine

In the University of Arizona’s Eller Executive Education program, the initiatives and programs designed to help corporate leaders address pressing business problems are created with an eye toward how the brain works, said Joe Carella, the program’s assistant dean.

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Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

All these articles talk about the importance of usability testing, learnability testing for e-learning courses. About 40 years ago I read a tremendous book by Earl Forrest about a feud that took place in Navajo County, Arizona in the 1880s. Best of eLearning Learning. July 2010.

Flipping Over Teaching and Learning with Technology

Visual Lounge

Khan didn’t invent the idea of the flipped classroom, it was initially proposed by Lage, Platt and Treglia in their article “ Inverting the Classroom: A Gateway to Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment.” Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

Dispelling the LMS Myth

eLearning 24-7

They read Linkedin groups, various blogs and even newspaper/magazine articles, with folks who have no real life experience with e-learning, let alone a LMS, but have zero problem griping about it and its impact often negatively with learning. you would be surprised at the number of people who believe it was created at an Arizona movie stage). Last week I came across an interesting obit: A Mr. L.M. System had passed away.

“Labels Do Matter” A brief look at IBSTPI Competencies for Instructional Designers

Coffee and Design

The title is derived from article that I remember reading a few years ago, Labels Do Matter by colleague Patrick Lowenthal. Klein (originally Arizona State University now with Florida State University).


Neuroscience In Corporate Training: All Hype Or Practical Applications?


Here is her resulting article, which first appeared on the Stimulearning site. The Brain Lady” uses brain science in her instuctional consulting prac­tice based in Phoenix, Arizona, giving learning professionals practical applications for anybody who wants to help people learn.

Learn by Doing: Get Faster Every Lap

Marcia Conner

This article was written by Jack Ring and originally published in Transforming Culture: An Executive Briefing on the Power of Learning. Jack Ring lives in Arizona and has 50+ years of experience as an intrapreneur and executive in a variety of businesses.

63 Great eLearning Posts and Hottest Topics for November 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

Top 35 Articles on eLearning Strategy - eLearning Technology , November 1, 2010I’ve been recently working on lots of eLearning strategy consulting engagements and one of my colleagues asked me to provide a set of resources around this topic. Questions I’m no Longer Asking - elearnspace , November 2, 2010I strive to strike a reasonable balance between reading blogs, books, and peer-reviewed articles. article that shows you the process. Great content again this month.