LearnTrends: Reinventing Organizational Learning

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These are my live blogged notes from Jay Cross & Clark Quinn’s LearnTrends session on Reinventing Organizational Learning. Article they wrote for CLO mag: “Become a Chief Meta-Learning Officer&#. Tags: Informal Learning Workplace Learning Clark Quinn Jay Cross learntrends My side comments in italics. Need to be more agile & change. If you don’t know the solution & need to network/collaborate to find it, that’s learning.

LearnTrends: Backchannel

Jay Cross

Clark Quinn and I led a discussion on Reinventing Organizational Learning at LearnTrends this morning. What is distracting CLO's from taking ownership of it? Moderator (Harold Jarche): Article by Jay & I : [link].

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Reflecting* on the second half of 2009

Jay Cross

Articles. Collaboration gets things done and is the most powerful learning tool in the CLO’s playbook. Clark Quinn and I presented our somewhat disturbing research findings at the CLO Symposium. George Siemens, Tony Karrer, and I co-hosted the third annual LearnTrends conference.