8 Lessons Learned for Converting In-Person Training to Virtual Training

The Learning Dispatch

The reality is there are not true shortcuts to converting classroom training to online training that is effective and engaging. Based on our experience in developing accessible elearning, here are eight lessons learned to help get you started.

Convert eLearning into microlearning to supercharge your LMS

eLearning Architect

In this article, I'm going to discuss some simply techniques that learning designers might want to consider using to drastically improve the user experience from within the LMS interface. Most learning designers will create a module and the lesson structure within the eLearning course itself (I'll talk about why they do this later on). The module is only showing lessons within the menu. Each of these lessons can be selected individually.


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5 Distance Learning Lessons for Higher Ed from the Business World


In-person classes were hastily converted to remote formats, policies were changed, and professors quickly learned to use whatever technology would let them complete their classes. The post 5 Distance Learning Lessons for Higher Ed from the Business World appeared first on SAP Litmos.

Convert ILT to eLearning - Estimating

Tony Karrer

How should we estimate the e-learning course duration for this lesson? The research generally shows that there is at least a 50% reduction in seat time when a course is converted from classroom learning to elearning. In Case Study: Converting an Existing Course to E-Learning , they detail a series of factors. Quite a good article when you are thinking about this conversion. Will these need to be converted?

ILT 103

6 Tips To Convert eLearning Courses From Flash To HTML5

EI Design

In this article, I’ll share 6 tips to help you convert your eLearning course from Flash to HMTL5 to optimize the mobile learning experience of your audience. Converting eLearning Courses From Flash To HTML5: 6 Tips For eLearning Professionals. After all, you’ve spent hours, if not days or months, fine tuning every aspect of your eLearning course, and the thought of converting every eLearning video, eLearning game, and online scenario can seem overwhelming.

Comic Books and eLearning: Lessons from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art”

Convergence Training

And in that article, we promised to follow up with a second article that focuses on the classic book Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud. And we also promised that the second article would focus on some lessons from comic book design that we can apply to the design of eLearning other forms of learning. This, my friend, is that second article. Because that’s the whole point of this article. Review of the Definition and Lessons.

Which are the biggest eLearning challenges and how to beat them?

Educraft.tech - Technology meets Education

If you’re a teacher or faculty member struggling to convert your classroom content into online courses, you’re not alone. As educators, we are used to asking our peers to take a second look at our lesson plans, to help us flesh out new ideas and find gaps in our instruction. Articles

2018: This Year in Learning– 109 Curated L&D Articles from 2018

The Learning Dispatch

Below are our recommended learning and development articles from the past 12 months, including thought-provoking or simply fun articles related to the field.Did you have a favorite L&D post from 2017? Recommended Learning and Development Articles from Our Senior Learning Architect. Article Categories. In a recent article in Learning Solutions , she maps the intersection of artificial intelligence, learning, and accessibility.

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Case Study- Reducing eLearning Cost to 50% by Using Must-Learn Lessons and Micro-Learning

Vignettes Learning

Here are some excerpts from the article: Rapid e-Learning as a term is an oxymoron. Don't rush into converting content into interactive format if plain text, images and references will work. This case study presents a series of strategies and tactics which help you answer these questions: How do I respond to rapid business needs for e-Learning? How do I decide which approach can dramatically increase the speed of development and how do I calculate the returns?

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentations With Embedded Audio and Synchronized Animation by Jeff Batt - Learning Solutions Magazine , July 21, 2010 While Unison is a good tool for creating interactive activities, you can also use it to upload and convert PowerPoint presentations, including animation, audio, and synchronization timing settings. All these articles talk about the importance of usability testing, learnability testing for e-learning courses.

iPad 77

Is L&D Ready for “The New Learning Era”?

Learning Wire

Early lessons from these turbulent times indicate that: This crisis is further driving digital transformation. In reviewing and sharing lessons on corporate learning from the previous crisis, the expected impact on financially troubled industries will be far higher. The author of this article is Jan Rijken – Learning Director at Wiley-Crossknowledge / visiting professor at IE business school / former CLO at KPMG, ABN-AMRO & Daimler. Article L&D Best Practices

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How to teach online? Useful and easy tips to follow

Educraft.tech - Technology meets Education

Now that everyone is talking about converting conventional forms of work into eLearning, now that traditional classrooms are seeking to become eLearning classrooms, people have finally realized that work from home is actually a viable form of work! Their flawless operation should be checked before the lesson begins so that the teacher may prevent potential malfunctions during their usage. During the lesson, be prepared for problems that users are going to face. Articles

Teach 40

8 tips to help you sell more courses while you work from home ?

Plume - e-learning & learning management systems

We know how to build course landing pages that convert. Similarly to a resource that you either sell or give away, offering a mini-course or course preview will help you convert more learners who are sitting on the fence about purchasing your course. Offer one-on-one consultations/ private lessons. What better way to maximize your out of office time than to offer private one-to-one consultations or private lessons with your learners?

Using video as an alternative to create learning content


In this article we'll look at ways to use video to deliver meaningful digital learning content. Recording a presenter in a live classroom environment is one of the quickest ways to convert a live training session into online content. If you're interested in learning how to create your own screencasts, check out this article for some great tips. So why not create the same content in PowerPoint, but removing interactivity and just recording each lesson as a video?

Looking Back on 2010 with ADDIE

Integrated Learnings

So with this in mind, it seems appropriate to take a look at the articles posted to this blog over the past year and organize them according to how they jive with ADDIE. Two of this year’s articles primarily address analysis. Anatomy of an eLearning Lesson: Nine Events of Instruction and Anatomy of an eLearning Lesson: Merrill’s First Principles each describe models that guide eLearning lesson design from start to finish. By Shelley A. Gable.


Transform your First Aid PPT training into eLearning content

Ed App

One more reason to convert your PowerPoint files to e-Learning is because they can display better on mobile devices. In this article, we will take a look at how to use this feature, as well as adding additional features to make your first aid course stand out above the rest. .

PPT 52

SCORM 1.2 vs SCORM 2004 – which is better?


has one value to hold the status of the lesson – ‘lesson_status’ – and this can be passed, failed, completed, incomplete, browsed, or not attempted. This was not ideal as instructors wanted to know, for example, if the learner had gotten through the entire lesson (completed) but not passed the quiz (failed). SCORM 2004 addressed those issues by splitting lesson_status into ‘completion_status’ (completed/incomplete) and ‘success_status’ (passed/failed).


Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | August 28, 2020

Mike Taylor

The Learning Uncut podcast explores Lessons from converting and facilitating lessons online with Jennifer Waltmon, Dr Cathryn Lloyd and Chemene Sinson. Podcastle – Convert your favorite news and articles to podcasts.

SCORM 1.2 vs SCORM 2004 – which is better?


has one value to hold the status of the lesson – ‘lesson_status’ – and this can be passed, failed, completed, incomplete, browsed, or not attempted. This was not ideal as instructors wanted to know, for example, if the learner had gotten through the entire lesson (completed) but not passed the quiz (failed). SCORM 2004 addressed those issues by splitting lesson_status into ‘completion_status’ (completed/incomplete) and ‘success_status’ (passed/failed).


Elearning & Online Accessibility Tools for Training & HR Leaders

The Learning Dispatch

This in-depth article answers common questions and outlines the steps and tools for making elearning accessible for all learners. Converting Classroom Training to Elearning (Audio). A discussion on lessons learned and what it takes to convert classroom training to online learning platforms. How to engage all your learners when faced with moving training online?

How to Start an Online Fitness Website (5-Step Process)

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Many have begun converting their drawing rooms into a full power workout zone. Now, be it online Gym training sessions, Yoga classes, or Zumba lessons , it doesn’t matter. Add Fitness Lessons. Hence, for each of these programs, you can offer different workout routine lessons.



L&D have had to convert their training offerings into an online format pretty much overnight — and many seem to have found that e-learning authoring tools and sophisticated content tools require too much time and effort to create (so these have gone down the list this year).

How to Sell Online Courses from your own website – You Should Know


I’m writing this article to tell you that it’s a good business proposition to sell online courses from your own website. Each module should be broken down into lessons. Duration of each video lesson should be anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes. Shorter video lessons tend to create longer student engagement. To maximize your sales and convert visitors into subscribers, an awesome landing page is required. Publish opinionated articles on LinkedIn Pulse.

How I Built This Interactive Scenario

Rapid eLearning

What happens when you convert an old PowerPoint course into a Rise course? This isn’t an uncommon situation for those who are trying to convert and update older courses with new technology. Today, I’ll show what I did to convert the course and a few production tips that helped me. The button stack lets you jumps from lesson to lesson. Turn off the Sidebar view so that users don’t see the menu and how the course jumps around between lessons.

Quick, Simple, Inexpensive (or Free) Ways to Get Some Training Online

Convergence Training

We’ll offer a few quick, easy, and inexpensive (or even free) ways to do so in this article. And since this is new for all of us and we’re all in this together, we welcome any suggestions, insights, and lessons from experience you can offer as well. And we’ll be writing about that in a future article. We hope this article helped, perhaps sparking an idea or two for you.

eCoach helps University of Missouri Kansas City win American Library Association site of the month


We combed instructional design and ed tech articles, made spreadsheets, asked vendors dozens of questions, and tested our top choices” – Jess Williams. We were able to onboard our team and convert all of our Captivate and Blackboard-native tutorials to eCoach lessons and modules in 4-5 months. In April 2018, Jess Williams and Dani Wellemeyer won the American Library Association’s ‘Site of the Month’ for an instructional program that they developed using eCoach.

Site 64

Why Virtual Learning Is More Than Just VILT: Myths And Truths

Obsidian Learning

There are still some common misconceptions about virtual learning, though—what it is and what it isn’t, when it can and cannot be effective—that are worth unpacking in this first article in our series about virtual learning.

10 free eLearning software

Ed App

Improved retention of learning material – Spaced repetition allows for learning to be reinforced at ideal times so the learners won’t forget material from previous lessons, and eLearning is ideal for this because of its use of AI.

How to Transcribe Text into PowerPoint & E-Learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

All they have are published versions of the course and need to convert to HTML5. It’s not quite as fast or accurate as the solutions above, but it makes up for it by recording right into the Storyline slide or Rise lesson. Check out these articles and free resources in the community. I’ve been playing around with ideas to get old Flash course content into a new HTML5 course.

Culture and Language Diversity in Online Learning Environment


In this article, we uncover some mandatory tips to bear in mind when designing content for the international learner body. I noticed their constant need to turn to programs like Google Translate to convert my content in Arabic while they studied in groups or individually. The college Arabic speaking instructors were instrumental in creating culture and language sensitive lessons for my learners.

The RETAIN Model for Creating Effective Courses


With the widespread use of platform independent eLearning, instructors scramble to convert their existing courses’ content into online learning material. The goal of this article is to explain the hard to point nuances that differentiate traditional content from eLearning content. This term immediately converts your lesson into a game! Faculty and training managers have the best interests and intentions in mind to develop learning programs for their learners.

Learning experience

Ed App

In this article, we unpack learning experiences, e-Learning, and how authoring e-Learning content should tie into it all. There is also a PPT converter available for an unparalleled content transformation.

PPT 52

Flash to HTML5 – The Impact on eLearning and Online Courses – Part 1


Read further to understand the impact on elearning through this 2 part series of articles. There are various solutions you can avail to convert your Flash content as well as Flash published courses to HTML5. Added Advantages: HTML5 allows creation of mobile based quick bites of lessons. By 2020, Flash will be obsolete, which mandates elearning providers to transition to HTML5 and convert their existing content to the open system from Flash.

Strategies for Making the Transition from Instructor-Led Training to a MOOC

Your Training Edge

This article outlines an overall approach for making the transition from ILT to a MOOC. In fact, research has shown that this is the least effective way to convert a traditional class into a MOOC. Instead, take your course materials and focus on creating short, standalone lessons. So, you have decided to replace, or at least supplement, some of your instructor-led training (ILT) with a massive open online course (MOOC). Great!

12 Myths About LMS Best Practices – You Should Know


In this article, we shall explore a few of them. If you have a repository of offline contents, it may be a matter of few days to convert all of them into well-structured online content which the users can simply download and learn. Myth: More content means the best course: Earlier we spoke about converting offline contents into online equivalents. Traditional learning modules are typically replete with lengthy lessons, long hours of learning and pages of information.

Planning Assessments for your eLearning Course


Once you have your learning objectives aligned, it’s time to convert them into assessments. Read some tips we have for you in this article. Create questions that force students to apply lessons from the material to real-life scenarios. Build the suspense: Beware of the boredom on the horizon of long, monotonous lessons. Assessment planning is the key to developing meaningful eLearning courses.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | December 21, 2018

Mike Taylor

In his most recent article, talks about how the knowledge economy and the need for teamwork have increased the need for effective collaboration and psychological safety in learning organizations. Top 10 Behavioral Scientist Articles of 2018. From practical tips to disconnect, or ways to refocus your attention to advice on optimizing your life, hiring processes at work (and more) these 10 Behavioral Scientist articles have something for everyone.

7 Must have features of an instructional design software and recommendations


For this reason, in this article we will concentrate on online instructional design software. Then learning objectives, lesson plans and assessment strategies are defined. Subsequently, the developers converts the storyboard into an elearning course. With Wizcabin you can import, text documents to its storyboard interface, and the software in turn would automatically convert your document into an interactive elearning course.

What does Mobile Learning Look Like?


This article is the second in a two-part series on mLearning. The first article, Why Mobile Learning is Here to Stay , covered why you should consider embedding mLearning into your overall learning strategy. Before facilitating another person’s mobile learning experience, learn the technology, tips, and tricks—and the lessons learned from others—of the mobile platform. And incorporate based on the lessons you’ve learned from past projects. Mobile “Lessons Learned”.

Launching your Own Online Course: These are the Steps you Should Follow


Step 3: Create your course modules and initiate to structure the proposed lessons in those modules. It is suggested that you lay out approximately 5-7 modules for a single course, which will comprise nearly 3-5 lessons. . No worries, this online learning tool will let you create articles in the editor box directly. If you think that by simply sending a prospect to the sales page for your course you will be able to convert them into a buyer, you are mistaken.