6 Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Learning Game Design at #ASTDTK14

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When we started, we found lots of books and articles on game design – but not much on learning game design. Here is a summary of six lessons we’ve learned. This lesson is a critical one.

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L&D lessons from learning games research

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Hays set out to find evidence of the effectiveness of learning games by analysing articles on the practice. In 2005 he looked at 105 articles on learning games on behalf of the Naval Air Warfare Center Trainings Systems Division.

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Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

All these articles talk about the importance of usability testing, learnability testing for e-learning courses. Tool to Create Free Web-based Simulations - eLearning Brothers , July 16, 2010 Awhile back I ran into a company called Forio and was able to sit down and see a demo.

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eLearning platforms follow top trends in L&D

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In my last two articles on eLearning, I focused on understanding the needs for your LMS and the assessment of the project for your organization through a feasibility analysis , which I recommend as your first two steps of your online course platform evaluation.

ATD 2018: A Conference for the Books


This week we learned an important lesson: it is possible to drink too much coffee. The team gave countless demos, participated in insightful conversations, and connected with a variety of conference goers over the course of three days. Articles ELearning Industry News

Highlights of CrossKnowledge’s NEXT 2019 Conference – Connecting People for Skills Acquisition

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One of the day’s main highlights was a presentation and live DEMO of the soon-to-be-launched CrossKnowledge solution, CK Connect. In addition, organizations such as Novo Nordisk, Telefonica Brazil and Motorola had the opportunity to present their own stories and lessons learned. Article Learning TrendsOn October 3 2019, CrossKnowledge held its annual Client Conference in Paris at the Eiffel Tower Novotel Convention Center: NEXT 2019.

GOANIMATE: Character-Based eLearning Made Easy

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  I’ve been working more and more on ways to integrate GoAnimate with more traditional eLearning lessons and content. For example, I wanted to add a human, interpersonal touch to an Excel lesson. One of the hottest new tools for eLearning development is GoAnimate.

The Secret to Beating the Forgetting Curve


Is it better to binge on new lessons, or to learn incrementally over time? For content creators, this means you can help your learners retain your lessons through the following reinforcement tactics. Watch our demo video and see what CourseArc can help you create for your students!

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How I Created This Interactive E-Learning Course

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I created a demo course in Rise for a workshop. One of my goals with the demo was to show off different ways to add content and how the various blocks work and look in a real-ish project. There is one custom piece in lesson 6 where I inserted a Storyline interaction.

GOANIMATE: Character-Based eLearning Made Easy

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  I’ve been working more and more on ways to integrate GoAnimate with more traditional eLearning lessons and content. For example, I wanted to add a human, interpersonal touch to an Excel lesson.     Now, it’s one thing to simply embed a video into an Adobe Captivate slide as a stand-alone, and then go on with a standard Captivate lesson in the next segment. But I wanted a tighter relationship between the video and the Excel software simulation lesson.

5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins for eLearning Websites


In this article, we have discussed the most popular LMS Plugins for WordPress that help to create an e-learning website. Option for creating unlimited courses and lessons. in the lessons. Each course built with LearnDash has two broader sections – lessons and topics.

The Importance of eBooks in a Flipped Classroom


Many articles have been written on how the idea of a Flipped Classroom has gained currency with the advent of eBooks and digital learning content. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE. Flipping the classroom has become a hot topic in educational circles in recent times.

Advantages of LearnDash Over other Plugins for eLearning Website Development


In this article, we elaborated the advantages of Learndash over other plugins for building eLearning courses. You can break courses into lessons, categories, topics, quizzes and rename them easily. LearnDash is one of the best LMS plugins available for websites offering online courses.

10 eLearning Design Techniques for Improved Learner Engagement

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Here in this article, we look at 10 eLearning design techniques for improved learner engagement: Keep it S hort: eLearning is different from classroom learning. There is no fixed schedule for lessons and learners can access tutorials and modules when they have the time.

eLearning: Voiceover Audio That Will Keep the Learner's Attention

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by Jennie Ruby    How can you use your voiceover script to keep the learner's attention within an eLearning lesson? To some extent, the type of lesson will determine how much voiceover is proportional to each action. On a software demo video, a lack of action for as little as 7 seconds can have the learner shaking the mouse to see if the video is still running-even if the audio voiceover is continuing.

How to Create Interactive Videos with 3D Models in Storyline

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And then of course, once you have an interaction you can also insert it into a Rise course, which is what I did in this Rise lesson. For this demo, I created a video where the object rotates in and then rotates back out. Check out these articles and free resources in the community.

5 Tips To Facilitate Persuasion Skills In Sales Online Training


In this article, we’ll share 5 tips to facilitate persuasion skills in your sales online training course. A humorous video demo is a great way to do this. After the clip, break the lesson down, showing the specific tactics presented.

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How To Tailor Your LMS For Remote Workers


So, repurpose learning into bite-sized pieces — a five-minute video demo, for instance, or a three-minute read on how to do a task correctly. More importantly, they will be able to digest lessons easier. They most likely can’t afford to sit around in front of their laptops or tablets for more than 30 minutes to review a lesson. Working remotely is becoming more popular in Australia and according to a recent study , 70% of Australians work remotely each week.

The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an LMS

eLearning Architect

In this article, I'll outline some common mistakes that should be avoided when you choose your next LMS. In this article, I simply aim to share some of the lessons I've learnt and the mistakes I've either made myself, or seen my colleagues make.

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Focus on Millennial Learners to Benefit Members of All Ages

WBT Systems

There are countless articles describing how we need to change the way we deliver learning to attract and engage millennial learners, but many of these articles seem to forget that organizations must deliver learning to learners across multiple generational groups. Request Demo.

6 Ingenious Ways To Refresh Compliance Knowledge In Online Training


In this article, I’ll discuss 6 creative ways to refresh their memory and improve knowledge retention. Rather than an endless droning lesson, use separate 5-minute sessions. Multiplatform-Friendly Video Demos.

9 Elearning Authoring Tools: Comparison and Review


In this article, Steve Penfold reviews nine leading elearning authoring tools. Book a demo of Elucidat to get started with a free trial. Captivate’s built-in screen recording allows you to create good quality systems demos and build sandpit-style screens for users to practice in.

What is SCORM? A Simple Guide for those new to eLearning


For a deeper dive into the technical aspects of what’s inside the zip folder check out this article written by our CTO, Des Anderson). the data includes: lesson_location (where learner left off). lesson_status (pass, fail, complete, incomplete).


Personalized Learning in the age of Artificial Intelligence


Audrey Watters, an education writer and independent scholar says in an article that personalized learning depending on how you define it, dates back to Rousseau, or it dates back further still to Alexander the Great’s personal tutor, Aristotle.

How Can K-12 Publishers Adapt in the Digital Era


Educational institutes can utilize these libraries to deliver lessons. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE. Suggested Articles. Publishers have experienced a digital turbulence in recent times.

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Why Video Sales Coaching is a Better Option


This article focuses on why remote sales coaching systems are a better option for reps as well. Not only can they view and review coaching lessons while practicing their skills, they can work through their challenges on their own schedule.

How to Create and Deliver Cost Effective Remote Training


Conclusion: In-office employees have the advantage of interacting with colleagues and mentors, thus gaining knowledge and lessons through these informal interactions. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE. Suggested Articles.

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Observe the Supreme Court, Become President, Negotiate Peace with Online Games

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Read an article about the project. O'Connor touts civics lessons via online games Presidential Elections Each party (including a computer-generated third-party) has its own mascot. The demo can be played for free and then a slight fee is required to download the entire game.

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The Top 78 Captivate Features

Adobe Captivate

Create responsively-designed lessons so that they look perfect on any device. . Create software demos, trainings, and assessments. Preview – various ways to preview a lesson or parts of a lesson, including previewing in SCORM Cloud. Lesson Reviews.

Millennials in the workplace, are you ready?


According to an article by Brookings “How Millennials Could Upend Wall Street and Corporate America” it is suggested: That by 2020 “Millennials will account for ?


Tips for Creating an Effective Digital Government Training Program

eThink Education

This article will focus on what you need to know to leverage your Learning Management System (LMS) if you’re facilitating Learning and Development for a government organization. . Request a Demo.

3 Ways Your LMS Facilitates Reflective Learning

WBT Systems

In a recent New York Times article, The End of Reflection , the author looks at the negative impact of the ever-present smartphone in reducing time spent on individual reflection.

5 inspiring microlearning examples (with added tips and tricks!)


Bottled up with tips, advice and inspirational demos from our network of experienced learning consultants. If there’s one lesson to take away from why Google is so popular (and obviously there’s a lot more than this!), Congratulations for making it to the end of this article.

7 Essential Skills & Training Tools For Trainers


In this article, you’ll get the answers to all these questions. Some tools even have built-in lesson types to speed up the process. Have you hired someone to develop online training programs for your organization?

9 of Your Customer Service Training Questions, Answered


Roleplaying is a method of contextual learning and helps solidify the concepts that trainees have learned in previous lessons. Get in touch for a free demo and a quote today! | Learn more about Continu. Planning a customer service training brings up a lot of questions.