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Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges


In this article, we’ll be discussing a very specific slice of digital retail transformation: how we overhauled and modernized the communication and training infrastructures of two multinational retail brands that each have tens of thousands of store employees.

How to teach online? Useful and easy tips to follow - Technology meets Education

This article will not focus on the necessary characteristics that modern teachers should have, as recorded in a previous article, but will instead focus on practices that have the potential to enhance one's ability to teach and work from home in general. Their flawless operation should be checked before the lesson begins so that the teacher may prevent potential malfunctions during their usage. During the lesson, be prepared for problems that users are going to face.

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The Secret to Beating the Forgetting Curve


Is it better to binge on new lessons, or to learn incrementally over time? This explains why you can read an article or watch a video and, if you get quizzed about it immediately afterward, you’ll score well… but if you don’t take that exact same quiz until ten days later, your score will often drop because you’ve already begun to forget some of that new information. when they’re first introduced, and then include them in subsequent lessons or chapters as a means of reinforcement.

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How to Use Customer Training to Inspire Your Clients

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Each and any of these can be useful lessons you can include in your training offerings. For example, there are articles, blog posts, e-books, and other resources to use as part of your buying decision. Customer Training Lessons from MS Teams. As you can see from the graphic opposite this includes blog articles, an academy of courses, a help center, and a community discussion page. Customer Training Lessons from Miro. Customer Training Lessons from Litmos.

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The Impact of Employee Coaching on Performance


The results of a recent Gallup poll showed that only about 25 percent of employees “strongly agree” that they receive meaningful feedback from their managers. As you start shopping for the best coaching software, request a demo of Hub 360 Coach. Virtual Training Lessons – Q & A with a Fortune 500 Executive Take this opportunity to ask for advice from an industry expert about the best practices and potential pitfalls about transitioning to virtual training.

Focus on Millennial Learners to Benefit Members of All Ages

WBT Systems

There are countless articles describing how we need to change the way we deliver learning to attract and engage millennial learners, but many of these articles seem to forget that organizations must deliver learning to learners across multiple generational groups. In June 2016, an article in Association Now magazine referenced a study titled “ Member Engagement Study: Aligning Organization Strategy With What Matters Most to Members.” Request Demo.

9 Elearning Authoring Tools: Comparison and Review


In this article, Steve Penfold reviews nine leading elearning authoring tools. Flexible rules and branching options enable complex, personalized and adaptive learning experiences; and the ability to use social polling, gamification and a whole host of interaction types provide plenty of opportunity to hook in learners. Book a demo of Elucidat to get started with a free trial. Check out our full article about Adobe Captivate. See our full article on Storyline here.

5 inspiring microlearning examples (with added tips and tricks!)


Bottled up with tips, advice and inspirational demos from our network of experienced learning consultants. Every topic includes 20 seconds of theory, 3-4 in-depth demos, a “how to” and some expert tips – a model that’s reused consistently across the whole suite so users aren’t having to learn how to navigate something new each time. It uses social polling to show how the user’s answers compare to their peers’. Congratulations for making it to the end of this article.

Online learning vs face to face learning: why you should make the switch


This article can help. Instead, The solution is to incorporate the positive lessons from face-to-face into your digital strategy to create blended learning in the workplace. Bear in mind that, as you’ve seen in the examples above, elearning and mobile-first learning can come to life in many different ways, from interactive scenarios and social polls, to image-led case studies and videos. Book a demo today to see how we can support your digital transformation.

7 Wallet-Friendly Ways To Develop A Microlearning Online Training Library

EI Design

In this article, I’ll highlight 7 wallet-friendly ways to develop a bite-sized online training repository. Learners can Google, but it will distract them from the lesson and make them miss something important. Online learners can pause their lesson, open the reference in a new tab, then resume. You can even include the survey on your website or use social media polls. Use those topics to generate some quick explanatory articles.

Free L&D webinars for November 2018

Limestone Learning

The study polls more than 2,000 employees and profiles dozens of executives to gauge their perception of fulfillment versus engagement, understand their current fulfillment at work, and examine the performance implications of being fulfilled. Poll Everywhere’s COO Sam Cauthen will provide an overview of the changes companies are making in performance management, informed by her own work spanning more than a decade leading people operations and consulting on organizational design.

The ULTIMATE Guide to PowerPoint Alternatives


For the sake of this article, a PowerPoint alternative is software you can access from your computer or tablet that allows you to create presentations from beginning to end. If you’re looking for a presentation creation solution that’s specifically designed for businesses, it might be worth requesting a demo. Edu Class ($40 per month for max 30 users): All Pro features plus lesson templates, custom templates, collaboration, control privacy settings.