The Flexible eLearning Framework


” In this article we answer this question by explaining Dr Khan’s Flexible eLearning Framework. It is also a guideline for organizations interested in creating an additional, in-house knowledge management and development unit.

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Jane Hart

I’ve learned more in the last few weeks by monitoring this community than I have in the past year in class… It’s an amazing group – I have seen discussions on questions I hadn’t thought about and received pointers towards great articles.&#. Tweet.

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Craig Taylor’s article ( [link] ) makes the point that somebody taking notes with a pen and paper would not be frowned upon, so why is an Ipad any different? So I’ve come up with some guidelines to help reconcile these conflicts, and ensure that everyone gets the most out of presentations.


eLearning for the Petroleum industry with eFrontPro


This includes all the complex state regulated compliance training that you need to perform, as well as the details about your company’s operating procedures, policies and guidelines. Where would we be without the petroleum industry?