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While I spend a lot of time writing about elearning, instructional design, and various technologies in our industry, I also enjoy reading what other people write. Our industry is one of diverse skill-sets, demands, and opinions. 5 Instructional Design Articles You Should Read.

Lessons Learned: LMS Feasibility Study

Petra Mayer

I recently completed an extensive LMS Feasibility Study, a project I wrote about in my previous article “ LMS implementation without frustration ” and that I discussed in my eLearning Case Study. This project provided many lessons that became apparent through the analysis of the RFI responses.

Study 52

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3 E-Learning Industry Predictions for 2019


I must admit that each year this article gets increasingly more difficult to write. For starters, it is hard not to make repeat predictions as I have learned that 12 months is hardly enough time for big shifts to occur in an industry as large as e-learning. Plus, it keeps me in tune with what is happening in our industry. Prediction #1: Increased emphasis on lessons over courses. The post 3 E-Learning Industry Predictions for 2019 appeared first on LearnDash.

Optimize Your Training: Lessons from the Airline Industry

Training Orchestra

The training and airline industries have a lot in common: they help you fly to coveted intellectual and professional places, they manage valuable and scarce resources and they have fixed capacities. The airline industry has been very successful in adapting to the limits of a flexible demand, with companies registering up to $500 million increases per year. What then can the learning industry learn from the successes of the airline industry?

No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week

Read on for this week’s best articles from human resources and employee training experts. Every week, I read dozens of articles about management, human resources, and employee development. At the bottom of the article is a link to another article with a training exercise.

What Can the E-Learning Industry Learn from Omnichannel?


But, insofar as learners can engage with the course across these platforms, content should be accessible and in-sync with the lesson plan. The learner heads to work, but wants to review a lesson during their lunch break. Their earlier sign-in makes it easier for them to integrate with the learning group on Facebook, where they connect with other learners and share interesting articles to the group. The post What Can the E-Learning Industry Learn from Omnichannel?

L&D lessons from learning games research

Sponge UK

Hays set out to find evidence of the effectiveness of learning games by analysing articles on the practice. In 2005 he looked at 105 articles on learning games on behalf of the Naval Air Warfare Center Trainings Systems Division.

5 training articles we’re falling hard for this autumn season


You had the summer to relax, catch up on your training industry reading, and hopefully finalize the rest of your 2019 planning. This article from Patti Shank, workplace e-learning expert, explores why valuable training outcomes may take more time than simple content.

Donald Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training: Lessons from a Legend

Origin Learning

Kirkpatrick , Professor Emeritus, University Of Wisconsin first gave his ideas for a series of articles to be published in the Journal of American Society of Training Directors in the year 1959, hardly had anyone anticipated that this was to be the stuff of legend. When Donald L.

mLevel’s Top 3 Learning and Development Lessons Of 2017


According to an article in the Neuroscience Leadership Journal, “Information and skills from events that only cover concepts one time have been shown to yield little long-term retention, even when quality and satisfaction ratings for the learning event are high.”. It’s time for the education industry to catch up to the field of athletics when it comes to understanding the impact data can have on human performance.

Lesson 109

5 Employee Training Lessons I Learned From Google News

WalkMe Training Station

And with this final lesson, I’m sure you are ready to close this blog and get back to work. The post 5 Employee Training Lessons I Learned From Google News appeared first on Training Station. Depending on your vocation, the word “training” can conjure a drastically different picture.

Microlearning for the Real Estate Industry

Ed App

The real estate industry in the US provides a revenue of millions of dollars. So, for an industry so prominent, how can we ensure that employees and companies are performing at their optimum? To avoid these drops in employment and for the the industry to thrive, it is essential to provide quality education to employees to feel valued by the company, thus perform better. The post Microlearning for the Real Estate Industry appeared first on EdApp Microlearning Blog.

eLearning for the Petroleum industry with eFrontPro


Where would we be without the petroleum industry? It’s not just about gasoline either — petroleum is also extremely important for many other industries , as the raw material for plastics, pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, and pesticides. It’s also a huge industry.

eLearning for the Petroleum industry with eFrontPro


Where would we be without the petroleum industry? It’s not just about gasoline either — petroleum is also extremely important for many other industries , as the raw material for plastics, pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, and pesticides. It’s also a huge industry.

How Training Can Help Restore Credibility to the Mortgage Industry


EST) in which he’ll discuss this article, plus other answer other training questions. And even the economy having crawled back to life, a cloud still hangs over the mortgage, banking, and insurance industries: . How can these industries restore that credibility?

Comic Books and eLearning: Lessons from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art”

Convergence Training

And in that article, we promised to follow up with a second article that focuses on the classic book Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud. This, my friend, is that second article. Because that’s the whole point of this article.

ATD 2018: A Conference for the Books


This week we learned an important lesson: it is possible to drink too much coffee. Articles ELearning Industry NewsThis week, the Litmos team jet-setted to sunny San Diego for the 75th annual ATD International Conference and Exposition.

2018: This Year in Learning– 109 Curated L&D Articles from 2018

The Learning Dispatch

Below are our recommended learning and development articles from the past 12 months, including thought-provoking or simply fun articles related to the field.Did you have a favorite L&D post from 2017? Recommended Learning and Development Articles from Our Senior Learning Architect.

How to Impress Your Guest: 5 Key Ways to Use Learning for Hospitality


One industry in which learning can be particularly helpful is the hospitality industry -- one that's seen tremendous change as a result of the convergence of technology and consumer-centric culture. On-the-job training (or experiential learning) is key in the hospitality industry.

Create Cohesion: 3 Ways that Digital Learning Strengthens Nonprofit Teams


There is no rigidity to the learning process, and lessons can take place in a way that complements the organization's biggest objectives. Articles Non-Profit Industry digital learning LMS Features nonprofit

The power of video learning

Clear Lessons

Martin, founder and CEO of the Clear Lessons video learning library and the Clear Lessons Foundation, talks about his plans for creating free video learning content for charities in partnership with Costa Coffee, River Island, Aviva and John Lewis. Clear Lessons Foundation.

Video 77

Starting as a Revolutionary


The new L&D leader also needs to “walk the walk” by sharing approaches, progress, and lessons learned, as well as encouraging the same. Articles ELearning Industry News Learning Training Management

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

think some of the descriptions can be used in a prescriptive way of getting out of our industrial, hierarchical mindset and moving to an enterprise 2.0 All these articles talk about the importance of usability testing, learnability testing for e-learning courses.

iPad 101

3 Flawless Leadership Lessons You MUST Learn from Chick-fil-A


What’s even more fascinating is for companies to separate themselves in industries that have an equal playing field like food and beverage. Here are 3 terrific leadership lessons you can learn from Chick-fil-A: Make People The Priority. A version of this article originally appeared on I have always been enamored with companies that blatantly outperform the competition.

How To Tailor Your LMS For Remote Workers


More importantly, they will be able to digest lessons easier. They most likely can’t afford to sit around in front of their laptops or tablets for more than 30 minutes to review a lesson.

Training in 2020: Five Priorities for the New Year


According to the Training Industry Magazine’s 2019 Training Industry Report , 42% of organizations increased their spending on training this past year. Full disclosure: Training Industry’s report also shows that U.S. Research shows humans learn better when they’re given quick, relevant lessons. By giving them short lessons, one at a time, micro-learning is an effective way to boost learners’ retention and get new information into their hands (and heads) quickly.

Learner Marketing: How Storytelling Can Boost Learner Engagement

Learning Wire

In our previous article about learner marketing, we explained how you can create a 360° communications strategy that puts learners at the heart of the learning process. Storytelling is a way of anchoring lessons learned through training. Article L&D Best Practices

How to create an online course with your LMS


Add New Module” on the right gives you the option to add a new lesson, a supporting document for the course, a quiz and other handy parts to your module. Planning and lessons. Page 23 onwards really gets you to think about planning your content, so we recommend you read this first before adding and editing lessons. – Another great resource is eLearning Industry – they’ve got lots of handy information on LMS.

Teaching Empathy In An Online Class

eLearning Industry

This article presents empathy as a learnable skill that is the foundation of strong communication, collaboration, leadership, and relationship-building. Learn why designers and educators should embed lessons in empathy in their courses, and how to teach empathy effectively online.

Optimizing Ideation


Sharing the lesson learned, regardless of outcome, is as important as the actual experiment. You need to be careful, however; while the industry talks about ‘best practices’; I suggest this is a potential trap.

Ideas 77

Using video as an alternative to create learning content


In this article we'll look at ways to use video to deliver meaningful digital learning content. The longer I spend working in this industry, the more skeptical I become about creating content using these interactive tools.

Training to align with the new world of Retail


The Retail industry has a famously high turnover rate (upwards of 30% annually), so engaging employees in their work is key. Incorporate learning into the day-to-day flow of business by providing it across different devices and keeping lessons short and concise. Articles

Top 4 ways to drive learning in the new world of Retail


opportunity for the industry to look at bold new directions in competing and succeeding amid a constantly changing market.". For an industry with famously high turnover rates (upwards of 30% annually), engaging employees in their work is key.

Highlights of CrossKnowledge’s NEXT 2019 Conference – Connecting People for Skills Acquisition

Learning Wire

They were also able to make vital connections and share and learn from the best and brightest industry-wide. In addition, organizations such as Novo Nordisk, Telefonica Brazil and Motorola had the opportunity to present their own stories and lessons learned. Article Learning TrendsOn October 3 2019, CrossKnowledge held its annual Client Conference in Paris at the Eiffel Tower Novotel Convention Center: NEXT 2019.

Adaptive Learning: What Is It And What Does It Mean For Your Learners


If, for example, they don’t get the right answer on the first question, the platform may give them a more basic lesson next, to give them background that maybe they don’t have. Articles Enterprise Learning Learning