Study Finds Benefits in Use of iPad as an Educational Tool


The following is an excerpt from an article published on Emerging Tech. The study looks at the use of iPads at the Longfield Academy , where a large scale 1 to 1 iPad program was implemented last year. Over 800 students (the vast majority of students at the Academy) had or were issued iPads, across the full spectrum of grade levels (although not everyone had one, apparently a small percentage of students used other devices). eLearning Learning Tools ipad

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16 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 17

Upside Learning

So what is the deal with iPad 2 that had led to a mania of sorts? More on tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your iPad, digital story telling and the future of the tablet. Speaking of the iPad, the growth of mobile devices has led to an increase in social and informal learning. Buying an iPad 2: What You Need to Know. Are you interested in procuring an iPad 2 in its first few days of release? Digital Storytelling With The iPad.

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Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

Working with the iPad - Onlignment , July 26, 2010 It’s now two months since the iPad was launched in the UK, and so it’s timely that people are starting to comment on how they and others are using it. Inspired by these and other posts I thought I would jot down my own thoughts on how the iPad fits into my toolset. Now all I take is the iPad. Camtasia Studio + Camtasia for Mac = Cool on iPad - Visual Lounge , July 26, 2010 I may have a new addiction. iPad (32).

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eCombat: Lessons from the Interactive Battlefields of Afghanistan

Vignettes Learning

Spencer Ackerman features Vanguard of Valor, an interactive teaching tool built to instruct the mid-career officers who pass through the Army’s Combined Arms Center, about the lessons accumulated from years of hard-fought war in Afghanistan. In this blog, we will attempt to draw out interactive elearning development lessons by benchmarking Vanguard of Valor. _ Vanguard of Valor also contains a compendium of lessons learned from past military engagements. Our Belief.

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

Introduction to Social Networking - Learning and Working on the Web , June 21, 2010 As our Work Literacy Ning site (2008) is in danger of getting bumped off the Net due to Ning’s new pricing policy , I will post some of the key articles here so we don’t lose them. Tomi Ahonen: Mobile in Learning: lessons from around the world - Ignatia Webs , June 15, 2010 First key speaker at mLearncon Tuesday 15 june 2010. You’re tasked with outlining an eLearning lesson. iPad (43).

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12 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 26

Upside Learning

There I Was”: Lessons Learned Converting Instructor-based Pilot Training to Blended Learning. This article will help you get the most value out of Twitter, should you decide to include it in your personal learning strategy or that of your organization. iPad To Dominate Tablet Market Until 2015 [STUDY]. The iPad will continue to dominate the growing tablet market until Android tablets take over in 2015, according to several forecasts.

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#mLearnCon Edition of #TalkTech: Microsoft Surface, NearPod, Clark Quinn’s 5 Phrases to Make Mobile Work

Bottom-Line Performance

Regardless of your feelings on Apple or the iPad, there’s no doubt a little healthy competition is good for the consumer. Article: 5 Ways Microsoft’s Surface May be Better Than an iPad. Article: Microsoft Surface to cost more than US$599? NearPod: How does synchronous multimedia learning on the iPad enhance classroom and corporate learning? Article: RJ Jacquez’s review of Nearpod.

Bring Your Own Device For Learning (pt.2) #BYOD4L

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

Yes, I read books and articles and blog posts on my phone, so I am learning from those sources. My youngest is using an iPad for his school work, often needing to print his maths worksheets off as they are non-editable PDFs. Seven years ago (!)

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Top 5 Reasons to Incorporate Blended Mobile Learning

Your Training Edge

Sophie returns home after a long day of piano lessons and school. Delighted to note a new lesson updated on her online art history course, she promptly joins the virtual lesson. Course supplements for blended mobile learning, in universities like the University of New South Wales, also take into account blogs, video lessons, and presentations, to name a few. She goes up to her room and checks the notifications on her phone.

Gamification Webinar Resources

Kapp Notes

Articles and Blog Entries of Interest. iPad for Educators Discussion about Gamification and Learning. To learn more about gamification and games for learning: Here is a video talking about some powerful life lessons that can be gained from video games. Here are resources from a webinar about gamification I recently conducted for an international consultancy. Gamification and Game-Thinking from Karl Kapp. Defining Gamification. Gamification is about Design, Not Technology.

The Best of eLearning in July 2015


This month’s Best of eLearning list includes articles on everything from new ideas for learning—like wearables and Snapchat—to how to speed up your eLearning development with Lectora® variables. Take a look at these 10 eLearning articles that I chose from the month of July: 1. Jane Bozarth discusses the importance of creating training that’s usable for everyone in this Learning Solutions Magazine article. eLearning Lesson: Custom Reports Made Easy.

5 Major Players in Distance Learning


According to TechnoBuffalo , the iPad has a high usability factor, which appeals to educators in the far-flung areas who are unaccustomed to modern technology. Meanwhile, according to , the iPad redefines the learning activities such as reading and social interaction, hoping to add a new and valuable approach to the practice of distance education. Aside from commenting on lesson work, these instructors also answer questions via email, phone, or fax.

The Top 7 Microlearning Examples in Everyday Life


I am not going to go in depth about definitions and the science behind microlearning and gamification in this article, so if you want more background, check out our recent webinar with Karl Kapp, Author of The Gamification of Learning and Instruction as part of our Expert Series. You can read that article here , but to sum it up, my lungs had to “learn” to function properly and gain strength by employing a simple tool in small increments each hour that I was awake.

How We Use Social Media for Informal Learning

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We had just given everyone an iPad, and wanted to encourage lots of new learning and exploratory activities people could do on their new devices. We take turns finding interesting articles and curating them on the BLP blog. We identify three key topics that relate to the articles and pose them in the form of a question during the chat. Since the articles are curated for them, it is easy to participate, learn something new, and be done in 30 minutes.

Helping Learners Pay More Attention: Can Classroom Strategies Work for e-learning?


In a classroom scenario, students are physically present in their classes, but not paying attention to all the lessons being taught. An article ‘Why can’t students just pay attention’ , throws light on the importance of increasing the attention span of the learners. Some may try to engage in activities on their gadgets such as laptop, iPad, or phone, and activities such as checking messages, e-emails, or other alerts and websites.

22 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 14

Upside Learning

With the upsurge in ownership of smart mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids and Blackberries, the rapid social penetration of touch screen computers such as iPads, and an increase in the purchase of Kindles and other e-reader devices, the future of learning is definitely smart mobile. Regardless of the age group your class belongs to, the delivery mode of your training, or how carefully you’ve constructed your lesson, in today’s world, it’s rare to gain your learners’ full attention.

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Why we’re betting Chromebooks aren’t just another interactive whiteboard

TechSmith Camtasia

Teachers and school board members can easily point to a stack of iPads or an interactive whiteboard in the front of the room and say, “Look! So there was a lot of head-nodding around the office when Jason Orbaugh’s article for EdSurge “ Lessons from the Downfall of Interactive Whiteboards ” made the rounds on TechSmith’s internal social media site few months back. In his article, Jason recommends focusing on those who are eager for change.

15 Stats About Sales Training You Won’t Want to Ignore

KZO Innovations

75% of respondents were more likely to check out video lessons than reading the usual documents, emails, and web articles. Sales reps are able to pull up lessons on their iPads or laptops at their convenience—so they get answers right when they need them. 1) There is a $1 TRILLION global spend on sales training. Bureau of labor Statistics). With that said, video is the ultimate game-changer and a global trend. 2) 1 in 8 jobs in the US are full-time sales positions.

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ASTD ICE learning game design workshop resources

Knowledge Guru

It is a board game, though the App Store does have an iPad version of it that you can play as a single player or do pass-and-play format. Caveat – I think it is easier to learn Catan using a traditional board game first before venturing to the iPad version. Machinarium – This game is available for the desktop as well as the iPad. I’ve only played the iPad version. It’s available for the desktop or as an iPad app.

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The Top 78 Captivate Features

Adobe Captivate

Create responsively-designed lessons so that they look perfect on any device. . Use Captivate Draft on an iPad to brainstorm, storyboard, and then convert to a Captivate file. Preview – various ways to preview a lesson or parts of a lesson, including previewing in SCORM Cloud. Table of Contents – lets learners choose locations in the lesson. Themes – for quick changes to look and feel of lessons. Print – your lessons in various formats.

What is an eLearning Authoring Tool? What is the Best eLearning Authoring Software?


In this article, we will learn everything about these software solutions and understand how an authoring tool works in eLearning. After reading this article you will have a clear view of which authoring tool(s) to buy for your set of requirements. Learner Interactions: Inbuilt learner interactions to make eLearning lessons more engaging. Highlights : Captivate Draft: A Free iPad app to transform storyboards into interactive online courses.

How To Build A Powerful Onboarding Program With Extended Reality

Roundtable Learning

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of incorporating technology into your onboarding process, why XR is a good option, and examples of XR in onboarding. Or, new hires could use an iPad to access an AR program that shows them around the office and teaches them the company’s story. .

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

Upside Learning

Do note some of these link up to dated articles. Marys City Schools, Links To Other Case Studies, And News Articles. From netbooks and web applications to iPods, iPads, and podcasting, Tony has put together practical information for educators. Lessons on mLearning. Mobile learning is in the air, almost everyone realizes the potential, and some companies are now taking tentative first steps.

5 Modern Learning Principles To Drive Higher Sales Performance


Even players in the shipping industry of the early 19 th century learned this lesson as companies that first adopted newly available steamship technology could traverse shipping lanes at four times the speed—while competitors who continued investing in ships with next-gen masts and sails floundered (no pun intended). In Part 2 of this article, we’ll look at Bite-Sized and Continuous Learning, Reinforcement, and Ongoing Informal Learning.

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#TrainChat Wrapup: What Trainers Can Learn From Angry Birds


On Friday the Daily Mindflash once again hosted a Twitter chat with contributor David Kelly, in which we discussed his latest article, “ What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Instructional Design.” The Daily Mindflash : What lessons can trainers take away from a successful game like #AngryBirds? What lessons does the app teach trainers about mobile tech? . The Daily Mindflash : What other games besides #AngryBirds might have these kinds of lessons for trainers? .

Bundle resources and you may not need courses

Clive on Learning

These resources can take various forms: Web articles, written in an engaging, journalistic manner, rather like blogs. In a recent project we used web articles as the gateways, each article drawing on the resources most closely related to a particular topic. Here's what I have collected so far: Two iPad apps which provide video 'lessons', one for this particular model of camera and one on DSLR photography/videography in general.

Embedding social learning into texts and enterprise software

Jay Cross

He told me about an iPad app he’s working on that will support study groups. You talk about the lessons. The video reminded my of an article Tony, Eilif Trondsen, and I wrote for eLearn magazine, Another Life: Virtual Worlds as Tools for Learning. To really get into high gear, imagine a session at the Internet Time Lab in Berkeley where we engage Joe, moi, and a group of seminal thinkers in a Bohmian dialogue about baking learning into work, iPads, texts, etc.

Top 113 eLearning Posts and 28 Hottest Topics for 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

Twitter for Learning – 55 Great Articles - eLearning Technology , March 24, 2010. First iPad University Course - The eLearning Coach , May 16, 2010. Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player | LearnNuggets - LearnNuggets , May 20, 2010. iPad (321). Here it is - the very best posts and the hottest topics for 2010. How do we come up with these - well it’s based on social signals (clicks, views, twitter, delicious and more).

Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

First iPad University Course - The eLearning Coach , May 16, 2010 These students will be getting an iPad loaded with course content. Post from: The eLearning Coach First iPad University Course. ipad. Without trust, employees become what Judy Bardwick, in her article titled “The High Cost of Mistrust,&# calls actively disengaged. 3D interfaces are starting to appear everywhere for your laptop, iPad or other portable computing devices. iPad (28).

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2014


The narrowed search options include "Articles, including patents" and "Case law". Have popular articles read to you by trained voice actors. Flipboard - Beautiful tile layout makes browsing articles a visually-stunning experience. HackDesign - Weekly design lessons sent to your inbox each week that can be taken at your own pace. Paper - Sketch out ideas easily on your iPad and share with your team or across the web.

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2016 Top Tools for Learning

Charles Jennings

It also contains enough guitar and banjo instruction lessons to last several lifetimes. Flipboard is a pleasure to use on an iPad or any mobile device. Evernote: I’d drown or die trying to find that useful article or piece of information without Evernote. Evernote makes it easy to clip an article or post. The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies’ 10th Anniversary ‘Top Tools for Learning’ Survey closes midday UK time on Friday 23 September 2016.

2010 in Review Part 2: My 10 favourite resources in 2010

Jane Hart

It’s chock full of case studies, examples, approaches to address the critics, and lessons learned 14 September 201o A few more favourites. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it! Blog C4LPT Jane Hart Advice Workshops Social Learning Handbook Resources Contact 2010 in Review Part 1: Top 10 C4LPT resources Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Learning by Creating: Turning Bloom’s on Its Head

TechSmith Camtasia

In effect, they were learning like vacuum cleaners: they “sucked up” the content of the lesson and then gave it back in an organized and useful form. Whether we are helping a 5-year-old learn to make sugar cookies or starting a 3-year-old on an iPad learning game, we begin with actual engagement. Robert Freeman’s article explains the evolution of the idea: for the factory worker of the 1880′s the model was moderately successful.

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Top 60 eLearning Posts for October 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

4 Free Tools to Help Get Your PowerPoint from Good to Great , October 21, 2010 Continuing the recent trend of PowerPoint in the news , I stumbled upon an article in USA Today that provided some tips and advice for designing more engaging presentations. mLearn2010 Augmented Reality and Mobile Learning - some lessons learned by Gunnar Liestol , October 21, 2010 Gunnar is a curly person with glasses, who just gives an AMAZING presentation!! iPad (21).

Welcome to the Rise of eLearnings!

AXIOM Learning Solutions

Mobile learning is essential in today’s day and age and creating several versions of a training that works on a computer, an iPad or a phone is a waste of time and resources. Articulate Rise has 5 pre-built lesson types that include: Quizzes (of course!). Simply drag lessons to rearrange their order. Where is your eLearning going in the next few years? Are you simplifying? Getting more creative? Relying on your own talents?

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 – Part 3: App-based learning

Limestone Learning

A few weeks ago we highlighted an interesting article on the 6 hottest learning trends for 2018. Sure, baby boomers and Gen X may associate the idea of lessons or tests with overhead projectors and reams of paper, but millennials and Gen Z are far more receptive to tackling full courses on that small, glowing screen that’s never far away. " Woman, Girl, Young, Mobile Phone " by Silvia is Public Domain.

From Martial Arts Business Owner to Health Course Creator to Online Entrepreneur Membership Site Creator With Kevin Geary of Digital Ambition


I had a podcast, I had a lot of blog articles by April. Kevin Geary: I go look at the analytics, I see, hey it’s coming from some articles, there’s podcast downloads happening. Kevin Geary: Yeah, I have an iPad that I just started using. I bought an iPad a long time ago. I’ve had iPads the whole time. I’ve never found a use honestly for an iPad for business until the Apple Pencil came out.

Mobile in San Jose

Unicorn Training

To further support this, a recent BBC News article said that 42% of UK smartphone owners say their mobile device is the most important way in which they access the internet. The former is an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy style phone which fits into your pocket but typically has a fairly small screen, and the latter relates to the touch-screen slabs like the iPad and Galaxy Tab.

Best Practices for Moving Instructor-Led Training to Webinars and Virtual Classrooms (Live Online Learning)

Convergence Training

In this article, we’re focusing on a discussion Michelle had with Shannon Tipton , owner of Learning Rebels , and Jo Cook , owner of Lightbulb Moment , on live online training, which includes both webinars and virtual classrooms. You’ll examine your original learning experience and determine how to break it apart and simulate it, including creating effective learning activities, in the virtual classroom to support your lessons and modules.

Joe Ganci – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Joe holds a degree in Computer Science, and writes books and articles about eLearning. Tool vendors that allow for social collaboration to be built into eLearning lessons, thereby giving learners the ability to converse with each other, build teams, and collaborate on projects, help to establish a lifelong pattern of continuous learning. ABOUT JOE GANCI (President, eLearningJoe, LLC).