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10Q: Cathy N. Davidson

Learning with e's

When I read the summary, I remembered that Cathy had been the prime mover in one of the first large scale iPod education projects at Duke University several years before. In today's article, Cathy responds to my 10Q interview questions: Who are you? iPods Cathy DavidsonCathy N.

iPod 94

An Exuberant discovery for Lonely and Stressed-out eLearners

Vignettes Learning

Similarly, problems about interest rates can relate to purchasing something the students would want to buy, such as an iPod or new sneakers. Synthesis: Loneliness is inherent in traditional eLearning.

Is There an App for Leadership Development?

CLO Magazine

For example, a small startup may not have the funds to send its designers to Adobe MAX, but it can easily learn how to leverage Adobe programs for mobile development by accessing free videos of sessions from the conference on Adobe TV — actually learning how to develop for mobile on a mobile device. Coursera, Udacity and edX, with various relationships to conventional universities, are now looking to deliver lessons globally through mobile technology.