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Lost in Translation

Big Dog, Little Dog

Although this article, Lost in Translation , from CIO magazine is about outsourcing, it has plenty of lessons for the succeful transfer of knowlege within an organization The successful transfer of knowledge to an offshore vendor everything from programming expertise to what users expect from a system can make or break a project. "Total knowledge transfer is impossible, in large part because knowledge is geographically sensitive."

Learning Theories, Innovation, eLearning, & Leadership

Big Dog, Little Dog

Stanton Wortham, a leading researcher from the Wharton/University of Penn program on Learning Leadership explores learning theories and our occasional contradictions. If you don't, the only useful lesson seems to be to quit your job and go work for Apple. As Offshoring Gets Realistic, Can IT Workers Relax? While this article is directed at IT workers, it applies to just about all of us Your Learning Theory Explored - Elliott Masie.