5 Lessons for Designing Engaging E-Learning Interactions…From Project Runway

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This typically occurs about the time the muslin pattern is complete or when some preliminary construction with final material has begun. Editor’s Note: This article is reposted from Allen Interaction’s E-Learning Leadership Blog

2018: This Year in Learning– 109 Curated L&D Articles from 2018

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Below are our recommended learning and development articles from the past 12 months, including thought-provoking or simply fun articles related to the field.Did you have a favorite L&D post from 2017? Recommended Learning and Development Articles from Our Senior Learning Architect.

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Life Lessons from Wheel of Fortune

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Pattern-finding is something our brains do automatically. Esquire magazine wrote a great article about the 26 year old fashion editor that purposefully created "luck" combing preparation and opportunity on the TV game show Wheel of Fortune. Honing that ability and consciously applying it to reach a goal takes motivation, desire, and tenacity.

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

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All these articles talk about the importance of usability testing, learnability testing for e-learning courses. Best of eLearning Learning. July 2010. Great stuff again this month. The following are the top items based on social signals.

iPad 101

3 Myths That Prevent You from Learning


Learning is not always a pleasure since it involves questioning what you thought you knew, coming up against your limits, making efforts to overcome them, repeating lessons or actions to master them, not necessarily understanding or succeeding the first time, etc. Articles Catherine Meilleur

Your Company's Growth Demands CX Training


But as organizations grow, especially rapidly, there is a pattern I’ve seen again and again. Introduce mini lessons to keep your employees mindful of the experience you’re aiming to deliver. We joke about the way some people can just get things to go their way simply by being them.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of the 80/20 Rule for Education

Your Training Edge

This article discusses the same; the application of 80/20 rule in education and the top 5 ways to take the maximum advantage out of it. Pareto studied the land distribution patterns of some other countries also and found similarities. 1: Time & Resources Consumption Pattern.

How to Create a Better Blended Learning Experience on Mobile


As a portable device, learners not only have access everywhere , they are also able to pick up lessons exactly where they left them off. They can start a lesson at home over breakfast, drive to work, and resume the lesson on their lunch break.

Artificial Intelligence And How It’s Changing E-Learning

Your Training Edge

From social media to speech recognition, warfare to writing articles, coding to customer service – machine learning and artificial intelligence have become part and parcel of our urban lives. are joining hands to use machine learning to automate the process and serve up the next best lesson.

Change 130

Flip the Script: Allow Failure to Drive Your eLearning Content

ThinkingKap Solutions

Ever since our school days, the learning and testing pattern has been the same. This article looks at a project we completed where we presented assignments to the learners before the lesson content. Failed Assignment Leads Back to the Lesson Content.

Pick of the Month: September 2012

Jane Hart

So this time I am simply going to list my 5 favourites articles from last month, once again with some “soundbites” If you’d like to see what else I found of interest in September, you can see the articles listed in my 2012 Reading List.

70:20:10 – Above All Else It’s a Change Agent

Performance Learning Productivity

The idea that companies could neatly slice the learning patterns of their people into three carefully-defined and carefully analysed buckets like this belies belief. Apart from Tom Spiglanin’s post, this article arose from various conversations and articles over the past months.

Change 272

Learning Goals and Objectives in Course Design


this article, we are going to explore in-depth the role of Learning Goals and Objectives in course design and how to prepare a lesson plan based on them. Learning Objectives are measurable subgoals of a lesson and inform particular learning outcomes.

Course 104

6 Ways to Encourage Informal Learning in the Workplace


Many of us don’t think of this as learning, because it doesn’t match the kinds of formal learning we recognize from the classroom—lectures, seminars, and organized lessons. If you have an internal forum, you could create a discussion board dedicated to interesting articles.

Training: Spaced Learning

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

    In an article first reported in Scientific American in 2005 , R. Douglas  Douglas Fields explored how temporal patterns of stimuli create long-term memories. These timed patterns formed the basis for a 2008 book by Paul Kelley called Making Minds , in which Kelley used the information reported by Fields to develop and test what he called the Spaced Learning. The article explored if the simple act of repetition is the key to learning.

Train 135

Flip the Script: Allow Failure to Drive Your eLearning Content

ThinkingKap Solutions

Ever since our school days, the learning and testing pattern has been the same. This article looks at a project we completed where we presented assignments to the learners before the lesson content. Failed Assignment Leads Back to the Lesson Content.

A Look Back At The Years Best From Learning Science And Instructional Design

Mike Taylor

Every Friday I post a weekly recap of the best articles, posts, and resources I find from the intersection of learning, design, and technology. You can learn more about it in this Training Journal article by Issy Nancarrow ( @issynancarrow ).

14 Essential eLearning Templates


By identifying patterns, I can create a reusable framework that reduces development time on future courses. In a previous post, I had outlined 6 patterns of eLearning intro screens that can easily be replicated.

How Machine Learning and AI are Making Online Learning More Beneficial


QuoDeck uses a multivariate model including clickstream data , time spent on the system, distribution of course usage, devices used amongst many other variables to uncover patterns, correlations and other insights. Similarly, Byjus leverages data, ML and AI to offer personalized lessons.

The Role of Memory in Learning: Encoding

Obsidian Learning

As we discussed in the previous blog article in this series, there are three main steps in the memory process: encoding, storing and retrieving. Thus, teaching someone how to memorize and learn, is to all intents and purposes a lesson on how to organize information.

Roles 83

The role of L&D in achieving transversal business acumen


Evaluate the whole process described above and learn any valuable lesson it had presented. The content may not necessarily be something you would not find in articles or vlogs but sharing experience with others in the same field will surely be of great value.

Roles 87

Using Facebook as a learning platform


Do – post pictures of school/lessons/trips – even diagrams you put on the board (snap them with your phone and post them) – it reminds students that you are there, generates a pride in the school and reminds them that this is not a vacuous space! Read the full article for more!

What can you learn from a chatbot?

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

If I type 'discrimination' I get 3 articles (see image) The brain bot op Twitter. Instead of conversation lessons, chatting for an hour with your chatbot. Eventually, you could analyze chats again to see patterns in the questions and conversations with bots.

What Happened at CSUN ATC 2019?

The Learning Dispatch

This year there wasn’t a single big theme that I took away (like I did when I was thinking about making elearning accessible in 2017 and using pattern libraries in 2018.) At Microassist, we published our own list of learning and development’s best articles of 2018.

Corporate Training Methods: What Works Best


There are a number of methods that training providers utilize to assist individuals attending the class to learn these important lessons. It’s possible for you to upgrade a class by just altering a link and directing the students to a brand-new article or teaching module.

The Perfect Mobile Learning Design Strategy

Ed App

Designing mobile learning lessons can be a challenge for organizations, particularly for those who are new to the mobile learning world. In this article, we discuss our top tips on the successful design of your ideal mLearning strategy. Otherwise, the lesson may result in cognitive overload whereby the learner becomes confused or old information is overwritten.

A Look Back At The Years Best From Workplace Learning

Mike Taylor

The 10 most read articles in the Modern Workplace Learning Magazine in 2018. Here are here top 10 most read articles of 2018. This article by Steve Zaffron ( @stevezaffron ) and Gregory Unruh ( @GregoryUnruh ) really resonates with me. This CLO magazine article is is yet another voice to add to the call for the need for continuous lifelong learning. “An Patterns of communication are the most important predictor of a team’s success. This article by Yael L.

Why Organizations Don’t Learn

Jay Cross

An article entitled Why Organizations Don’t Learn by Francesca Gino and Bradley Staats in the November 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review caught my eye. Both the article and Real Learning highlight: Destigmatize making mistakes (they are opportunities to learn).

From intuition to knowing for sure: a case of applying learning analytics at course level

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

For example, how do you know if an online article is read? Patterns: activities that have repeatedly proven themselves. Some of our lessons about using learning analytics as online facilitator Using learning analytics can be very supportive of your role as an online facilitator.

What Consultants Need to Know About Behavior Change


Julie Dirksen, author of Design for How People Learn , recounts an apt story in a recent article. Our brains work harder than usual to manage new thought patterns, movements, and information. It lets people focus on their actions and draw some useful lessons.

Blogging to Build Your Business

Experiencing eLearning

If you stop updating later, you can call your blog posts “articles” and hide the dates so it doesn’t look like an abandoned blog. Keep the F-shaped reading pattern in mind. What lessons have you learned?

Planning Assessments for your eLearning Course


Read some tips we have for you in this article. Create questions that force students to apply lessons from the material to real-life scenarios. You will be able to make out a pattern of cheating, if one arises in the objective assessments. Build the suspense: Beware of the boredom on the horizon of long, monotonous lessons. Assessment planning is the key to developing meaningful eLearning courses.

Degreed Does Data: Machine Learning


Definition: Training a software program with examples, experiments, or experiences, so that it can recognize patterns, make predictions, and complete tasks. How Machine Learning is Changing the World — And Your Everyday Life (6 min article).

IBM 77

In Response to "The fewer the competitors, the harder they try" from Economist.com

ID Reflections

I was reading a post by Clive Shepherd called Sometimes Smaller is Better, where he disucsses an interesting article from the Economist.com called The fewer the competitors, the harder they try. The articles discusses the "n"-effect where "n" represents any numerical value in mathematics and the outcome of several experiments conducted to understand the relationship between the number of participants in a competition and the motivational level of the competitors.

Caveat Auditor: The Role Of Critical Thinking In Modern Business Training

Adobe Captivate

In their article “Eight Habits of Effective Critical Thinkers”, Guinn & Williamson identify several qualities that clearly identify why critical thinking skills are so desirable (Guinn & Williamson, 2017). You’ll recognize the phrase from the title of this article.

Roles 93